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New words- Day 11

Ms.Ananya has been saying so many new words..and we are all so proud of her. Whenever she says a new word,we all cheer for her.Sometimes she indulges us and repeats the word again..other times,she just smiles and babbles more.
Some of the new words that she has been saying a lot in the last week or so are :
1)Wow-Whenever we are looking at something,anything,she peeks in and says,”WOW” clear!
2)See– When I click pictures of her,she comes straight at the phone/camera and says,”See?” and after looking at it,”Wow”..On some occasions,she has told me,Na Na Na..when she didn’t like the picture that I clicked.
3) Kaega-[Khayega means to eat in Hindi] 3 days back,I showed her some Paneer and asked Ananya,”Nanna Khayega?” And she answered..”Kaega” OMG! It sounds so cute..when she says it.
4) NaaaNuu– Yup!! She is saying Naanu now.(Nanu=grandpa)..yesterday,she kept saying NaaNuu,Naanu,when she was playing,I immediately called up my dad so he could hear it and the cheeky monkey refused to say it..just when he was hanging up,she said..NaaNuu..I can bet a million bucks,he went to bed,Happy!!
5)Japper-Ananya has a friend,called Jasper.He was born a day before her and fate brought us together 🙂 His mum is a very close friend now. So,anyway,she calls him,Japper!
6) Diapah- Yes,she know what it is.She said Diaper today..and I said what?She pointed at her diaper and said ‘Diapah!
7) Car!!! Ask her where is abc? Abc can be ANYTHING-remote,pacifier,didi,anything that is not in front of her and the answer is ALWAYS-Car!
8)She said- Diwali- today! She watches our lips and then tries to say the words..

And her most used words are:Didi,Aadya,Papa,Mumma,Mummyyy, Baby,give,this,NO! Give and this are usually used when she wants a feed! And Baby..well whenever she sees something cute-an animal,baby or when she is upset..she cries out baby!!LOL

Ahh my little munchkin has words now.. bittersweet!!

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Ms.Ananya is getting bigger and busier..She amazes me with her understanding of the things around her. She picks up on moods..she tries to be cute when she knows that she is in trouble. She is not one to get scared easily.If we raise our voices around her ..she plain ignores us and goes on with her business. When she sees that she has no escape and needs to face us,she smiles at us, that cute toothy,scrunched up nose smile..If we don’t relent she bats her eye lids or just keeps at the cuteness till we dont give up.
We were at a friend’s place and she thought it was fun to keep hitting her 18 mo ..hitting ,grabbing her hair…I gave her several warnings and then put her in the high chair..she was distraught..I took her out..and asked her to say sorry..She gently patted her friend’s face-her way of saying sorry and reached for her hair again! I picked her up,put her on the couch and was telling her off-‘blah blah..If you do this again,Mumma will put you back in the high chair..blah blah…’ She looked at me and said,”High Chair?” OMG!I was so excited at the new word..I said yayy and clapped..and she gave me this weird look!!
And the next day,she wasn’t paying attention..So I started counting,”One,two…” Now normally when I do the count-down with Aadya,she does what is required of her..But,this cheeky,when I said,”One,two..” she said..Theeeeeeee and clapped!!LOL!
She has a new bedtime routine now. When we tuck in Aadya,Ananya wants to climb up on the bed..sleep next to her,pull the covers up to her neck,like didi..Then,I have to kiss them both g’nite and turn off the lights and leave the room. They huddle up together..Ananya tries to whisper things to her sister..LOL! And then 5 minutes later.. gives her a big kiss..ummmah and leaves…
She love music,absolutely loves it.I think,she was born to dance-anything remotely musical is enough to make her tap her feet..Oh and she loves singing-tries to copy the tune as much as she can:)
She can now climb up on the couch herself and get off from the couch and the bed..but its so funny,when we are out,even if the couch is the same height or lower than ours,she needs help!LOL!But I like it how she can just climb up and relax on the couch!
Her favorite activity is doing “Jai-Jai” with Papa.When SD sits down to pray,she wants to play there.She climbs in and out of his lap,saying Jai-Jai..and he favorite thing in the prayer room is the Red Hanuman Chalisa book.There are tears if she is denied that.
Taking her to school for pickup is a big pain.She wants to walk alone,no holding hands,no sitting in the pram..just walking straight ahead,not a care in the world..bumping into kids and adults,walking through crowds,while mumma and didi follow,mumma saying sorry to people and didi giggling at her silly sister. And when Mumma tries to hold her hand,she calls out to all the people walking by and says,”Ow!OW!OW!”
She is soo naughty..she is so adorable..she is so funny..She adds so many smiles and giggles in our life.. Love my little silly billy!

