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She is but a baby…

…I need to remind myself.

Aadi is getting so advanced in most of the day-to-day things,that its easy to forget,that she is just a little girl,about to turn 3. And no I don’t mean it in the bragging way..I say it in the most matter-of-fact way.She understands our coded talks,she associates people and places,even if she has just met them once..
She started feeding herself,when she turned 10 months old.She was being fussy,when I was feeding her lunch and on her pediatrician’s advice,I started leaving the plate on her high-chair tray and she enjoyed eating on her own.Sometimes,now when she wants us to feed her,we get irritated..but then,realise,she is doing what a normal toddler would..and are grateful for the opportunity to baby her.
The reason for this post is something that happened today.I am trying to toilet-train her.She has been diaper-free for more than 6 months..both during the day and at night.But she still needs the diaper to go potty.I try to put her on the toilet almost every time,she asks for a diaper to go potty.Sometimes,I just give in,without a fight.The fact that she is going to start school once a week,next month..when she is going to be away from me,makes me want to hurry up with the last step of  toilet training.

yesterday again I put her on the toilet and she just had to go..but for some reason,she is scared of going potty in the toilet.She started crying..not the whining,not the tantrum..but real crying like her heart was breaking and she couldn’t help it.I relented and put the diaper on and told her that she could have the diaper,but she had to stay in the bathroom.That brought about a fresh round of tears. But,she stayed in the bathroom and she cried some more,and called me after she finished.

I kept thinking about it..She needs her privacy to do her big  job..she goes to an empty room and stays there till she is done.Or she hides in a corner of the living room,from where she can watch TV.I think it was being confined to a space not of her choice,is what made her upset.May be she likes the fact that she can choose,where to be and whom to keep out..But she likes this bathroom..Its nice and roomy..and when I say is.May be I should post a picture sometime.Anyway,she stayed in the bathroom,yesterday and I think something hit home.

Today,when she wanted to go potty,she asked me to take her to the toilet..on her own.I was surprised but,played cool.She sat on the toilet and tried to do her business.I mean she really tried..and then,looked at me and said,sadly,”I don’t know how to do it..Mommy,I am scared..” It broke my heart…It made me  feel like a parent who had let down her child,by expecting too much,unreasonably.I picked her up,hugged her and told her,I was proud of her,for trying and we could try again,tomorrow. And she was happy.I put the diaper ON and left her in the bathroom.This time she didn’t cry,just asked me,”Why do I have to be in the bathroom?”,with a childish pout,that we have come to associate with her questions. I told her..”Because you go potty in the bathroom..” and she accepted it..”Ok,Mom..”

She stayed in the bathroom and called me when she was finished.Alls well in Aadyaland..atleast till the next time we try toilet-training again..but I had to write this post,to remind myself to be patient ,to not push her before she is ready.

I had to write this post to remind myself that she is just a baby..and thats the way she should be….

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Its the long weekend and its raining.We are just having a lazy weekend.I woke up at 12.00*gasp* and the father-daughter duo,didn’t wake me up,even once..*double gasp*
When I walked out of the room,I saw them both sitting on the couch,watching cartoons and giggling.It was such a sweet sight…I walked up to cuddle them..and was greeted with-“Mom I am hungry!” hmm yeah..thats life.
Later,when it started to rain,Aadi was excited and wanted to dance in the rain..DH has normally refuses to go out and get wet.He is a little shy,what will people say types..but today,he was totally under his daughter’s spell and the reluctant father,even went did a jig in the rain with her. He tried to get her to play in the backyard..but no she insisted the front..Poor guy,obliged.Sweet,I think.
Watching them together..I remembered another incident-Last week when we had the medical appointment,Aadi was very happy that dad was home and we were going out,subah-subah.I fed her brekky and got her ready and she wanted to sit in the car.We still had to get dressed and eat our breakfast. When I came out of the room,dressed..Aadi was already in her car-seat,and DH was sitting with her and they were talking.I called him for breakfast.He came inside,filled a plate and went right back,out! I was like WTH? He just turned and told me,”Oh she wants me to sit with her and eat..” All my irritation could it not?
I leave you with a picture of the partners-in-crime..watching the new TV,excitedly.The TV is nearly 1 year old now.

