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Morning mischief


I took this picture two days back,on one of our lesser rushed mornings.Ms.Aadya had a dentist appointment and we knew that it was going to be an extraction,so she had the day off.Every morning,this is pretty much what they do..they are in each others space and face,sitting on each other,hugging kissing,screaming and squealing. That day,Aadi was kneeing in front of the couch and using it as a table and Anan was lying on the floor and their legs were entwined..sounds painful but it was the most peaceful moment and I had to click this photo..but sure enough,they moved and I got this picture instead..My sister calls it the “My Sunshines with beautiful sunshine” photo.And it is,indeed..:)

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The naughtiest week..

This week has to go down in the history,where 3 year olds are concerned.Ms.Aadya has without a doubt been the naughtiest little girl on the planet,this last week.She has set a precedent..that her future sibling(s) will find hard to beat..By the time,she is all grown up,I’m pretty sure,I will just bat my eyelashes at whatever someone else’s kid has done,to scare the daylights out of them.
Lets start from Day1 of the week.Sunday evening,DH was watching the news,Aadi was playing around and I decided to take a bathroom break..I come out,DH is still watching TV and the house is silent..when Aadi is awake and the house is silent,its not a good sign..I found her in the ensuite bathroom,doing,what seemed like brushing her teeth.On closer observation,I discovered that she wasn’t brushing at all!She was actually guzzling down her toothpaste! It was tipped in her mouth and she was sucking at it,like a squeezy yogurt tube!! OMG!I took the toothpaste from her..rinsed her mouth,asked her,how much did she eat? And she tells me calmly,’No No I didn’t eat it..I drink it!’ Well,the tube was half full before,and after the said drinking it was almost empty.
I looked up online,didnt find anything,called two friends,they didnt know anything.Then,called the nurse,who asked me to call poison control.They asked me to give her some milk,because the Calcium,would absorb the excess of Flouride.And it was a good thing,that her toothpaste was a low-Flouride one.They said,to call back and bring her in,if she threw up.Thank fully,she didnt!
I kept the toothpaste on the microwave.
Monday,passed uneventfully..almost.She woke up from her nap and I was warming her milk,when someone came to the door.It was a salesperson.I came back,in 2 minutes!And guess what,in that time,she had managed to pull up a chair,to the microwave,got the paste down and was sitting and sucking it,AGAIN!!!I took the paste,threatened to take her to the hospital,for lots of tichus(injections) and that set her right.
Tuesday…was OK…the only thing that she wreaked was her cupboard..I went to her room,to get her night dress and saw that two whole shelves were empty and all the content was on the floor.
Wednesday-My purse got emptied..I had nearly $20 in change..and she put it all in her piggy bank..which didn’t have a back opening!!!
Thursday..was eventful from the start itself! So,we woke up together..mostly she lies in bed while I finish my morning routine..today,I had just closed the bathroom door and in less than 1 minute,she started screaming..hysterically.I freaked out,thinking,we had a break-in or something.The crying got worse.I came out to see her covered in my HERBAL face cream from India!I use it sparingly,to make it last longer.And here she is,face plastered with the said cream,lotsa of pink cream in her eyes,hands,hair..and she made quite a picture screaming..Mumma I am blind,I am blind… I wiped her face,hands,eyes etc..She smelled of the damn cream,even after a bath!
Then,around noon,I caught her with some tube..just in the nick of time! But what takes the cake was the evening bath.We put her in the tub..She plays,sings,one of us checks on her,every few minutes.DH checked on her and went back to check on her in 5-8 minutes.And he screamed-at her and yelled at me to come to the bathroom,right away.Guess what I saw???
The whole toilet paper roll was turned into a pulpy mush and was lying at the bottom of the tub!!The whole Darn toilet paper roll!!!! ugh…naturally we yelled and cleaned and yelled some more.She was told to go to bed right away..there were no stories nothing..
Thank God Friday is School day..Today started off late..I let her sleep in..but from there it when downwards..Even the smallest of things were enough to trigger off a tear-fest and we just about managed to get to school in time.The teacher ‘complained’ that she just doesnt sit on the mat,when all the kids are sitting down.When I asked Aadi,she told me that she kept running off and hiding..umm..I feel soo sad..I know I know its not a big deal..but coupled with the whole week..its like,she is suddenly so naughty..and I don’t know what to do about it. Don’t you dare say,”Howw Cute!!” Coz it sure is not cute,when your child’s teacher tells you that she doesn’t sit down and that you should keep reinforcing at home that she should sit and LISTEN!! 😦 😦
Anyway,the week is over,the weekend is here ..Hopefully,the next week will be better,as in there will be less naughtiness!
Have a good weekend you all!
P.S. Don’t forget to leave a comment on my Li’l Birdie Giveaway post .By now you must have noticed,that I am already replying to comments..Self restraint is not one of my best qualities:P