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First Flight!

Ms.Ananya went on the plane for the first time,when we flew to Brisbane!
Both SD and I were quite nervous,this being our virgin flight as parents of two…we were both nervous but had no game plan to always we decided to play it by the ear.
Co-incidentally it was also the day my cheeky monkey turned 14 mo.That reminds me I should do a monthly update- so much to write on that front!We celebrated the turning  14 months with coffee and cake in the Quantas lounge At the airport..Aadya was so excited and her spirits rubbed on all of us:)
Ananya was her usual animated self..but after a while,she started getting tired..we took turns walking around the airport with her.Did I mention that the flight was delayed? By the time they called our flight,Ananya was just about to fall asleep.When we got on the flight,she was woke up,ready to check out her new surroundings.
Take off and landing was pretty smooth…I nursed her both the times and she slept through most of the flight..I even managed to watch a movie!!She woke up,as if right on cue,just when the stewardess served,us our meals.

Aadya watched cartoons on Her screen and was really good.It was so cute to see her concentrating on the safety instructions!!!

I noticed one thing,though..unlike most times,when I take the flight to go to India,this time was stress-free.I think more because I wasn’t worried about the luggage weights,connecting flights and also because I wasn’t running around like crazy to finish everything.This was a good kind of travel.:)
It’s been over a week but I can still remember Aadya’s excitement,Ananya’s animated babbles,my own anticipation,SD’s smiles as fresh as the day:)
I am so glad Ananya’s first flight was a good one !I leave you with a pic of my newbie and seasoned flyers…

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The one where I wanted the earth to open up and Swallow me!

If you are following My Sunshines on Facebook,you probably know that Anani is unwell..And if you are not,then why not?:D OK,I digress..

So,she started throwing up at 2:30 am this morning and generally was very poorly.Both SD and I were convinced that she is choking on something,based on the sounds that she was making.We called up the Dr.and he asked us to take her to the ER..So at 3:15 am,we woke up a very tired Aadi and bundled them both in the car and went to the ER..where the Resident-on-Duty,listened to her lungs and sent us home to come back,if she got sick again!

We came back and she threw up again!By then it was 4:30am and it was a matter of waiting for our Dr.’s Office to open.So,we waited.I got an appointment for her and we went seen after nearly 1.5 hr of waiting..I don’t even know,why they bother with appointments!!! Anyway,so,she saw the Dr and went from this sick child to a bubbly cheerful bubba! No!Really! The Dr.said to me..’Oh Mum,if I look at this child..there is no way,I can believe that she is sick!’ I really like him..but today I snapped ..I had had no sleep..and after waiting 1.5 hours,with a cranky sense of humor was lost somewhere in his waiting room.

So,he diagnosed it to be a tummy bug,from something that she might have eaten..Alright..all good..he even examined me and gave me a script,in case I catch it..ok all good. Then it was time to leave.And this monkey,refused to climb off his lap! The Good Dr.came out with us,carrying her.I asked her to come me and she just waved..Aadi asked her to come ‘Tata’ with us,she just waved..The Dr. asked her if she wanted to stay with him and she just said,’Yes’!!!!!!

That was too much for Aadi to take,she all but snatched her away from the Dr..and this cheeky monkey,wiggled out of her sister’s arms,down on the floor,pushed her legs apart and crawled through if clawing her way back to safety and tugged at the Dr.’s trousers to pick her up..sneaking glances towards us,as if we,her own flesh and blood were strangers,trying to take her away !

By now,the all the people in the waiting room,the reception staff,everyone was watching..some were laughing loudly,others smiling politely..Me??I just wanted the ground to open up and swallow me..LITERALLY!!! I muttered under my breath,’Great !First she makes a liar out of me..and then she embarrasses me..!!!’ The Dr.heard me..and laughed out loud..yeah .. really.. !If I had decided to leave her there,then,I don’t think he would be laughing!! Same goes for SD..who was laughing so hard,when I told him the whole incident!