Ohh if you are in a mood for baking,check out my other blog .Posted the cookies and bread recipes.

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Don’t Say Bad Words to me

Yup!!You guessed it..Its the latest jewel from Aadyaland.
If I say some big english words like “intelligence” and distaction,superstition,frustrated”….she tells me,’Don’t say bad words to me!’
She understands basic Marathi for words like come,go,later,hurry up,etc..but if I talk to her,in marathi,very fast and she doesn’t follow it,she tells me,”Don’t say bad words to me!’
But if I am on the phone,talking in Marathi,then she picks up the key words and asks me questions about it.
Another thing,thats very cute,but annoying at times is her,constant questions..Mamma is it like this?Mamma do u like this?Is Papa in office?and other annoying questions that she asks 10times in a day,all of which have the same answer-YES..I mean you are not allowed to say No..because then,she gets upset and says..I am sad..aap mujhe No bolte ho!!*rolling eyes*..[You say No to me]
So,if instead of saying Yes,I answer,hmmm..she gets upset..”Aise mat bolo na..Achche se has ke,Mooh se bolo!”[Don’t talk to me like that,Say it properly,with a smile]
And if we are talking about something or someone and she doesn’t understand the conversation,she wants to know,”Kaun?”Who?”.as if we don’t understand the first word…Kaun?Kiska??Kyaaaa?? Her questions never stop.We cannot have a conversation without her interrupting us,with her questions.
When we are looking at albums,she point out to every single person and tells their names..and those that she doesn’t know..she just says,”yeh koi bhi nahi hai” (this is nobody) and moves on.And when she is showing the album to someone,she just skips through all the pages,where she is not there the one where she is.One time,she was showing the pics to Friend S and she kept turning pages,till she reached a pic of my sister and DH..and on the table ,in that picture was also Aadi’s bottle.She stopped there..and excited pointed out..”Lookkkk my bottle!!” Any attempts to point at the people in picture were brushed away,saying..first you look my bottle!
Over the weekend,DH and I were dreaming about a whole seafood dinner..I spoke about creamy seafood Pasta and Fish fry.DH spoke about Fish curry and Kappa..He even offered to get some Kappa..Aadi was listening to this conversation..Now,she knows Pasta but,say Fettuchini and she doesnt know what you are talking about..She know Fish..but say Meen and she doesn’t know what you are talking about.She was trying hard to make sense of the conversation..and then DH said,”Ohh I want Kappa..I think she will also like it” the little diva,cocks an eyebrow and says..Kyu??Why? But I already wear Kapda!!
And then,we couldn’t stop laughing..And that made her angry…”Don’t laugh at me…its not nice”…she said,with a ,oh how could we not hug her then!And no we didn’t stop laughing…
Ohh and today I baked this cake and naturally we had to wait for it to cool down.While it was in the oven,Aadi passed time,licking the batter off the bowl and then,checking on it through the glass in the oven door.But waiting for it after it was done,was too much for the poor kid.
She begged and pleaded..not paying heed to my words,that it needs to cool down..Finally she gave up..but not before trying one last time..”Mamma,could I please have a very small piece of the cake?” You tell me,what is a mother to do then..Ofcourse,she got her piece and not a very small one either..She polished it off in no time..saying..yummmmmmmm with every bite!!
ohh..and whenever we ask her something..”what do u want to do/eat?” the answer always starts with “ummm…” like she thinking so much!!
Ummm…I leave you with this….

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Toddler going on teen update