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Papa’s Pipette

Aadya is turning into a daddy’s girl,slowly and steadily.Everyday,the first thing she says,when she wakes up is,”Papa Offish”.Then,start the pretend phone calls,spread through out the day.When Papa calls,Mamma can’t hang up,without the Pipette talking to him.Come evening and the Pipette,peeks out the window,every few minutes,to see if Papa is home.And when he does arrive home,he is greeted with a big squeal and she jumps into his arms,starting her non-stop narrative of the day.

He is not allowed to put her down,even for a minute,till she doesn’t finish.It doesn’t matter if Papa might need to use the toilet or wash his face.All that has to wait.

Then,Papa is in-charge of the dinner,teeth brushing,Shower(depending on the Pipette’s mood,mamma or papa are summoned).Sometimes a car-ride is demanded too..and Papa being the good one,always obliges,well almost always.

Then,bed-time masti is always Papa-Pipette time,when mamma is pushed to the sidelines.They talk,they laugh,they jump,they pretend-laugh too.Sometimes,they cuddle with Mamma too..and the Pipette,makes sure that she is between Mamma and Papa,clinging to Papa.

On Weekends,the first thing she asks,as always is Papa Offish?When S says,no baby no office today..the mood is set.The Pipette has a big smile on her face.Most days,we give her a bottle in bed,and laze around.But,Pipette is too restless to stay in bed.She starts pulling Papa,saying Utho Utho(wake up) till he doesnt get up from the bed.She even brings our glasses to us,specially opening Papa’s,so all he has to do is put it on.

Here’s some exchanges between Papa and Pipette-

When Papa is just back from work-

Pipette- Papa Papa,Maana.(Maana= slapping/hitting)

Papa-Kaun mara mere baby ko?(who hit my baby)

Pipette- Mamma..Maana Maana,Pipette cry park fwing mamma push bala shcared….and so on.


Pipette-no no Fwing!

Papa-Fwing na


The Pipette says all S words with an F or SH sound.So swing is fwing,spider is fider,scared is shared,santa is shanta,you get the gist.

Mamma was hiding somewhere,laughing,but of course,she didn’t want to upset the Pipette:)

Pipette throwing toys,Papa pretending to scold her,while winking at mamma

Pipette-No-No-No No Daati (No scolding)

Papa-Ok meri Ma(ok mom!)

Pipette- (runs to Mamma)- Ma,Ma

In the kitchen,Pipette opening the cupboard

Papa-Kya ho raha hai?(What are you doing?)


Papa-What? Shaafing kya hai?(what is Shaafing)

Pipette- Shaaf Papa,Wash,shaaf.(Shaaf=Saaf,in hindi=clean)

Papa and Mamma both were stumped at this one.How does a child so small know to put -ing after the word..

At the grocery store,Pipette wants to pick up a packet of speciality cheese,

Papa-No,we are not buying that cheese

Pipette-No,Wandit wandit

Papa-no no you dont want it..we are not buying that.

Pipette-Big scowl on the wee face-Pipette Angee..

Papa-olle baby..no angry..

Pipette- no Pipette Angee

Papa(to Mamma)-Should we buy the cheese?

This little princess has her Papa wrapped around her little finger.

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Of Chinese tortures and stripping in parks

I survived Chinese torture , stripped in the park,in the same evening and lived to tell the tale. Those of you,who think,this is going to be an A-rated “strip-tease”kinda post,sorry to disappoint you.Nor is it some kind of action thriller.This is just a mom’s not-so-dull evening,out.

