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Aadya’s Rainbow Party

Ms.Aadya is  besotted with My Little Pony and especially the pony Rainbow Dash,to the extent that she wants me to rename her Rainbow*rolling eyes* No chance of that happening..but for her 6th birthday,we threw her Rainbow themed party.I will let the pics do the talking.. 

The first thing I made was-this Rainbow Tutu for Ms.A to wear for the party.

I was sick most of the time and didn’t really plan anything elaborate..but I was adamant about doing up the party table..What?It is the best part of a party!:)
The party was at 2 PM but considering we have a toddler and an enthu-cutlet 6 yo in the equation,I decided to do up the basic set up the previous night. SD helped..I couldn’t have done it alone,the state I was in..Plus,when he takes interest,the fun doubles up!


This is after the food was loaded on the table. The only thing missing in the picture is the hot food..I might have gone a little over-board with the lollies but really they were so colorful..and in sync with the theme 🙂 So,we served- Fresh fruit,pop-corn in individual cups,chips,cupcakes,Marshmallows dotted with m&m’s and for hot food,we had- spring rolls,mini-samosas,spinach ricotta pies,chicken dumplings and mini-pizzas.


I put up a status on FB saying ranting how I was sick and heart-broken about not being able to make Aadya’s cake and a friend sweetly offered to bake cupcakes for me..These cupcakes are a labor of her love.I say labor of love,because she baked the first batch and they were not soft enough..so she went ahead and baked another batch. Its the kind of thing,I would do for someone else in a heart-beat..but I have never come across another person,who’d done that for me..so I was even more touched..:)


Rainbows on the wall.. this corridor is really bare and I couldn’t just leave it as it is..

The cake that we ended up ordering from The Cheesecake shopIt was tropical torte with fresh cream frosting.I wanted them to decorate it with M&M’s which was my original idea..but it was working out to be too expensive,so we left it plain and just decorated it with Aadya’s Ponies,which by the way,were her birthday presents.
More colorful lollies
And finally a rainbow balloon arrangement.
There were 12-14 kids and I had organised for Jo from Boogie Woogie for Kids to come and conduct her awesome dance party..which was really cool.All the kids had so much fun and we mums shared so many laughs looking at our little dancers.If you are in Melbourne area and want to plan a special party with a twist,get in touch with Jo.When she finished with them,the kids were happy and hungry ..and didn’t have to be asked twice to eat or drink 🙂
And That was how we celebrated Ms.Aadya’s 6th birthday… A mum post coming soon..


8 thoughts on “Aadya’s Rainbow Party

  1. Awesome mama! Love the tutu! Absolutely!
    The table n lots of food. Hope u r feeling better now. N Aadya must have had a great party!


  2. Wow! Its breathtakingly beautiful..the skirt, the decorations the cake…wow! Happy 6th to Aadya..muah to you and SD for all the work done..and yep, your friend is really sweet to bake those yummm looking cup cakes


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