Did you notice today is the the second day of the second month? I know,I still get excited by such things.Everything about February excites me..after all it is my birth month.I turn 30 in a few days and I don’t know how I feel about that.I guess it will be normal birthday,after all days don’t come bearing banners!
Anyway,I realised I haven’t done an update on Aadya in a long long time.So much is going on with her,I don’t know,where to begin.
She is a big girl now.I think she doesn’t think of herself as a toddler most of the times.She has been able to dress herself for quite a few months now.I even before I went to India,she was doing,I remember she was able to undress herself and needed help with dressing up.Now-she needs no help.She even dresses up her dolls and bears and us.One day I walked into the bedroom,DH was sitting on the floor and Aadi was telling him,come on baby now put your one hand here..and now two hand!
She speaks complete sentences,complex sentences,with new words.I don’t even know where she gets these words from.For ex-“I want to change because I want to be ready when Papa comes,so that we can all go out in the Gaadi!”All said non stop!She requests things,”can I do that?”Should I do that? or if she anticipates what we are doing,like opening the fridge to get milk,she asks,”did you want to get milk?”Her vocabulary and grammar amazes me.Honestly,I don’t think,I knew that till I was much older.
She is learning the correct words for everything..which makes me sad..just reminds me that my baby is not a baby anymore.Tanto is tomato now, fawer is a flower,loplop is laptop,nuzik is music,Mashala is yogurt/dahi..its like she knows Everything now..So,I purposely don’t correct her when she calls her Peas,balls..or her Praline wafers Lulu or when she says she’s instead of her…I just want her to stay a baby a little while longer.Some of the latest additions to her word-bank are- Actually,Exactly,Really,Of course.But the funniest is when you ask her,why she needs something..and she answers-Because! *rolling eyes* I thought..the parents had a copyright to say that and leave it at that!
The only time when she wants to be a baby is when she is role-playing.Thats when she tells us to hold her like a baby,and talk to her like-jab main baby thee.(when i was a baby)At other times,she pretends to be mom and we have to be her babies.She loves babies and is fascinated by them.
The only other time,that she wants to be a baby is when its meal time.The little girl,who was eating all her meals by herself,since she was demands to be spoon fed.She refuses to eat on her own.And she just doesn’t want to eat.She’s turned into quite a fussy eater.She wants yogurt with everything and even then picks at her food.She loves carrots,salads and hates peas and corn.
She knows her alphabets and numbers but goofs up numbers,when we ask her to say them..when we are not paying attention she does alright.
And there is the recent drama of her crying and screaming at the drop of a hat.That has me baffled.She cries so often,sometimes I want to sit down and cry with her.sometimes I am scared,if something is hurting her and thats why she is so irritable.Defiance I can take,stubbornness I can take,anger I can take,but loud screaming cries..bog me down..and by the third or fourth time,I am ready to kick her out of the house.
She is good on all other counts.She comes and says sorry,on her own,VEry Very sweetly.She says her thank you and pleases.She helps around..yes,she has to help us,in whatever we are doing..sometimes thats just more work,but she is happy helper.I am floored by her imagination and her memory.She remembers even the smallest details of our India trip .She not only chooses her own clothes but also comments on ours..What can I say she is our little Diva…:)And she is all of 34 months.

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The Surprise

Last night,after Aadya went to bed,I burned the midnight oil to complete a surprise for her.This morning when she woke up,I told her that there was a surprise for her in the living room.She ran outside.Till now surprise means,a hidden bag of candy or unexpected popcorn..or something else,edible.So,naturally,when she went to the living room,she expected something of that kind.”Mamma,there is nothing here,”she screamed.I asked her to look on the coffee table.”Kuch nahi hai”she yelled back.I asked her to look next to the pretty mirror.
She looked around and came back with her coloring book,saying..”Yeh toh mera surprise nahi hai na?”(This is not my surprise ,right?)I said no and sent her back to look for the surprise again..This time I told her,the table near the TV..thats the coffee table right?Go look on it!Off she went again..and this time she came back,with a blank canvas,that was lying on the dining table.The Dining table is Not Close to the TV!!!!
Anyway,I sent her back,with some more clues..That may be she should look for something colorful..and that time,she got it right!ON THE 5TH count!
This time when she came back..she was so excited..Wowww Mamma is this for me?So this is my surprise..Papa and Mamma got it for Aadya..and so on..She didn’t leave her surprise,for the next couple of hours.
If you haven’t scrolled down already,I wont keep you any longer..Here’s a picture of my princess,with her precious Gift…

Edited to add- Details are up on the craft blog.

