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The weekend that was

Last week our weekend arrived a little early…or should I say we got into the weekend mood a little early.
Thursday morning,we woke up to an irritated Aadya and realised that she is teething.She refused to let go of mommy..and by evening, we had a very fussy Aadya,a near starving Mumma and a confused Papa. Looking at my tired face,Sanj offered to take me out of dinner..and my face lit up.”Enchiladas” I thought and he guessed it,looking at the faint smile on my lips. So, we set off to look for a nice Mexican restaurant.We just drove off on a road, less travelled by us and saw this restaurant called “La Hacienda Ranch”.It had a very rustic look from the outside and I almost didn’t want to go inside..It just looked like a deserted inn in the middle of nowhere…and I was sure to find it full of drunks and truckers. But as we slowly circled around the parking lot,we saw a couple of families and decided to try it.
As soon as we opened the door, we were greeted by a huge BEAR! A stuffed full-sized bear was placed exactly opposite the door. And looking at that magnificent animal,Aadya refused to enter..We finally coaxed her in and stepped into the actual restaurant. A beautiful hostess in a white shirt.blue jeans and cowboy boots and hats showed us to our table and then,began a wonderful experience . We each ordered for drinks and munched on the chips and Salsa,waiting for our server. If the outside was rustic, the inside was even more rustic..There were lanterns hung by the windows.The tables were covered with plastic cow-skin print table covers. The actual restaurant was kind of like a log cabin.The bar was adorned with rifles and antler heads and there was also a cute log bench,to rest your butt on.
The food arrived in big china plates and the portions were sumptuous. While we were chomping on our food,some one on the next table ordered Guacamole and the waitress made it fresh for them,right in front of their eyes..I thought that was pretty cool.I ordered an Enchilada for Aadya too and she finished it. So, now I am looking for Enchilada recipe.
Half way through the meal,Aadya tried to grab food from my plate-when I said No, she reached for Sanj’s drink..I said No again and she got angry,refused to look at me for a long time.I tried the same trick,but she knows how to take mumma’s heart and turn it to mush..When I pretended to not look at her,she pulled my hand and kissed it silly.I gave up!!
On our way out, we saw that that outside,there were bags filled with water hanging..I think for thirsty travellers or their horses,like in olden days. All in all it was a great experience..I only wish I had my camera..but may be taking some pictures is just the right excuse to go back there!
Friday night was spent bowling.We went bowling after almost 2 years.The last time,we went bowling was 2 days before we found out I am pregnant..and then,we never got a chance to go.Another couple and their two year old,Aashi joined us. Aadya decided she really liked Aashi and wanted to kiss her..ON HER LIPS! Aashi tried to point at her cheeks to tell Aadya to kiss there.. but she just wanted to kiss her friend on the lips,much to our amusement and Sanj’s dismay.We had fun bowling and Aadya had fun..running away,patting strange men on their bare knees,embarrassing us,dancing on the table and lifting her shirt…Sanj shot me such looks..like “Where is she learning all this from?”..Oh well..At least we will be prepared for much worse when she turns into a teenager.
Saturday was relaxing…I went for a much needed Mani-pedi TLC session with two Girl-friends and boy! was it fun! This is a Chinese place and they do amazing hot-stone massages..I came back rested and relaxed,only to stuff my toe,on the way in the door. The darn thing started bleeding and is now swollen like a raisin in water..and it hurts like hell.Oh and before leaving from the nail spa,I fell down..I tried sitting on a chair and it moved and I landed rather ungracefully on my butt. Anyway,coming back to the toe..SAnj cleaned and band-aided it and then,I went outside to the balcony to get something and opened the balcony door without looking and It came right on my other foot,scratching it and that started bleeding.And the cherry on top,I was closing a drawer and my finger got caught in it..Yeah,Ok..I know..someone had hexed a curse!!!Wonder who?
Sunday was nice..We went to a splash park, first thing in the morning..Aadya had a blast,running through the water fountains .She tried to drink it directly by putting her face right on top of it and opening her mouth wide..She did take some time getting warmed up..she was surprised to see so much water and didn’t know what to do..And then the unthinkable happened.Sanj got in the water.I say, unthinkable..because this is the guy,who doesn’t like the beach..he avoids getting wet..as much as he can.. but he really wanted Aadya to get in there and enjoy…and sure enough,seeing daddy there,she sauntered in too..and refused to leave later.Go on tell me..He is sweet!!
Then we went to have brunch at Panera and came home to enjoy the sweet afternoon siesta.It was a nice relaxed weekend 🙂
OK now your turn, tell me how was your weekend?

