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Babushka talks :)

I know .. most of you come here to read about Babushka:) So,I figured its time for another one of Babushka posts.
Babushka has an opinion about everything and not just random opinions..but she actually thinks things through.
Like last night,she just wouldn’t fall asleep..I tucked her in,lay in her bed and slipped out,after she fell asleep.. and within half an hour she woke up crying..this happened two more times and finally,I asked her to move to my bed. And what do you know?She slept through the night,after that.. even if I went to bed,after nearly 2 hours!!
So this morning,I asked her,’Oh Babs,what will you do when I go to the hospital?’ and very confidently she answered,’Oh Mamu can take me to Ms.Donalds’..My cousin in moving to Melbourne this weekend and so,we are all super excited about him coming.Then I asked her, who would put her to sleep,feed her,bathe her,dress her..and she systematically answered Papa for everything..except for combing her hair,because,Papa’s can’t comb hair..only Mommies can!
I asked her what will you guys do for food?Eat out or cook? And she said,Well Papa can make khichdi or rice..LOL! yeah she knows that in the last few months,whenever Mumma’s not well,Papa comes home and makes Khichdi..:D
She has names picked for the baby..and No,I am not allowed to tell anyone! ‘Because,its a secret!’
She is just so understanding about the whole thing,it breaks my heart and makes me proud at the same time.. Everytime,I double up in pain,because of my torn muscle,she comes and rubs my back.
Last few days,I have been having painful contractions and when that happens,the muscle and the contraction,both together,make me stop and brace myself.. And she stops whatever she is doing and comes and hugs me,saying,’May be cuddles could make you feel better…’ if that doesn’t work.. she rubs my back,or hands or face,kisses me and says..’ there my kisses will make the hurt go away..’ Mostly,by then,I feel better.. 🙂 And say thank you.. and she is so happy.
She is soo soo eager to help.. even if she is tired and I ask her to give me a something from the bottom shelf,she pipes up,’one big bowl(or whatever it is I need) coming up,Mumma..Don’t you worry,I am right here!’
Babs and SD are getting closer..they plan things together,keep each other entertained..:) And every now and again,Babushka wants to call up her Papa to talk to him about something IMPORTANT!!
For his B’day,last week..we went present shopping,after I picked her up from school on Thursday evening. SD was going to pick us up. We went from one store to another and she didn’t like anything. I liked a sports watch that I thought would make a nice present..but she said no..and insisted we go to EB games..the place where SD buys his PS3 CDs from. And we waited there for SD.She refused to go home,till he didn’t go inside and pick up a gift. And she knew exactly what she wanted!!! A Power steering for his car racing games.Then she insisted we go get a cake.. from a cake shop,all the way over,2 suburbs away! And he did it!!!
SD has always been a no-fuss-on-my bday kinda guy..but he is no match against a determined 4 year old Babushka!! 🙂
I have so much more to write.. but I guess,I will stop here today :)More later.. till then,take care!

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Party Pics finally..

Sorry,it took me so long,but Babushka’s Easter Break is on..and you know,what that means,right? Crazy times!!Without further Ado:)
First,the goody bags 🙂 from Mommy’s craftroom.

Brown paper bags, assorted buttons( teacups,stars,butterflies,ladybirds,clouds,flowers,hearts),fancy knitting yarn,some paint,Red Marker to write names,some glue and paper punch..Ta..da.. Green goody bags.

The venue was an indoor-playcenter,so naturally,there was a lot of playing,jumping,bouncing..

And the mad scramble to go up the slide!!!

Ms.Babushka got upset,because Friend R and BFF A were playing together..(I never knew petty jealousies start so early!!) And so Friend R,being the sweetheart she is,was running after Babushka,dancing around her,trying to cheer her up:) Sweet,no?

Much Awaited Cake:)

It was three layers of chocolated mudcake with butterscotch filling and covered with green fondant,decorated with hand-made flowers,butterflies,mushrooms,edible glitter..Even before the cake was cut,everyone,started laying claims on which decoration bits,they wanted to eat!!! Oh and you can see bits of my new dress 🙂 and the little tum-tum:D

Tired after all the running around,but,still not ready to go home..

And finally the loot!

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Happy Birthday,baby!

