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Remember the story-Post 18

A couple months back,there was a story being forwarded…about how a father was watching his little girl ,while the mother was out running errands. When the mother came home,the father gloated..”I don’t know why you complain about her being a brat and troubling you..We spent the last few hours happily,without any tantrums or yelling.”
The mother was quite impressed and asked him,what they did,while she was away.”Oh,we just had a tea-party”,beamed the father.And just then,the little girl walked in,carrying a little tea-cup,the father slipped out his pinkie,like she had taught him and drank the said tea!
It was only then,the mother asked him,why did he give her water to play with..and the father replied,”Oh no,she is clever,she got it herself..”And the mother could not stop LAUGHING-Well,because the only place the little girl could get water was from the toilet BOWL!

SD had fwded this story to me and we had a good laugh over it..and then,sometime last week,I had a particularly hard day with Babushka..she was literally on me..all the time..because I didn’t let her watch TV all day long. She was bugged and I was irritated.. When SD came home,I told them both to leave me alone and entertain each other.I was resting,when I realised the house was quiet..the TV was off and there were no tantrums. I came out to see SD was working/playing on his laptop and Babs was quietly playing in her room..I asked him,”what did you say to her?” SD gloated,” just have to have the knack to keep her happy”..Just then,Babs walked out with a cup of tea for SD.. he happily drank it and asked for some more! I asked him,as to why he gave her water,because she is not allowed water-play in her room! And he goes,”Oh no no I didnt give her..she took it herself”..And then it was my turn to laugh and laugh…and a confused SD asked me,what was so funny? I asked him to ask Babs where she got the water from??
And the look on his face,when she told him,PRICELESS!!
Luckily for him,she is a clean freak and helped herself to the water from the bathroom tap and not from the toilet bowl!!LOL!
BTW, to give credit to SD,there was no screaming or anything,if anything,he took it in his stride and just gulped and said,”oh well,anything for my princess”.. Needless to say,he doesn’t like playing tea-party anymore!!LOL! LOL!!


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