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Waking up…..

….Is so much fun when you have a little monkey chattering away to herself,jumping on your bed.That’s how we wake up every morning these days.

Aadya wakes up and keeps playing by herself,talking to herself, non-stop.Then she realises we are still sleeping and starts bouncing on the bed, hugging her dad and then me. Slowly open one eye and she is so happy,she falls on me and hugs me.Sometimes even brushing my hair gently off my face!If her dad has his back towards her,she climbs up on him,and peeks at his face,over his shoulders,gently patting his face till he doesnt wake up.One by one,we wake and say “Good morning” to her and she is so happy to have achieved what she wanted.


Every morning Papa is Aadya’s most favorite person.The moment he comes out the bedroom dressed in his office formals,Aadya starts getting restless and demands to be picked up..by her Papa. If I am feeding her breakfast,she refuses to open her mouth,just keeps looking for her dad,till he doesn’t come and sit in front of her.She continues clinging to him till he doesnt say bye-bye at the door,which she waves till he doesnt disappear from her line of sight.

DH kisses her goodbye and she air-kisses him .Then he kisses me good-bye and she watches this with so much interest..blowing kisses in the air .Our exchanged kisses are followed by smacking sounds made by little missy!

I was putting Aadya to sleep and DH was doing some work. A little while later,I heard loud voices-some strange men were talking.It felt like they were in my own living room. But then,I remembered,the walls here are so thin..may be its the neighbours.The voices kept getting louder and more agressive.Now,I was sure,something was wrong.May be the neighbours were having a dispute..or were there Cops next door?I HATE this apartment complex. Absolutely hate it. And having recently read Bad Bad reviews, my super-active imagination took over and I was sure it was cops.May be it was a drug-deal gone bad..Oh if only,Aadya would sleep,then I could sneak out and eavesdrop by the door. Anyway,Aadya decided it was not cool to sleep with so much happenning and started crying and screaming.Oh No! Not a good idea to attract attention.I ran to the den to alert DH and what do I see?

DH was on a conference call and the speaker phone is ON! And all those strange men were actually talking in MY OWN apartment! …. Now I am going to hide my face under a pillow and sleep till …humpfff till I am old and grey!

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We are back…

and jet-lagged,happy, tired,home-sick,happy to be home…all at once. Our impulsive trip came to a end a little too soon but all in all we had a fun time.The only bummer was that DH was working,so he was there with us only on weekends.

First half of our vacation was spent at the ILs..some days were good,some days,the lesser spoken about,the better.But this time we had our very own energiser bunny to keep our spirits high-Princess Aadya. With her around,there was never a dull moment. And she also provided us with ample opportunities to get out of arguments. (Heehahahawhaw)

While at the ILs, we got a tour of the famous InOrbits mall.I had heard a lot about this one,primarily because a dear friend was involved in the architects team. And then ,the frequent mentions by the lovely lady, Kiran Heck I had plans of meeting her there..but no such luck..meeting someone with ILs in tow..so not-cool and travelling 3 hours alone with a baby,ugh..too tiresome.Sorry Kiran,I couldnt even call you..forgive me?please,pretty please?

Between meeting ILs friends and relatives and attending a cousin’s wedding and being jet-lagged and caring for a sick baby,by the time I reached my dad’s place,I was ready for some rest and relaxation. And thats exactly what I did.

