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The naughtiest week..

This week has to go down in the history,where 3 year olds are concerned.Ms.Aadya has without a doubt been the naughtiest little girl on the planet,this last week.She has set a precedent..that her future sibling(s) will find hard to beat..By the time,she is all grown up,I’m pretty sure,I will just bat my eyelashes at whatever someone else’s kid has done,to scare the daylights out of them.
Lets start from Day1 of the week.Sunday evening,DH was watching the news,Aadi was playing around and I decided to take a bathroom break..I come out,DH is still watching TV and the house is silent..when Aadi is awake and the house is silent,its not a good sign..I found her in the ensuite bathroom,doing,what seemed like brushing her teeth.On closer observation,I discovered that she wasn’t brushing at all!She was actually guzzling down her toothpaste! It was tipped in her mouth and she was sucking at it,like a squeezy yogurt tube!! OMG!I took the toothpaste from her..rinsed her mouth,asked her,how much did she eat? And she tells me calmly,’No No I didn’t eat it..I drink it!’ Well,the tube was half full before,and after the said drinking it was almost empty.
I looked up online,didnt find anything,called two friends,they didnt know anything.Then,called the nurse,who asked me to call poison control.They asked me to give her some milk,because the Calcium,would absorb the excess of Flouride.And it was a good thing,that her toothpaste was a low-Flouride one.They said,to call back and bring her in,if she threw up.Thank fully,she didnt!
I kept the toothpaste on the microwave.
Monday,passed uneventfully..almost.She woke up from her nap and I was warming her milk,when someone came to the door.It was a salesperson.I came back,in 2 minutes!And guess what,in that time,she had managed to pull up a chair,to the microwave,got the paste down and was sitting and sucking it,AGAIN!!!I took the paste,threatened to take her to the hospital,for lots of tichus(injections) and that set her right.
Tuesday…was OK…the only thing that she wreaked was her cupboard..I went to her room,to get her night dress and saw that two whole shelves were empty and all the content was on the floor.
Wednesday-My purse got emptied..I had nearly $20 in change..and she put it all in her piggy bank..which didn’t have a back opening!!!
Thursday..was eventful from the start itself! So,we woke up together..mostly she lies in bed while I finish my morning routine..today,I had just closed the bathroom door and in less than 1 minute,she started screaming..hysterically.I freaked out,thinking,we had a break-in or something.The crying got worse.I came out to see her covered in my HERBAL face cream from India!I use it sparingly,to make it last longer.And here she is,face plastered with the said cream,lotsa of pink cream in her eyes,hands,hair..and she made quite a picture screaming..Mumma I am blind,I am blind… I wiped her face,hands,eyes etc..She smelled of the damn cream,even after a bath!
Then,around noon,I caught her with some tube..just in the nick of time! But what takes the cake was the evening bath.We put her in the tub..She plays,sings,one of us checks on her,every few minutes.DH checked on her and went back to check on her in 5-8 minutes.And he screamed-at her and yelled at me to come to the bathroom,right away.Guess what I saw???
The whole toilet paper roll was turned into a pulpy mush and was lying at the bottom of the tub!!The whole Darn toilet paper roll!!!! ugh…naturally we yelled and cleaned and yelled some more.She was told to go to bed right away..there were no stories nothing..
Thank God Friday is School day..Today started off late..I let her sleep in..but from there it when downwards..Even the smallest of things were enough to trigger off a tear-fest and we just about managed to get to school in time.The teacher ‘complained’ that she just doesnt sit on the mat,when all the kids are sitting down.When I asked Aadi,she told me that she kept running off and hiding..umm..I feel soo sad..I know I know its not a big deal..but coupled with the whole week..its like,she is suddenly so naughty..and I don’t know what to do about it. Don’t you dare say,”Howw Cute!!” Coz it sure is not cute,when your child’s teacher tells you that she doesn’t sit down and that you should keep reinforcing at home that she should sit and LISTEN!! 😦 😦
Anyway,the week is over,the weekend is here ..Hopefully,the next week will be better,as in there will be less naughtiness!
Have a good weekend you all!
P.S. Don’t forget to leave a comment on my Li’l Birdie Giveaway post .By now you must have noticed,that I am already replying to comments..Self restraint is not one of my best qualities:P


19 thoughts on “The naughtiest week..

  1. God! all the cream … thank God it did nt hurt her!

    I luv the li’l diva-cum-prankster 😛 😛

    Happy weekend to u too Trish 🙂

    P.S: I dropped in to nudge u to post soon so that I cn read and go home lol 😉


  2. Hey, first time here… We seem to have a lot in common. For starters, my daughter’s name is Adya and she is 3 1/2. All these episodes that you’ve just talked about happen in our household quite frequently. She once threw all the washed vessels back in the sink again – one by one. She once soaked all washed, dried and folded clothes – some 30 odd pieces! Self painted her entire body, drank water into which her paint brushes were washed..etc etc… you have an empathetic shoulder to cry on…


    1. OMG!!OMG!!..Here’s a big hug from one Aadya’s mom to another Adya’s mom!hehehe..I would love to talk to you more..to see..what more the girls and we have in common:)


  3. Aww so cute!!! Okay okay don’t hit me 🙂 This so reminded me of the days Na is super naughty.. when she was 1.5 years old, she swallowed a blue marble at her babysitters..thankfully it came out the next day in her poop (sorry to gross you out) but it came out. Fast forward to a playdate at the babysitters last week, i went in and kept all those small items that Narad can probably put in their mouths on the babysitters dining table. One of the pieces was a teeny tiny blue alphabet block. Na comes back home and tells me, “Amma I swallowed the blue block just like the blue marble”!!! Double gulp.. not sure if it out yet since she is potty trained 😦


  4. i can imagine the frustration cos we have such episodes here too . of playing with cream, powder, lotion . once I discovered momo chewing somethign silently for some time only to discover it was a gelusil tablet.. hang on.. hugs:)


  5. Hey Trish… OH my GOD I just don’t believe how E is similar to your kid. He has managed to drive us crazy at 18 months!! I go through these EVERY SINGLE DAY and its just scaring the shit out of me what he will do when he gets older… URGGHHHH


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