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From the Diva’s mouth

I had planned on blogging everyday in the new year..but my internet connection is very bad and I keep getting disconnected,every few minutes..which is quiet frustrating.
And typing a post when offline,wasn’t fun..but today,I decided to just do it anyway,that when,when I do get a good connection,I can just blog about something else.Life with Aadi is so exciting..something or other is always happening and I don’t want to forget it.
So,as you know from the title..Aadya much that sometimes,it takes us a while to remember that she is not even three.She has her logic right..and she thinks I am her age or that we are the same.Picture this-
At my dad’s place
My phone rings..”Mamma Kaun tha?” she asks even before I pick up the phone.Its my dad..I speak to him.She hangs on to every word in the conversation and when I hang up, asks me..”Is it Papa?” I say “No,its my Papa..your Nanu”.
At nap-time the phone rings again,this time its DH.She wants to know,”Kaun hai?” I answer,”Papa”… “Kiske Papa?”,she demands ..”Your Papa,baby”
Aadi says,”Ohh Achcha,tumhare Nanu?” Mamma=zapped!

Back home
We are getting ready to go for a walk.I pull out a well-worn faded t-shirt..its a hot day.
Aadya-“Mamma,chalo ready karo”
Mamma-“I am ready,baby”.
Aadya-“Nahi this is not nice..I think its tight!
Aadya-“I said na change can wear my blue t-shirt”
Mamma-“Ok get it..I’ll change”
Aadya-“Nahi Mamma,I think its small for are too big…you wear Papa’s T-shirt!”

Early morning,one day sometime last week-
Aadya woke up and woke us up.Naturally,how can we sleep when she is awake.We were cuddling in bed,when she asks,”Papa,who am I?”next points at me,”who is she?” and then,”who are you? satisfied with his answers,she turns to me,”Mummy,your turn.Who am I?Who is he?who are you?”
This morning-
We are trying to move her into her room(yet again!) and so we went to sleep in the room next door.Sometime before sun-rise she woke up crying and I brought her into out bed.This room faces east,so as soon as the sun rose,she woke up.She tried adjusting herself..then,finally told us,”Papa,Mummy..I am going to my room,because,the fan is in my room. ALSO the light is coming in my eyes.”
I still cannot believe she said the whole long sentence..with such reasoning..with correct grammar!

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We finally gave in..

Aadi has been asking for this for more than a week now…we kept putting it off,telling her,we will get it when we go to Indian store.Today we went to the Indian store and she reminded us again..”Mummy,mera complank..” “Are you sure you are going to drink it?” “Yes,yes,Promise!!”,she said.
So,how could we say no..But there was no I picked up a bottle of Kid’s Horlicks.The bottle is so cute,she didn’t care what the name was.And good thing she can’t read yet.
Anyway,she kept holding it,all through check out and even in the car.As soon as we got home,she insisted on drinking it.Till now,I just give her plain sugar,no additives..just good plain milk.
So,milk was warmed,horlics added and I could see little eyes dancing in excitement.
In less than 2 minutes,the milk was gulped fuss,no dilly-dallying..nothing..That was so cool.
She came to me,with her empty cup,wiped her lips and said,”Mamma,I  class=”mceItemHidden”> class=”hiddenSpellError” pre=”I “>finched it,abhi meri height badh gayi na!!”[I finished it,no I am taller] It took us a while to figure out that it was all the gyan transmitted by the Bournvita/Complan ads.
I remember long back,when I had transitioned Aadi from bottle to sippy cup,Swati had asked me,if I had any tips/ideas for weaning from sippy cup.Then,I didn’t have any plans..But recently,I realised it was time to get rid of the toddler cups(I dunno what they are called).So,one day I just told her,that Mamma made a mistake and forgot her bottle in the library.So,would she do me a favor and drink from a cup.And to sweeten the deal,I told her she could have a straw and choose her own straw.She agreed..And that was the last time,she had the bottle.Its been over a month..and now she decides,when she wants the out of five times.And the rest of the times,she drinks straight from the cup..:)She did ask for the sippy,in the first week ..once even in the second week..I just told her,it’s not at home.One day,she saw it in the cupboard and asked me,when I got it back and if I will give it back to her..But,I just reminded her that she was a big girl and only babies,used sippy cups/bottles!!That worked!Anti-jinx!

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Happy 30th month,Baby!