As I mentioned in my previous post,my aunt and grandma arrived at my dad’s the same day that I reached there.And my sister had managed to line up a traditional maalish-wali( a masseuse) and she arrived everyday, not so promptly anywhere between 9.30 to 12.00!!! But we were not running on any schedule,so it was fine.Whenever she arrived, I would hand the baby over to my aunt and happily saunter over to my room to slathered with oil! The massage finished,I would enjoy a nice hot cuppa chai,made by someone else and play with Aadya. There were way too many eager pairs of arms to hold her, and while she enjoyed all the attention, her stranger anxiety suddenly was at its peak.She would play happily with anyone and everyone,as long as I was sitting in front of her! If I even got to get a drink of water or go to the loo,she would start crying. So,I would have 10 voices asking me to hurry up,as they didnt want to see Princess Aadya cry. And then as soon as I would pick her up,she would be all smiles,ready to play with the others!

Though the trip was short,we managed to eat at most of our favorite eateries and also shopped quiet a bit, attended a couple of parties and weddings too!
We even managed to pack in an adventure-packed trip to Shirdi-I say adventurous,because like everything else,this was also a last minute thing and somehow,about 10 of us piled into a Tavera and headed off to Shirdi. The driver decided to take us there by a scenic route, and ended up making most of us sick and not to mention,spoiling the rest of our plans.The plan was to go to Devlali,my grandma’s place- kind of like take Aadya visiting there,feast at our favorite chat-wallah and then head off to Shirdi. But,we got lost and finally ended up on the road to Shirdi and reached Shirdi a good 7 hours later.Luckily our darshan and pooja was wonderful and that itself made the whole trip worth it.

When we arrived in Shirdi,the evening Aarti had just started.Coincedently, two years back,when I had gone to Shirdi with my dad, even that time,we had arrived at the temple premises just when the afternoon aarti was starting.Just that co-incidence made me cheerful,after the long journey. We watched the entire aarti on television,while waited in the queue and then got to leisurely feast our eyes on BABA.Something strange happened while we were there. My aunt asked the priests to bless the baby and they did. Infact,they were giving an orange color scraf with “Om Sai Ram” written on it to all babies there. So, they gave one to Aadya too. And happy and satisfied with that, we were about to step away ,when one of the gaurds asked us to wait on the side for a moment. And then, as if in a dream,he came back with a garland and some Tulsi strands and handed it to us,without a word,just a smile on his lips. Why he chose us, in that big gathering,I do not know..but it just made me feel very happy and blessed. For that very reason,this impromptu trip to Shirdi,will always be special to me. Moreover it was our first trip there, together as a family.

On this happy note,I stop here.. lots more coming up soon.