Oh My God!It was scene out of those comedy movies..only it wasn’t funny,because it was happening to me! I finally retrieved my bratty toddler from the Dr..and she continued to do crocodile turns in my arms..till we got to the pharmacy..where her big sister decided it was her turn to argue and sulk about CANDY! I bribed them both with lollipops..right!Which one of you raised their eyebrows?  If you had been through those horrifying 10  5 would be offering them the whole tub of M&M’s!!

Finally,meds paid for and we got into the car..lollipops were given..and I got 5 minutes of peace..on the drive home! Seriously..I thought Terrible two’s with Aadya were  scary.. but if Ananya’s 1 yo tantrums are anything to go by..I dread to even think about what her Terrible two’s would be like!

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I love her so much!

I was laying in bed,feeling sick and sorry for myself,when she stirred.She opened her eyes,saw me next to her and moved closer..hugging me tight!

Now,as I breathe in the cocktail of olive oil,strawberries and sleepy baby smell-I stop feeling sorry for myself…instead I am grateful to be around to experience this heady feeling all over again…And yet again,I am amazed at how this tiny body fits as perfectly in my arms as the not-so-tiny-anymore body that I hugged a couple hours back,at school drop-off! Love you Ananya for being you!

Baby #2

6 months!

Dear Ananya,

My baby,My pumpkin pie- you are 6 months old in this world now. Its so hard to imagine our life without you..:)

Your didi was so excited about your birthday this time.She now knows her numbers and was looking forward to the 23rd. She kept telling everyone,the previous week that its going to be Ananya’s b’day and everyone has to wish her. She told Mumma-Papa,where we need to get your cake from. And on the 23rd,she made sure,you didn’t let you just had to whimper and she would rush to your side and try to cheer you up.She even made sure,we didn’t yell at her for ANYTHING,because it was a special day.

Laddu,you are no longer happy just rolling tried and tried till you mastered the art of crawling.Yes.. no fooling around,no backward just kept rocking back and forth on all fours, trying to move ahead and then you did it..2 days before turning 6! Yes! We are so so proud of you.. we cheered you on, we clapped for you and cuddled you..and it made you so happy.

You love your didi,don’t you? Your eyes just light up when she enters a room and I can see it..EVERYBODY can see it. Love you for that..:) It isn’t easy to put you to sleep or feed you,when didi is around.And you are so naughty,you call out to her,when you want your cuddles and when you are done,if she even touches you with her little finger,you get mad..and scream!You cheeky cheeky monkey! Another thing you like doing with didi is holding on to her shoulders and standing!And just yesterday,you were trying to raise yourself to a standing position by holding onto didi’s table.

And Didi taught you squealing..and you made me crazy with those squeals,both of you..You love sitting on Papa’s chest and eating his face up.. You start patting us,when you get sleepy.You want to try everything that we are eating.So far you have tasted- rice cereal,sweet potato-pumpkin puree,potato,avocado and cucumber.We are still going slow with the solids because you had a bit of trouble sleeping,the few times we tried solids. So, we’ll take it slow…and before we know it,you’ll be eating all that yummy food.

So,I’ll give you the yummy food..but you have let me sleep..:) Yes Monkey,you still wake me up atleast 3 times in the night..and I am not even counting the number of times,I have to pat you back to sleep,before I go to bed. From the time I started writing this post,I have had to pat you twice and despite being in different rooms,every time you wake up,so does your didi!

Clinging to Mumma continues and so does stranger anxiety and its so funny that you live with some of the loudest people and yet,you get startled when someone talks in a loud voice..Aah..what would I give to know what goes on in that little mind of yours.

Keep growing,my beautiful baby..and keep smiling like you always those gummy smiles just as much as I love those precious tears that you shed…but you know what I love most..the pink that creeps into your cheeks and lips,right after you finish feeding..and that sweet satiated smile..Gosh! thats all it takes to turn my heart into mush..Love you loads,baby girl..

today and forever




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Princess Ananya gets poked!