Dearest Aadi
Will the wonders ever cease??
I am still amazed to see the non-stop chattering little girl,with endless demands….”I want…””I need….” In my mind’s eye,you are still the little baby,we brought home from the hospital.
But,I know that you are not a baby anymore.And I know that you also know that.But,you do a very nice imitation of a baby..a baby as you see it…a baby babbling,a baby crawling,raising its hands,
wanting to be picked up,a baby crying loudly,with its eyes closed..very nice indeed..And as if we don’t understand,who you are pretending to be,you tell us,”I am baby”.
Pretend play is your favorite game these days. You pretend to be- Mamma,Baba,Baby, your friend(mostly its Sanskruti),baby,our recent guests..and you assign a role to everyone around you,-your toys and people alike.And you pretend that a section of the living room is the kitchen..and the far end of the house is the Supermarket(Coles)..You go to Coles and buy me pretty fawers.You sit on your bike and tell Baba,”I take you office”.
Aadi,my love,you turn 30 months today…Two and half years… and living with you,its easy to forget how young you are.You chide us,when we are fighting-“No shouting No fighting here!” You watch out for us and our protectively hug our bags,books,even shoes, close to yourself,to protect them from others-kids or adults,alike.Its so grown-up,the way you know your mind..sometimes,even we grown-up get confused,about our wants and needs.When,you throw a tantrum,befitting your age,its so difficult for remember that you are all but a little girl.
You have just started liking love it so much..You like dressing up..No,I am wrong.You love dressing up.You are so quick,when it comes to changing clothes.I get tired of watching you.You change atleast 10 outfits throughout the day.I used to get irritated,when you would want to change clothes,every few minutes,bringing me even dirty clothes from the laundry,just so you could change your outfit..and everytime you changed yours,your baby of the day,would get a change of clothes too.But,I dont know,when,how,you became so independent,now you
do all the changing yourself,just come to me for appreciation.”Mamma,see..I am the pretty one”..
Aadi,there are very few places that are inaccesible to you.You pull chairs,up to the climb up the shelves in the cupboard,you climb up on the bed,to get a better look at yourself in the mirror(sure I taught you that..but atleast then,you needed me to put you on the bed) stand up on tip-
toes to reach something thats on the counter.Sometimes it is annoying,sometime,I just look on in awe.You are so self-sufficient..Once your dad told you,that the baskets in the supermarket are stuck and he can’t get them out.You just told him,”that’s ok,dont bother”..and went on to pull one out..telling him,”see I help you!”The look on his face-Priceless!
Patience is not really your best virtue,but I hear most toddlers are like that..But like I said,you make it very hard for us to remember that you are all but a toddler!
You are still very possessive about me..You always have one eye on your Baba when,he is near me.But,now,you are also possessive about him.If I snuggle upto him,you leave whatever you are doing and snuggle up between up.I love the way,you proclaim,”My Mamma,Also,My Baba”..But,sometimes you and Baba dont see eye-to-eye..its sad for me,but,I will leave that for you both to sort out..I am just going to enjoy my time with you..for,I know,one day,you are just going to be a daddy’s girl..I see it already,the way,you both team up,when we go out..or how you defend him,when I am mad at him.
Aadi,you are now fluent in both Hindi and english and attempt to talk in Marathi.Some people tell me that I am confusing you,by talking to you in all three languages…but so far,you seem very comfortable.And my love,you can translate from english to hindi and hindi to english.That to me is a big milestone.
You are talking perfect sentences in both languages.And big 5-6 word sentences…Boy!that makes me so happy.I may be biased..but you are my SUPER-STAR!
You love singing..and your great-grandma,thinks you have a very musical voice. and will be a singer.well we’ll see.For now,you are the happiest when singing “Pinkle Pinkle little star” and “rote rote hasna seekho” and the likes.
And you love dancing..all we have to do is play some music..or find music in any thing rhythmic..and start tapping your feet.And you move so well,I am happy to see that atleast you don’t have two left feet like your parents.
Aadi,you are growing up so soon,its hard for me to keep up..But I love the edge that our life has,because of you..We are scared to blink,look away,because thats all it takes for you to get into some mischief or do something cute.
Today we baked cupcakes for you…and you baked your pretend cupcakes,all sweet..u even added imaginary essence too -I just smiled and looked away for 10 seconds…and the next thing I know is that you had grabbed and then dropped a bottle of Maggie Hotn’Sweet! See what I mean??
Ohh Aadi,what am I going to do with you?
In the last 2 and half years,since you came into our life,you have made us laugh,and cry,mostly happy tears,sometimes we cried with have embarassed us and you have made us proud,you have annoyed us and given us all the more reasons to love you,in the next heartbeat..But there is absolutely nothing that I would change.Its just not possible to stay mad at wont let hug,kiss,cuddle,act like a clown,command just don’t give up..till we don’t smile again.I hope that doesn’t change..your need to see smiling faces.I don’t know what will be going through your mind,when you read 16?or later?May be then,you would be embarassed or annoyed with me.And then try to remember,its just the love in a fond mother’s heart coming to you as this letter.And since you are still reading,remember,we love you..even if we don’t approve of that boy-friend of yours!
With all my love,