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Hello from the other side

YAyyyyy we are in India. DH had some official work and we tagged along..it was a very last minute plan,I hardly got a week to shop and pack.. but finally we are here. We arrived on Dec 28th and after spending the first half of the vacation at ILs place, we are finally at my dad’s. DH is working in Bangalore but we are getting spoilt rotten.
Aadya’s first plane ride was fine and thankfully, our whole journey went off smoothly. Knock on the wood..and now I hope the return journey is equally comfortable too. I was worried about her getting an ear-ache or her being fussy- she was a little bored by being confined and the bassinet was a good help when she was sleeping.But it was just right for her,then and as soon as she woke up she would sit up straight in the bassinet.She stayed up most of the journey though, cooing and babbling with co-passengers.
Our first leg of the journey ended at Frankfurt. And we were really excited to see the airport.But we were in a big disappointment. I mean,it didn’t look like an international airport at all! There were hardly any waiting lounges, people was sprawled on the floor,for lack of chairs. There were a few food carts here and there.. and a couple big restaurants and some duty-free stores. but overall the impression that I got was of chaos. everything was so disorganised.There was a nursing room.And it was nothing but a closet with a wash basin.. not even a chair.I rested my butt on the small ledge and tried to nursed Aadya.. Both of us ended up frustrated. Luckily I found a chair somewhere on the upper level and then, we nursed happily.
Soon it was time to board our next flight and the chaos that met us at the security point was crazy.. there was absolutely no queue in place and all that was there was a mob. Anyway, we arrived in Mumbai at around 1.30 am on 28th Dec.
Balancing the luggage and Aadya,we came out and were immediately engulfed in hugs and Aadya was promptly snatched away. Her Masi was the first to come and hold her.I was waiting for the familiar pout and tears to come. But instead I was pleasantly surprised when she rested her head on Masi’s shoulder and smiled. Then everyone- my masi, my cousin, all 3 of Aadya’s grandparents took turns holding her..and she happily enjoyed all the attention.My masi and Aadya’s two masi’s joked around and decided the distance for which each one would hold Aadya so as to share her time with them equally! Soon it was time to say bye to Masis and Nanu and Aani( my masi) and we got in the car with Dadu-dadi to head off to their place.
We attended a wedding, 2-3 parties, met so many people and most of the time,Aadya has been a happy camper except when she is really hungry or sleepy.
Now,we are my dad’s and I am getting my dose of pampering while Aani and Masi take care of Aadya. Today for the first since Aadya’s birth,I told my aunt- Please put Aadya to sleep,I want to chat with DH! It feels so weird being just a spectator when Aani is putting aadya to sleep or giving her a bath ..but this is what I was looking forward too na? Somehow,my arms feel empty when I am not holding Aadya..but then,it was so nice to chat with him like old days!LOL
For now,I am off to a 25th wedding anniversary party and Aadya has a bad cold..so we’ll probably make a quick exit,but its just so nice to be surrounded by loved ones.
Thanks for checking on us everyone..I wanted to post before leaving but was just too tied up!
OH and
Wish you all a very Happy New Year!

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4 years and counting..

December 20th 2007

It’s our 4th wedding anniversary today and if I look back I can say all in all we have had 4 very enjoyable years- with a fair share of ups and downs. While we have had our bickering..almost every day,we made up almost every single time before going to bed.

Last year this time, we were waiting for our baby’s arrival and today celebrating our anniversary with her, just was a special experience. Yesterday I took Aadya to the mall and we picked up some greeting cards and a gift for DH. I am big on cards with “just right” words and luckily for me every year I manage to find just the right greeting. This year I found two such..Before I write those words,I have to tell you this- Since the last few days there have been major fights in our household. For no apparent reason,one of us would blow our top and then keep fuming. So much that we didn’t even feel inclined to make up! And I was in no mood to celebrate the anniversary. Anyway,so we fought on the weekend,then patched up..then again on Monday and I refused to talk. The sweet guy that he is,came home early and took me to the mall. I was being a super B**** and refused to walk with him! he still walked along side by side..Sometime later..I dunno when or how,I found myself reaching for his hand and we came home happy.

sometime later I remembered that I was angry and reminded him half-heartedly and he very sportingly told me he knew I was still upset! Upset! My foot! I don’t even remember now, why we were fighting ..This is what happened last year and neither one of us remembers the reason for that fight too!Are you beginning to see a pattern here?I mean other than the fact that I am the mean one? That we fight..but the important thing is we remember how we made up! And I think that’s what makes him so special..that’s what makes us work! *Knock on the wood*

Here are the words from my “just perfect”card-

We just knew

We knew

what we wanted
and it was more
than just each other
it was a way
of being together.

We decided to take the best

of what our parents gave us
and leave the worst behind.

We listened to what our friends

had to say,but let a lot of it slide

And we vowed,among other things,

never to take each other for granted,
because we knew love like this
doesn’t come to everyone….

And we knew that if we just

remembered how lucky we are
to have each other,everything else
would work out all right.

And it has.

It has,hasn’t it?