I remember going through this 4 years back..and the anxiety doesn’t get any lesser,the second time around.Ananya was due for her shots at 8 weeks, but the immunisation schedule in our area,didn’t work for us and so we ended up going for her shots today.
I told Aadya in the morning,that her sister was going to get poked and she made a sad face and hugged her close!*aww -a melt my heart moment*
It was a long wait and Ananya was awake for most of the time.She dozed off for a while but woke up again just in time for the vaccination.
Our number was called and we went inside.Sanj was holding her,and Aadi and I were fussing around her. I asked Aadi if she wanted to go for a walk,but she refused to leave Anzie alone.She got a balloon for being such a caring sister.
Sanj held her,the nurse gave her the oral drops first,then she jabbed her right thigh and after a quick band-aid..she jabbed another one in her left thigh!
OMG!she screamed..and screamed.I took her for Sanj’s arms and in two seconds she stopped crying 😀
P.S.-I was not going to write this bit.. Sanj just reminded me of it..or rather he taunted me..saying that I want to brag about my victory!!!LOL!
There is a little story behind his comment-When Aadi was a baby,everytime she got her shots or after I got her ears pierced(yes,Sanj still isn’t in favor of it!)-she would bawl her heart out and cling to SANJ! No matter what I did that time,she would want him and him only.And today,Anzie clung to me.. and she calmed down in literally 2 secs!!! and she has been clinging to me..all day..Didn’t even want to sleep,if I wasn’t holding her..and even when I was holding her,she just kept looking at my face..touching my face-Need I say,I am in Mommy heaven!
As for Sanj,he has been saying,to me every chance he gets,that I must have prayed really hard for the last 4 years to get this baby,who clung to me and not to him!!LOL!!!
Anyway,she is sleeping now and doesn’t need to be poked again,until Dec…we can all breathe easy till then.

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Hanging by the hair…

..really! That’s what Ananya has been doing..She is super-clingy today. She spent a lot of time in her dad’s arms when I was cooking.She played a fair bit with her beloved sister..and finally,when she woke up for her post dinner feed,she decided that she wanted to cling to Mommy.We had a long long chat..:) OK,I was talking and she was cooing back for a long time.And Aadya was telling her own story,simultaneously.Finally Sanj went to bed and took Aadi with him.I had to fold the laundry and put Ananya on the bed next to him and she got mad..scrunched up her face and cried that angry cry. So,I brought her outside with me,propped her on the pillow and she happily watched me fold the clothes,cooing more:)
I moved her to the chaise lounger,so I could clean up the kitchen and she got mad,as soon as I went away from her.I came back,she gurgled and cooed..I bent down to kiss her,and she grabbed my hair and tried to sit up all the while smiling at me..It was so sweet,I let her stay that way,our faces so close,she hanging by my hair..:)
I heart babies playing with mom’s hair,absolutely heart it!!(umm yes,I am crazy that way!!) I grew my hair out,during both the pregnancies,so I could experience it.. Me bending down to kiss the baby and baby hangs on to my hair…:)
The laundry sits there,looking at me…while,I am typing away,stretched on the couch with Ananya next to me…Oh,well! the laundry can wait.. this moment won’t 🙂

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Letter to a 2 month old..

