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And a Happy Birthday it was

This year Aadya’s birthday celebrations,were a week long affair.
On 30th March,the first SMS arrived at 2.30 AM-Nanu,forgot the time difference. Papa was going to take the
day off ,but he was called in for a presentation.So,it was just Aadi & Mimi.After a breakfast out in the backyard,we spent some time watering the plants.Then,between calls from friends and family,we baked a cake.
if you love baking,there is no greater joy,than baking for your kids.The only thing that is more fun is baking with them.
That is what we did.I lined up,all the ingredients on the counter and put the pipette there.She handed me each ingredient as I read from my mom’s recipe book.After I poured the batter into the cake tin,the Pipette,licked the bowl clean.
Then, it was time for hot-oil massage and a hot bath,followed by nap.By the time,she woke up,Papa was back.
We took her to the play-area before cutting the cake.While we were there,S’s friends called,they were coming over to wish Aadya.And they came bearing Gifts..A Bike,A new kid-sized dinner set for one and cookies.
We did the traditional celebration first-bringing in the birthday with Aarti,blessing the child and feeding her something sweet.Then,we cut the cake.
And then,the guys sat down to assemble the bike,under the birthday girl’s supervision.Once the bike was assembled,Aadya refused to get off,even having her dinner sitting on it.
The rest of the week,had a festive feel..we were shopping for little things for the party,organising,still getting calls and emails.Gifts were arriving,clothes were being tried on(by me).
Friday was spent in basic preps for the party food.This was the first party at home..and I was cooking.I was going to cook some things and order some.But,I ended up cooking most of the things..There were around 25 adults and 4 kids and 3 babies.
It wasn’t as hard as I expected.
The party was so much fun.It was nice to have so many people around. almost everyone we know,in Melbourne was here.I feel special days are to be celebrated and this one was definitely celebrated.We got around 50-60 helium balloons,tied with long strings and they covered the living room
ceiling.Every child and adult,said wow,at least once,looking at the balloons.Balloons and birthdays..there is just something so happy about it.As the sounds of laughter and chitchat filled the house,I felt the dull longing of home..of wanting our families here with us,but also
I was also pleasantly surprised to realise,how at home we are here,in such a short time.
Three of my friends,took over the task of dishing out piping hot appetisers,after almost pushing me out of the kitchen..”Go & get pretty”,they said.Another one,gave me pointers on eye make up,while cooing to her 1 year-old,propped on her hip.D& her husband arrived early and her
husband ran errands with S,from the moment he handed back his first glass of water.Another friend,walked out to the corner,to guide our guests in.A friend’s mom,cuddled Aadya and blessed her,asking me do her drashti(ward off evil eye),as only a grandmother can.I didn’t have
to worry about refilling the food,it was always taken care off.If this isn’t home,what is?
The kids had a blast with the balloons,they each grabbed as many strings as they could,creating their own bunches and ran around happily.The babies,were content playing with the assortment of soft toys.The littlest one slept peacefully,leaving his Mamma-dadda,to eat and socialise in peace.
The cutest part of the party was- We had set up a table in the backyard and all the guys were sitting there,nursing their drinks,munching the appetisers.I had just brought Aadya’s toys out for the babies to play with.Someone asked me where the birthday girl was.She was nowhere to be found.Not in the bedrooms or bathroom.I went out to the backyard to ask S,if he had seen her…And what do I see..She had pulled up a chair,sipping Fanta from her glass,munching on the appetisers,aping the guys.That’s one funny image stuck in my head from the party.
By 10.00,most of the guests had left..some stayed back for chit-chat and coffee.They left by 11.00 and thats when we realised how tired we were.Aadya wanted her bottle,my back started hurting and S,was too sleepy.
We put away the food in the refrigerator,loaded the dishwasher and took the laptop to bed-to see the pictures from the party.The slide show was on..and one by one,all of dozed off.
We opened the gifts next morning..and the little Pipette was instantly in toy heaven.
Its such a joy,watching your child at this every small thing excites them.For once,I forgot about meticulously taking off the cello-tape,and opening each present delicately.It was the Pipette’s birthday and her gifts too.
She had a blast ripping the wrapping paper off each gift,squealing with joy..finally settling down to play with an alphabet Van.And that was how the week-long celebration ended.

P.S. On the weight-loss front-The scale is not budging.Its been three weeks,there has been absolutely no weight loss.Time to up the exercises me thinks.But I have managed to lose and keep off 3kgs.That’s a small consolation.


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