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Its Happy to you burday,Pooh Bear Ka

I have been asked to bake a cake and blow some some balloons..Since”its Happy to you burday,Pooh Bear Ka”
Pooh Bear has been sung to,so many times since morning.It has been cuddled and kissed too.In case,you are wondering why this special honour was bestowed on it?Well,a little baby came visiting today and Mamma asked Aadi to share her Pooh Bear with him.And then,started the whole story –
“Mamma,Pooh Bear Wants Aadi..”No going Baby paas”.I cajoled,its ok Baby,you can share with the little Baby.
She ran inside and brought out 2 other toys,but hung onto Pooh Bear.On asked ,this is the reason she shared.”Its happy to you Burday,Pooh Bear ka.”
Normally she is quiet friendly with babies.But today,when I picked up our little guest,she wasn’t too happy..Her reactions ranged from,repeating sweet nothings to the baby,to clinging to me,saying,”Myyy Mamma” loud and clear for neighbours ,two doors down to finally muttering,”isko dedo waapas”(Give the baby back)..When I handed the baby back to his grandma,he was showered with kisses,called a Fweetie(sweetie).
Now,I know why I didnt find it funny/cute,when Shahid said fmart for smart..My ownFweetie sweetie has been saying it for months now.
As for the picture in the post,its one of my favorite pics.We had gone to the city,with the ILs and Aadi saw the sea-gulls.She wanted to play with “Mashakali” and started walking along with them,chasing them.I was watching ,reminding her to stay off the road.And next thing I hear is a little voice saying,”No No Mashakali,No going road” “aao mashakali,come to Aadya” Though baby banter,it was music to my mommy ears:)
Anyway,you have a nice day,while we go and celebrate Pooh Bear’s Happy to you Burday!


12 thoughts on “Its Happy to you burday,Pooh Bear Ka

  1. Aww… sweet. Mashkali & Pooh Bear & all.
    & u know what I’ve had the name Aadya floating around my mind for a long time if I have a Baby Girl. It even matches a my son’s name- Ansh & Aadya.


  2. Hello. First time here… Love her name, Aadya. How old is she? Hoping she is the same age as mine, then it would be so fun reading about them. Anyways, am gonna read your other posts now.


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