It being Summer,I decided to go get myself waxed.So,I set about with Aadya,in her stroller.The girls at the salon love her and she normally behaves herself,chattering with them,giving them coy smiles and even before she realises,we are done.That particular day,we decided to meet a friend and her 18 month old in the city park.So,not to digress,at the salon…the girls,Lily and Lena,took me inside..Aadya’s stroller was parked at its normal position.Lily or Lena(I forget who is who)asked me to hop on the bed.I did.Little did I know what awaited me. They attacked me simultaneously..one tackling my legs,the other my hands.And before starting,one of them,gave Aadya a sesame snap candy,”For the Chinese New Year”,she said.

So,the waxing began..and the Diva decided she was bored.Just when the first strip was pulled off,she demanded,Oppenit oppenit!!She wanted me to open her candy packet.She kept at it..Lily and Lena,oblivious to the oppenits,kept yanking..Aadya tried to stand in her stroller,still buckled up,put her grubby fingers on my free hand and pulled with almost the same strength as the girls.”OPPENITT!!!”she demanded..this time I knew,I had to do it.I opened it awkwardly,with my one hand,and teeth. “Thanksh” she said as I handed her precious candy to her.I breathed easily..if the brat was quiet,I could tolerate the waxing.It was her whining that turned it into a Chinese torture!
One sec,later,I heard,”Droppit,droppit””oh No!!She had dropped her candy! Then,she continued her Droppit song.I tried talking to her,sweetly threatening her in Hindi,reasoning quietly in English..nope,she continued,droppit droppit.I mumbled,”Lena,can you please pick up her candy”..I guess Lena was the one farthest from the bed..coz neither girl,answered.Aadya continued,asking for Dudu,chockie,Kaju,bickie,book,phoune..I think,she must have figured,if i ask for ten things,at least I will get one.Hands done,one of them,was stepping outside.The other started on my eyebrows.This time,Lena heard me..and gave her the bottle from the bag.
She gulped her Dudu quietly and put the bottle down.Lena had left the bag,too close to the stroller.I was happy,to get my eyebrows done in peace..only to find Aadya,opening my purse and throwing all the cards and money on the floor..saving only the coins.Ordeal over,I quickly put on my shirt,paid and left.We got on the train,reached the park.It was then,that I realised that I had forgotten to remove the singlet I was wearing,when getting waxed.It was sticking to the skin.That was so uncomfortable.We were playing ball,while waiting for our friends.The park was mostly empty.I decided to get rid of the singlet.It was the time to use,Rachael’s bra trick(from Friends,duh!)
I slipped one strap off,with great difficulty..I was wearing a full sleeves shirt..Then,slipped the second strap off..and then,realised belatedly,it was a singlet,and wasn’t going to open up.So,I just looked left and right and pulled..then finally,pulled it all the way down to my feet and off!I am hoping,no one saw me..or they would think of me as a crazy fool.I told Sanj about it,and he just looked at me poker-faced and said..”So,now you have stripped in a park..bas yahi dekhna reh gaya tha”(this is the last thing I needed to see)..
Yeah sure..whatever..
The rest of the evening was just dull,we just ran and played in the park..met Sanj,came back home 🙂