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Weekend fun and more..

Technically its late to write a weekend post,but in my defence..I was out all day Monday and resting trying to resist killing the tantrum-prone child,all day yesterday,had friends over for dinner and so,this is the earliest I can write about weekend fun!
Saturday started off early,with Sanj heading off for his cricket practice..and unfortunately for me,Aadi woke up with,my day really started early.We did random stuff,read books,played blocks,finished brekky and Sanj was back.
After they had lunch,I was/am fasting for Navratri,we headed off to the mall.This time,I got lucky and Aadi dozed off in the car.I got a nice hour to myself..though,I couldn’t stop myself from feeling jealous that Sanj got it easy..Not fair,na..that I got the tantrum filled morning and he got the peaceful nap-time.
Anyway,I walked around and guess what I ended up shopping for the sleeping twosome-bought a late father’s day gift for Sanj..and started shopping early for Aadya’s christmas presents.
Sunday was a friend’s babyshower.. and my princess dressed up,like for real ..complete with bangles,payal,bindi,necklace everything..
The babyshower was quiet nice..I realised that I hadn’t attended any babyshowers other than my own.We got back home,dead tired..called it an early night.
Monday,I had a date..with a friend and I must say,it was a nice day.Co-incidentally,we ended up going to the same Mc.Donald’s where we met for the first time..only this time,Aneela’s baby was there too:) After a kid-friendly meal,we headed out to the shops..talked non-stop,got on the tourist shuttle,window-shopped some more..till it was time to say goodbye..until we meet again.That part I dont like..Aneela’s going to be away for a year..hopefully,we’ll still be here,when she comes back!
It was a treat watching Aadya and Arhaan together…how his eyes lit up,every time she spoke to him,how she wanted to touch him and kiss him,every other second..and at one time,Aneela was in a shop and I was pushing Arhaan’s stroller out the door,Aadya was walking I realised,thats just the picture I have in mind..hopefully…the picture will become reality soon.
Speaking off reality,I finally have an appointment with a Gynaec ..tomorrow..I dunno why I have a weird feeling like its a start of a new phase..may be it is,may be it isnt.Its my first visit with a PCOS specialist so,I don’t know what to expect..Its like starting all over again,sort of going to a new school…and making new friends all over again..Sigh..
Anyway,I leave you with this-
My Princess

My Indian Princess

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Good morning

Hi again everyone..and a big welcome,to those of you who,stopped by.I thought a lot about what the welcome post should be..then,realised,that the reason why I moved again,was to be spontaneous.The first thought in my mind is Aadi’s morning greeting.

Every morning,after Sanj leaves for work and before Aadi wakes up,I have some quiet time,when I check my emails,sip my tea,peacefully,without the fear of a certain two year old climbing into my lap,plan out my day and the likes. And almost everyday,just as I am finishing my tea,comes the first call,from the bedroom..”Miii”..I stay quiet,”Maa” comes the next call..I get up and go rinse my cup,then,comes the third call,”Mamma”,now,I answer.

And then begins our crazy day,out toddles my beautiful baby,shouting,”Hulloooooooooo” I pick her up and hug her tight.she hugs me back and touches my face,and says,”Morning, Mamma”I reply,Morning sweetheart..did you sleep well? Yeah,she replies..and continues hugging,saying,”My mummy,my mamma,Aadya’s Mummy”…just the right note to start the day with…It fills my heart with so much joy,I am ready to forgive the naughtiness that fills the rest of the day..but when the series of mischief begins,the joy is long forgotten..Oh the joys of motherhood!