Here’s hoping we have many more happy years together .
And while I was still at Hallmark’s,I came across the cutest card ever and I just had to pick it up.It reads-

Mom and dad,

Hope your anniversary is as happy as can be!

And thanks,’cause if it weren’t for you..

there wouldn’t be a ME!

And the back cover reads- Am I thoughtful or what?!!

We went out for a lovely dinner at a kid-friendly Mediterranean grill called Fadi’s Mediterranean Grill. Oh well, candle light dinners are out..Anyone offering their baby-sitting services?
Normally,I would spend my anniversary day,pampering myself-you know home facial and painting nails..and the likes,this year just changed diapers. but, here’s the big deal-
DH got me an 8 GB Apple iPod nano !Thanks Honey!
I am glad I married you- iPod or not!
All in all a great day!! Oh! and thanks for all the wishes everyone.
Edited to add- This post was started yesterday and it was going to be really mushy.Then,Aadya woke up and I got side-tracked and lost my chain of thoughts,so for now this will be it.

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7 month update-Part II

I stopped writing yesterday,because the post was getting too long and I really wanted to post it before I got called away for midnight feeding duty. But there is still so much more,that I have to share.

For starters,Aadya pulled herself to a kneeling position on Sunday,October 28th.I made a mental note,to never leave her in the crib with the railing down. DH was busy taking pictures and little Missy fell down. But this time, the railing was already up and she couldn’t get up! Ha Ha I thought to myself,I can still keep her in the crib,with the railing up. And just then,very effortlessly, she grabbed the railing and stood up.. Just like that!! And since then, No leaving her sitting in the crib!

OK, Now, haven’t I told you how Aadya has this tradition of achieving milestones-big or small, around and ON the day of her monthly birthday? So, how could she disappoint us this month.And before you read further,I have to tell you-Blinking is strictly not allowed in Aadyaland. Why, you ask? Well, because I looked away for 2 minutes and my daughter sat up!!! Yes!! She was lying down and the next minute I see her sitting up! Now how cool is that! Yesterday,I put Aadya on the floor- I reorganised the furniture on Monday,so that she has all the space to crawl! There are still some pieces missing,once the living room is completely set up,I will post pictures. So,not digressing..Aadya was on the floor,crawling..exploring and enjoying her new found mobility. I was happy and was finishing up some work,in the dining area. DH came home and I took that moment to turn on the computer. And I check on Aadya and what do I see-She is sitting up!! I asked DH..did you help her..DH,keeping up with the Halloween spirit, says,yeah I am a ghost with long stretching arms. Well he did have a point – he was standing at the far far end,watching her. Wish he had grabbed the Handy cam! So, she had managed to do it all on her own. “On Her Own”reminds me of Parul -Girl you are so funny!

Speaking of funny,Aadya is no less. She loves to pat everything these days. Yeah, I know they all do. Read on- I had just finished nursing Aadya and was just buttoning up and suddenly grubby little hand goes pat-pat. yeah she patted my boobs. I looked at her and she looked up at me and grinned broadly,patted again as if to say “good job”! Mad Momma,here’s your chance to get even !

“Good Job” and “Good Girl” are two phrases that make Aadya very happy. Sometimes,saying that makes her open her mouth wide and so,I can put in the next spoonful of her cereal. So far, she doesn’t like anything tangy-so, baby foods-apple&peach are out. Now, we tried peach first and she didn’t like it.The next thing we tried was squash.Both of these are yellow in color. And she recognises that. So, she just doesn’t open her mouth for the first spoonful.Then slowly I put a little dash on her lips,she licks it and then decides OK this is not that yucky thing.. so I can eat it! And when she likes something,every spoonful is answered by a happy ummmmmmmmmmmm. If she doesn’t like something,it gets spat back!