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Ho hum we are bored

This is the 4th Friday in a row,when its so dull and gloomy.Its drizzling so,you cant even go out,if you don’t drive.Aadya and I have stayed in all week,because of the chicken pox.
Thanks for all your get-well wishes,here and on emails.It seems like a mild bout,alright..but we are staying in,nevertheless.
I am trying to keep her as excited and entertained as I can..but its tiring..I roped in the idiot box,for sometime.Thank God..for good educational kid-friendly videos.But today is really gloomy.So,we are watching Dostana..and Aadya ran inside and grabbed a pillow and her blankie..that’s her way of showing how dull she is feeling.Next she went and got my pull-over and is wearing that and lying down on the couch,watching the movie.
Anyway..I thought to cheer me up and all you guys,I should write about Aadya’s Antics over this week.Chicken-pox or not ,we have had a very eventful week.Aadya hates wearing clothes these days and has been top-less most of the time.And she has decided to toilet-train herself.So,as soon as she has to pee,she takes off her diaper.It took me a couple accidents to realise,why she was removing her diaper so often.So,we are now actively in the act of toilet training.
She has this thing about turning super cute after being mischievous.She just crinkles her eyes..and blinks,when i start screaming at her..I still havent become immune to it.So,there she has me wound around her little finger.
It seems as if she has suddenly discovered how to talk..Its so much fun to hear her try out new words again and again..and then use them in the right place.Like yesterday,she was jumping on the bed and fell down.I asked her..uh-oh,what happenned Pipette? and she just giggled and said..umm fun..fun..junt..junt Aadya fall. And she promptly demonstrated how!!!(junt= AadyaSpeak for Jump)
She now knows from my tone,who I am talking to..When I am talking to Sanj,she listens and then screams Bubba.I figured that one was easy.Today I was talking to my dad..she kept playing next to me..and then said, “Do do baat Nanu”She wanted the phone to talk to her nanu..I was shocked..Needless to say,Nanu was thrilled.Last weekend,she pointed to the phone and demanded to talk to her Dadu.And demands to talk to Masi happen..everytime she is mad,happy,sad,woken up.And as soon as I turn on the laptop,she comes and sits in front of the webcam,cocking her head,asking”Masi?”
Her speech has gotten clearer,she started saying”Maaji” then Mayishi and now finally clearly “Masi or Mashi”depending on her mood.Some days,she chatters and sings for her..and some days,just says No and gives the phone back
Today,the cutest thing happenned.I was chasing her to tie her hair.Its one of our on-going fights.I grab the nearest hair band and grab her hair,and put up a little pig-tail,or coconut tree,as they were called when we were growing up.And she removes it the first chance she gets.Now I have given up,picking the hair bands..they come in handy in times of emergency.So,Iwas saying,I was chasing her.She ran to the bedroom and hid in the cupboard.I opened the cupboard door to see her standing there..with her knees bend,hands covering her face and as soon as the door opened she said Boo!!The hair forgotten,I pulled her..tickled and we rolled on the floor laughing.She is a fun kid..
I am really loving this phase,when we talk,laugh,she repeats everything that we say.ok that i dont love so much.She picked up S-h-i-t from me!And everytime,she dropped something,she would say..ssssshhhhhyaaa. I was so embarassed..Sanj,didnt spare a single opportunity to remind me,that she picked it up from me.Thank God!She is all over it.
Our dinner plans just got cancelled,because of the darned rain..So..time to haul the butt to the kitchen.

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She is all me..but she is all HIS

Whoever meets us,sees Aadya,comments on how she is a mini-me.Her actions,the way she cocks her head to a side,the way she smiles,her looks, her cheeks,her nose..all me..But…her heart belongs to her Papa.
We were out grocery shopping and Sanj was carrying her.He wanted to go outside to get a shopping cart,so I offered to carry Aadya..And she pushed me away. Huh?? My baby?when did she grow up so much…she pushed me away..And people were looking too.I gathered the pieces of my broken heart and walked around the store,waiting for them to come back with the cart.They came back and she had this silly grin on her face,as if teasing me,taunting me,”Look mumma,I got you!!”
So,anyway,I leaned forward to kiss her and she turned her face.I thought she was just distracted ..I tried again,and she said No! And then Sanj came from behind me,she gave him a smile and called him.He asked her for a kissie and she gave him Kichie..I tried again,no luck again.In fact every time,I asked her for kissie,she would look away and then,with a naughty smile,call her Papa to give him a kiss.
We came home and after putting the groceries away, took her to the bedroom,to put her to sleep.She was drinking her bed-time dudu,we were talking and Sanj,reached over and gave me a kiss.And this little miss, got up like an angry tigress,snarled at me,hugged her Papa  tight and closed her eyes tight. If I so much as tried talking to him,she would get upset and glare at me.I mean what did I do??What?
Anyway,its besides the point that she came to me,after he had fallen asleep.Yeah whatever.
Its true,all girls are daddy’s .I was one,am still one..So,I guess its only fair,my little girl is her daddy’s too!
Here’s a song for all the daddy’s girls,out there:
Butterfly kisses by Bob Carlisle

BTW,As for our names- Ms.Pipette started calling me Mimi when she was 7-8 months old and Bubba is what she calls,her dad..So,we are Mimi and Bubba..:D