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Girls and Boys…Day 21

My child is a girl now.I think going to school made her realize that girls and boys are different. I still look at all 5 yos as 5 yos..not as girls or boys.They speak the same language-use the same phrases,speak in the same tone,play the same games ,like the same things..well may be not!
Ms.Aadya loves Ben10 and Skylander Giants and Transformers and then,she likes her Barbies and Little Ponies and Strawberry Shortcakes as well.And she likes them equally..sometimes I get the feeling that she loves the action figures more.She has a friend A and when she meets him they plan crazy missions,run and chase imaginary baddies and all that jazz.A has a sister T and Aadi sometimes takes turns playing action heroes and playing house.But lately,she enjoys action heroes more and poor T is left all alone when her brother and his friend are running around like screaming banshees..I feel so bad for Ms.T,because she is such a sweetie!I promise this is going somewhere.
Anyway,every Wednesday Aadi gets to take something special to school for ‘share time’.She then has to tell her classmates about her special thing and she usually starts by saying- This is my **** and I really love it!! And every week,on Tuesday night she sits in her room and goes through her things.Her hands hover over the action figures,she has a little play with them and then picks up something else. Yesterday,she was confused about what to take and I asked her what her favorite toy was and she said ‘Bungle Bee'(Bumblebee from Transformers) I said why not just take HIM and she said no..then the girls will think I like only boy toys.I said no Bumblebee is not just a boy toy.I like him too.
Anyway,after a long discussion,she decided to take him to school. And just as she was leaving,she said,”Mum,should I just say at share time that I like girl toys and boy toys…what if the boys think I don’t like girl things and the girls think I only like boy things.”
SD and I both started together..Bumblebee is not just a boy toy..everyone likes it..she wasn’t I told her a girlie secret..I said,”You know what there are tonnes of girls that like Bumblebee and action heroes..some are brave enough to say it,some aren’t..What about you?”
And she said,”I am brave…”and happily took him to school.I guess all I was trying to tell her was if you like something don’t be embarrassed of your choice..Don’t be embarrassed of what you like..Don’t be embarrassed of who you are!
She came back and reported excitedly that girl A and girl R and girl T like Bumble Bee too and the boy A and boy G and boy J,let her join in their special Ninjas club and she is the pink Ninja because pink is her favorite color.
She is going to take her Skylander Giant figurine next time and her Little Pony figurine the week after..Knowing her she will change her mind at least 5 times before next Wednesday,but if after today my little girl,my baby, is a little more comfortable in her job here is done 🙂


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