And how can I forget the hugs and kisses-there is no dearth of those here in Aadyaland.In fact we are baby-handled so often,that at at given time,atleast one of us is walking with tousled hair. Oh and guess what is the new safety object? Mamma’s hair-conveniently cut,just the right length for Aadya to grab at.Now, When she is crying, when she is cuddling,when she wakes up, when she is sleepy.. the first thing that that light hand reaches for is Mamma’s hair. Though when the play gets rough,its a pain, but it does make me feel happy secretly!There is so much more I wanted to write,but now I cant seem to keep my thoughts together and will stop here.

So, you can see it has been an interesting month..Pictures will follow shortly..:)

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7 month update-Part I

Aadya turns 7 months old today and she is getting naughtier and naughtier and some more. She is constantly babbling now.Her favorite words are Papa..pa.babbaba,mammamma,naaa,nammana,gaah,kaaah.When I am rocking her to sleep,she is talking or babbling.Till a few weeks back,she would just be singing aaaaa. She knows who her Papa is –Every time we ask her -Where is Papa? She looks at him. If she is already looking at him,she points at him with a slight lift of her chin. Ask her Where is Mamma? and all you get is blank looks. So, guess who is walking around with a big head,these days?

Finally,she has figured out how to crawl forward and not backwards.She crawled forward for the first time on Saturday(Oct 27th) and since then she has been going forward. While crawling seems like lot of fun and she is now enjoying her new mobility,still when she has crawled enough and she is bored,guess who gets to build some muscles?Mamma!

As soon as Aadya spots Mamma,she stretches her arms and starts cooing ..no no correction,not just cooing,calling out to mamma. And all hell breaks loose if Mamma is late in picking her up.Most days,its so bad that this little Missy doesn’t want to sit down at all..Well,No,she does sit down,as long as I am sitting down with her. If I get up to grab a glass of water or something,the crying starts,complete with big fat tears rolling down the cheeks.

Her latest favorite toy is Mamma’s cell phone-that and anything and everything Mamma touches. Picture this-Aadya sitting on her play mat,playing with some random toy.Seeing her busy,Mamma sneaks off to get her book and a bottle of water. Suddenly Aadya looks up,sees her leaving and starts screaming. Mamma grabs the nearest empty bottle of water(yeah we have lots of bottles) and throws it on the play-mat. Aadya leaves the random toy and grabs the bottle. Mamma comes back and sits down with her bottle and book.Now Aadya wants the book..so she scrambles over,climbs all over mamma,trying to grab the book.Mamma keeps the book aside,distracts Aadya with her toys.Attention diverted,Mamma drinks some water-Now Aadya wants the bottle…and so it continues!

Aadya think “No” is a joke.All Mamma has to say is No! and Aadya starts giggling.If Mamma gets angry,Aadya giggles more! Now,every time Papa calls,Aadya has to talk to him. And all his questions are answered with a beautiful chuckle and big smiles.If he could see those,he would be working from home all days.Masi’s web-calls are also happily answered now..big smiles and lots of babbling.

This month has been really eventful and there are so many new skills that Aadya has learnt and mastered. And there are so many naughty things that I have to share with you,that this update will run into a second part. For now,I will just say-

Happy 7th Month,Baby! Love you!

To be continued

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Happy Father’s day to Aadya’s Papa

Its DH’s first Father’s Day and I had been thinking about doing a special post for him…First I thought I would a do a post with all his favorite pictures- of Aadya and Of Him and Aadya together..Then I thought I’ll write a letter to him from his precious Princess.. And then it struck me why not write a note to him telling him how I feel of his new role..So, here I am pouring my heart out to the newest DAD in my life…..

Hey Sweetheart,

Happy Father’s Day to you!