My darling Ananya,
Its been a week since you turned 2 months:)and mommy hasn’t had time to write-if I am not running after your sister,then I am holding you-between the two of you,I feel I have no time left to do anything.Not that I am complaining,I love having you girls,but,still sometimes I wish I was still able to hear and think my own thoughts!
I never wrote a letter to you at one month,because it was still crazy times.Your masi had just left,I had just started driving,we were all trying to settle in a routine as a family of four,without anyone else around..and I must say,as much as I love your Masi and mine,I was happy to be able to have you both all to myself!
You know,Ananya,when your sister was born,I thought,I would never be able to love anyone else,the way,I love her..God! how wrong I was..I love you as much as I love her..sometimes even a teeny bit more..but never less!! And I know every tiny part of your body,just like I know hers.
And you know what is my favorite part of you?Its your beautiful eyes.. They are so alive,so bright…I love looking at all the mischief they contain! And your love,you have started smiling at us..those gummy smiles-aaah I could watch you forever,when you are smiling.But somehow you always save your best smile for your sister. It doesn’t matter if she is throwing a tantrum or rough-housing with you…as long as she is in your sight,your face and eyes light up and you have a big smile on your face.When your daddy comes home or picks you up,you get so excited,you bat your hands and kick with your legs.
You are always moving..Always.After your midnight feeds,I prop you up on a pillow and go to the washroom,get myself a drink of water and all the time,your head is turned towards the door and your hands and legs are in motion. They are constantly moving.. I stand near the door and watch you, those hands and legs moving in tandem…a big smile on your face,when you see me standing there..I just want to freeze time there,just wrap us in a bubble and stay that way..forever..:)
And then you call out to me,yes you do… you little coo-ing,chuckling monkey!You are so vocal these days. You call out softly first,then excitedly chuckle and if I still don’t come,you get angry..oh yes, you have a big temper. And the only thing that calms you then,is when I hold you really close to my face and whisper sweet nothings in your ears.
When your sister is lying down next to you,you keep coo-ing to want her to play with you..when she is playing and not looking at you,you still keep following her with your eyes and keep calling out to her..stopping only when she comes and gives your cuddles and kisses.
Baby, you have already rolled over from tummy to back and from back to tummy,many times…but I think,you still don’t know the trick of doing it..and when it happens,you end up all surprised..and we end up even more surprised and excited.
You love pushing yourself up to a standing position..and when I give you the thumbs of my hands to hold,you pull yourself up to a sitting position.Your Papa and Didi tried it too and for weeks,you would do it only with Mumma,making them cross and me,HAPPY! Now,that you have mastered this trick,you do it with them too..and they are happier too.
Last few weeks have really just flown by,all I remember is feeding you around the clock and changing countless diapers…your Papa is still surprised how someone so tiny can use so many diapers in a day!!!
A funny thing happened a couple days back.During your initial weeks you were both bottle and breast-fed..then as we got more comfortable with the breast-feeding routine,slowly I started nursing you everywhere…I nursed you at the airport,at the doctor’s office,at the library,in the mall,at school pickup,in the parking lot..EVERYWHERE!!! and so,slowly you didn’t have to use the bottle.And then one day,we were going out and I wasn’t sure,if I would be able to feed you,because I had things to do with your sister and so,I carried some expressed milk for you,in a bottle. When I gave you the bottle,you refused to take it…you kept looking at the bottle and then at me.. only when you tasted the milk,then you started drinking…it was hilarious,your expressions and we were amazed how someone so tiny could know the difference!
Your sister can’t stop kissing you,specially when you are sleeping.But,I have no right to stop her.. because you know what?Even I can’t stop kissing you… I can’t stop kissing your cheeks,your little finger,your tiny toes..Gosh!I just want to gobble you up!!!
Time is really flying since you came into our lives..tomorrow,it will be 10 weeks since you entered our crazy world.You fit right in and made it crazier..,10 weeks feel like forever,it seems like you have been here forever.On the rare occasions when you are not with me,and are in the car with Papa,I feel lost and a limb has been severed…and I wonder,how it was before you came along..My life was full,complete..yet, you came and made it fuller,richer..:)
Love you my laddu… love you heaps…

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Catching up..

Yes,I can’t stay away from this space..and since this blog was started majorly as a baby blog,I will keep it as that.. and now with Ananya also in picture,there is a lot of fodder for baby/big kid updates:)
Its been 5 weeks to Ananya’s birth today and it seems like she has always been with us:) Aadya is still in love with her sister,though she does have her moments when she can’t understand why so much fuss is being made about a tiny person.. and then the very next moment,she is back to touching her and smothering her with kisses.
Everytime,Ananya cries,Aadya is up on her haunches..If I am not in the same room,she comes running to call me..if I am in the bathroom,she tries to pick her up…umm that is scary..SO,I have taken to leaving Ananya in her crib,if I go to the toilet. Showers happen only when Sanj is at home. Aadi tries to make funny faces to cheer up the baby and tries to give her the pacifier..mostly it works..Anzie (yes thats the name her daddy picked for her 🙂 ),mostly listens to her sister’s voice and calms down.
But when all else fails,then Aadya tells me..”Mumma,I think she needs a diaper change!! or may be you should feed her!”
The other day,I told her that since she already knows so much about Ananya,why doesn’t she learn how to change her diaper..and she gave me a shocked look..when I asked her what happenned,she said,”Ohh! but I just want to be her sister,not her mommy!”..Anyway,I told her,big sisters can change diapers too and they can still remain sisters..So,yesterday,she asked me to teach her how to change diapers..As luck would have it,that was a poopy diaper.I told her,she could try the next time..and you know what she said,”Awww,its OK mommy,I don’t mind changing her Poo-ey diaper..she is my sister and I love her SOOOOO much”..And she did it.. wiped her sister’s bum,put on a fresh diaper..without squirming even once! And she was ready to do it again and again!!!
Thank you,God- I hope their love grows ten-fold every passing day! I am writing this down,so that when they are older and at each other’s throats and I am wondering why I had two of them,then I can read this and remember why:)