My darling Babushka,
Happy birthday! Woww you are 4 today!!And for some reason,every few minutes my eyes well up…as I remember the ickle baby,who was placed in my arms,shortly before midnight on the 30th of march 2007.
You were born at 8:33 pm but it was more than 3 hours later,that I got to hold you.And just then,I knew,I was a changed person..My heart was forever lost to the little baby I held..:)
You have grown up so much in the last year,more so in the last few months..Your vocabulary is growing,your accent is changing and you are voicing your opinions even more than ever.Most of the times, you are the best company to hang out with.. except when you are tired or sleepy or just woken up.. and then you just don’t stop whining..that does have me near to tears most of the time.. but I have heard from my friends that your other 4 yo friends are no different.
You are the best mischief companion for both your daddy and me.. sometimes you team up with him and tease me.. both of you huddle on the couch,whispering naughties and then looking at me and pretend laughing.. on other times,you team up with me-especially when you want to wake up daddy…You nudge me,whisper,’Come lets tickle him;lets wake him up’ ..its the cutest thing ever.
You know,Baby, last year a little before you turned 3,you asked for a baby sister..yes you did… and all through most of the last year,you kept saying,that you know that your baby sister is in Mumma’s tummy. Every time you prayed,you asked for a baby sister and even when we went to Shirdi,you asked for a baby sister… And now,there is a baby in Mumma’s tummy… I am hoping its a sister for you..:) Coz you want a sister soo badly.. You fight with your daddy everytime,he says,may be it should be a boy…:)
Sweetheart, you are the best helper love hearing that..and you really are the best helper.You love working in the kitchen- you have graduated from empty bowls to scrapers..and peeling veggies,and even before I get a chance to cut the carrots or cucumbers,you have sampled them.
Baby,I know this year your life is going to change drastically- your much awaited baby will be here..Yes, you insist on calling it your baby..:) And you get mad if we call you a baby…but as I was saying,your much awaited baby will be here and things might get a little crazy.Mommy and Daddy might have unrealistic expectations from you or sometimes,you might have unreasonable demands.. but remember come what may,we love you..and will always love you a tad more,if not as much as the new baby… After all you are our first baby and will always remain so.
By the time,you read this,I am sure you will be 16 or so,chances are that mommy may not be your best friend..and you may not think,I am the best Mom as you do now, and so,I hope reading this,will tell you,just how much loved and cherished you are.Ohh but,sweetie,please don’t tell your bro/sis what I said about loving you more!!:)
I hope all your dreams come true..I hope you continue to be the smart,confident person you are..And I hope you continue to believe that mommy and daddy can do magic..

Love you with all my heart and more…

And I asked Daddy to write something for you.This is what he wanted to say:
Daughters are angels
Sent from above
To fill our heart
With unending love.
Happy 4th Birthday my baby,
Love Papa

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Last Sleep Before 4!

Babushka is super super super excited about her birthday!She had a hard time falling asleep too..:)All she wanted to do was talk about her BURDAY and then some! She has a list of people,who cannot wish her,who will not get any treats..who can wish her and who can get extra lollies-:) reminded me of the Vodaphone delights ad!
It was decided earlier,that we will go pick up her cake,after we pick her up from school,but now the Princess has decided,that its not cool.. She wants the cake ready at home,when she gets back..Better still,she wants us to bake it together..:) Lets see how that goes.
And she wants Mumma to help in her school,tomorrow..When I asked her,how about your special lunch? She got really upset and said,”No,Mummy,you need to help first,then come home and cook..”I asked her,should we just go out to eat?? And that was followed by a big tear-fest..
Ohh Well!Mummy,better get her act together and help out in school one of these days..
She got her presents from India- Her dadu-dadi’s parcel arrived last week and her Nanu-masi’s arrived today,and she still hasn’t stopped gushing over ther goodies.She wore one of the new dresses to school today and we already have another pretty dress lined up for tomorrow:) You know,we do not buy her party clothes on her birthday anymore..:) She gets a big loot by courier..we just end up buying essential-play wear,school wear,shoes,etc.
SD and I had planned not to buy her anymore toys,until after her party,because,we are seriously running out of space to keep her toys.So,when she asked me,at bed-time,what we are giving her as a gift-I asked her what she wanted?She said,she wanted a Dora cake and a Dora hat.And she wants that to be her gift 🙂 So, tomorrow,after we drop her off at school,we go on a Dora-hat hunt!
OMG!OMG!I cannot believe that my ickle baby is turning four..She is looking bigger,talking like a big person..OMG!!Somebody pinch me,so that I know its not a dream!

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4 in 4!

Babushka’s b’day is coming up. In 4 days,she will turn 4!
The celebrations this year are mostly outsourced and I can’t stop feeling guilty about it.
She’ll be in school that day and her school has a policy against home-made stuff.. So,I am thinking of ordering a mini donut-tower from dunkin donuts-either that or just cadbury Freddos,that she can hand out at the end of the day.
As for the birthday party,this year we booked a party hall in an indoor play center. I would have loved to have an outdoor-park party,but the weather here is crazy this time of the year.
I sent out e-invitations from here and for the two invitations,to be handed out in her Kinder,SD just got a print of the e-invitation and I stuck it on a blank card.

This has to got to be the simplest,most basic invitation,I ever made.Heck!Its plain even when I compare it to the ones made by a 10-year old me..
Anyway, the cake has been outsourced too..Outsourcing the cake was the hardest for me.. Babushka and I started planning the cake,right after her third birthday party was over…I am not kidding you…I thought and thought and finally with a heavy heart contacted a local cake decorator.. And I was amazed by her enthusiasm..Looking forward to the final cake… I have been baking more and more to get over the guilt..but,I figured, BAbushka would rather have a happy,relaxed mother v/s one doubling over with sciatica or back ache..tired and grumpy.
The food again has been ordered at the party place,for the same reason.
The only thing I need to take care of is the Loot bags.. And I am planning to go all crazy with those! 🙂
Gosh!I can’t believe my little girl is turning 4!