This year,on your first official dad’s day… I just want to tell you how happy I am that you are my daughter’s dad. When I first met you,the one of the many things that I liked about you was that you were so involved in your family- How you always took the time to accompany your parents to their social obligations,I had not seen that in guys our age..and so it just touched my heart.. earned you a special place there 🙂
When we were dating, I was the one going gaga over babies and you… well, instead of freaking out and running away from commitment, just smiled and indulged me.. taking me baby shopping, any time you had to pick up gifts for your cousins or friends kids 🙂 And the way you would pay attention to detail and to each child’s likes and dislikes.. just warmed up my heart a little more…in fact a lot more.
On the day of our engagement , when I introduced you to one of my nephews as “Uncle”, the way your eyes widened,I was a little worried about how my plan of “house full of babies” would work..But instantly, you recovered and happily took up your new role as “Uncle”, clowning around with my naughty nephews and nieces.Who does that on their engagement day.. ? That day I thanked you by getting annoyed.. but today I want to say..”Thank You”.I loved you even more from that instant.
When we got married and started talking about babies..you would just smile and not say much.. making me think.. if you are really ready? And then, we were left holding Baby Tuktuk,when her parents missed the train and I saw you comfort that scared baby. The way you kept your cool in front of that screaming baby.. and all I could do was just watch you in amazement.That moment I knew..that I may not be as ready as I think I am but You are definitely ready to have a baby.
When we were trying to get pregnant, and I would get disappointed and depressed with every negative pregnancy test,you kept me going. When I was ready to give up, you were the one who told me ,its going to happen. Last Mother’s Day, when I was so raw and emotional,you brought me a cake and a plant as a mother’s day gift…That beautiful plant with its cute purple butterfly.. is by far the best gift you ever gave me.. For that told me how much you love me.. and also made me hopeful all over again. Could that be a reason for Aadya’s fetish with Purple Butterflies? Coz I did get pregnant in the very next cycle.
The way you hugged me when the doctor told us about my positive pregnancy test and how you took care of me and our unborn baby for the next 9 months was amazing…. I never expected you to just take charge of the house as if you had been doing it all your life.. those special cups of tea that greeted me as soon as I walked out of the bedroom.. were my special treats.. and not to forget the foot-rubs, that I shamelessly asked you for,no matter how tired you were 🙂 Driving out to god knows Where all, just to look for the perfect flavor of ice cream or just the right tamarind Chutney or yummm Thai TOMYUM soup just because “The Baby wants it”
I collected all the baby books and pregnancy books,You read them.. and cross checked on the Internet..while all I did was “Be Pregnant”!
When I got gestational diabetes, you so selflessly gave up eating sweets, your favorite treats.. I know even I cant do it so effortlessly *Blush*

When you got lost in wonder looking at Aadya, when she first saw the lights of the world and how you held her for the first time, forgetting everyone including me what I saw in your eyes was pure joy! And watching you both together,was just so so sweet… What was funny was that the nurse had to nudge you 3 times before you finally let go of your precious bundle.. only to follow her to the nursery.. Now, when I think of those moments,my eyes water up and a fond smile plays on my lips.. and when I watch you sleeping peacefully with Aadya lying happily in the crook of your arm,I feel so so blessed.

When I watch you with Aadya,I know things will just get better and better .. you will just get more and more involved.. be a part of her life today and always..Whether you are sleeping with her, rocking her, blowing raspberries on her tummy or just changing her diaper.. all I see is love!! I know you are a great dad and will just keep getting better and better..:)

When you say thank-you to me every single day for this Precious Gift ,Aadya..I just smile.. cause I know..she is as much your gift to me , as mine to you.. And I also want to just tell you Thank-you for all the love, joy and happiness you have brought to my life.. 🙂

As I end this note,All I want to tell you is… Be healthy ,my love.. for there are so many more wonderful days awaiting us… so many beautiful father’s days when Aadya would be a more involved participant of the celebration rather than just being a cuddler ( though I know thats all you need right now..)So, sweetie, take care of yourself.. be healthy..beat the diabetes.. For me and For Aadya

Happy Father’s Day,My Darling!!

I just read this today-

“Its so much easier to become a father than to be one”<somewhere

-Kent Nerburn

And I know.. this is just perfect for you…because you were a father in your mind and heart even before you became one.

Love you loads,today and Always