The 2nd Birthday party.

I was talking to a friend,who’s daughter is turning two and we were discussing parties.After we hung up,I checked the blog,to read about Aadi’s 2nd birthday party and I didn’t find anything.I realised,I never got around to writing about it.I am always big on party planning..and so,I think its a good idea to write down the details..for that day,when I lack the enthusiasm to plan another do.
Theme and decoration :
As with her first b’day party,we decided on a theme,based on her likes.At that time,she was in LOVE with Pooh Bear..Pooh Bear toys,pooh bear bottle,Pooh Bear table cloth,Pooh bear videos! So,we decided to have a Pooh Bear Themed birthday party.We looked for Pooh bear themed decorations and cake,but didn’t have much luck..except a birthday banner and a lone balloon.
The other thing that she liked then was Balloons.We couldn’t pass a counter selling balloons,without buying one for her.So,we decided to get balloons and loads of helium Balloons with long strings.And decided that was the only decoration that we used.DH wanted enough balloons to fill the room.

Cake :
The cake I was not entirely happy about.We chose a chocolate cake,in the shape of 2 and it had a picture of the Balloons.Originally I wanted a custom cake,with a little bit of Pooh,some balloons and something about the number 2.But,I didn’t find anything I liked..and we had just moved here..and my baking had gone haywire.So,we settled for the next best thing.The taste was alright..not,Out of this world like the first birthdays.And that cake came from a grocery store..this was a proper bakery.Anyway..It was a 2 shaped cake,vanilla with chocolate cream filling and vanilla cream on top and chocolate frosting on the side.

Games– There were 5 kids (age 2 to 4) and 3 babies. So,I didn’t really plan any games.I just pushed the furniture near the walls and spread some toys..which the younger kids and babies enjoyed.The older 2 just formed bunches of the balloons and ran with them.
Menu : It was a dinner party and the menu was-
Appetiser-Chips and Salsa; Veg Spring rolls.
Main Course-Veg Manchurian,Chole,Chicken Curry,Boondi Raita,Veg Pulav,Roti.
Dessert-Fruit Custard.
I cooked everything,except the rotis at home and everyone loved it.The first dish to disappear was the Veg Manchurian.I had made so much of that,but in the end,I had to gracefully put the empty bowl away.

Return Gift– It doesnt matter how tiny your guests are ..their eyes light up,at the sight of the return gift.Since we had a small number of kids,I bought individual gifts for everyone- the girls got a faux fur bags in pink or lavendar-the bags were filled with playdoh for the 4 year old and crayons for the 2 year olds. Boys got cars and crayons and the babies got a soft toy each.Each gift bag also had some candy,blow-outs(?) and a baby shrek,whose head danced..
And finally a picture of the gift table-

All in all, a good party.I wasnt too happy about the cake..and so this year,I plan on baking myself..FINGERS crossed!


Midnight surprise..

I tried to think of many clever titles for this..but,I couldn’t come up with anything,so I stuck to the simple and sweet..Sweet like the surprise ,I got at Midnight.
We had a long funfilled day..DH was away..yes cricket..but Friend S came over to spend the day with us..and Goofy Mamma and family came over for dinner. Dinner was so much fun..they are as laid back as us..and so a great time was had by all.We took the kids to the park,where BB and Aadi screamed the place down…actually no..squeal,is the right word.The squealing and the naughties,continued at home as well,while we chatted up a storm..and no there was no alcohol.
Goodbyes are always tearful,in Aadyaland.And there I should have got my first clue..but I didnt.Today DH suggested we go for a drive..(normally I suggest and he vetoes)..Anything to avoid the tantrums..we played along..told Aadi,we were going to follow BB’s car…MY FRIEND BB,she calls him.DH took a long time to come out-that should have been my second hint..I missed it again.We went for a drive..and she kept asking if I can see her friend BB’s car,till she fell asleep.
I wanted to come home too and blog.He just kept driving,missing one U-turn after another..saying he forgot..or some crap.3rd hint..missed it again!He was actually buying time,till midnight..Finally,we entered home at 12.15am..and this is what I saw..

Just when I was beginning to give up,the man manages to surprise me..how sweet is that.I think I am falling in love with him,all over again.
Happy Valentine’s Day,Sweetheart and Happy Valentine’s Day,everyone!

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The Ganpati weekend

It was a good weekend.It really was.

Saturday started off early,since Sanj had to take the car for servicing..and Aadi was sleeping.So,I had the house to myself.I actually lounged around-stretched out on the couch,without having to share it with someone,without someone climbing all over me,wanting to see Mui(aaduspeak for movie) on the laptop..Just me and my cup of tea and my laptop..Ahhhh bliss!

She woke up about half an hour before Sanj arrived..we finished her brekky and then,we went out for breakfast.Nothing fancy just Mc.Cafe around the corner.

We were invited to a dinner party,followed by surprise midnight cake cutting.That went quiet well too.The birthday boy quiet surprised by the whole decorated house and cake..The dinner was at his place and then the husbands(who had been coached earlier) decided to go for an impromptu drink.In the meantime,we decorated the place,brought the cake out..etc.We came home at around 2.00 AM.

The next day was Hartalika and Ganesh Chaturthi.

Hartalika has a magical meaning for me.Its memories date back to my childhood.I remember being very excited because Hartalika marked the beginning of festive season.

The story behind this day is-Parvati wanted to marry Lord Shiva.She had started thinking of him as her husband.But for some reason,her father was not in favor for the match and didnt want to ask Shiva.So,Parvati,went to the forest with a friend and started praying there.She continued her penance for years before Lord Shiva answered her prayers and appeared before her.

This is just from my memory..you can find more about Hartalika on Google.

So,my memories:)

Yes,my memories are of- Mom waking us up early.Then,after bath,we would go to collect different flowers and leaves from the garden.Atleast 5 types of flowers and 5 types of leaves.

By the time,we returned,mom would have set up the pooja.

The Pooja was then,decorated with these flowers and leaves and fruits.Mom would fast fast whole day,eating only an occasional fruit or drinking a cup of milk at night.
I always loved this fast..because there was a story to it.There is the fact that with determination you can achieve what you desire..and there is that fairy tale romance factor.
I realised yesterday that I have been fasting on this day for over 20 years now..:)I started when I was 7.

So,on Sunday,I finished the Pooja and then,started making Modaks.

And may I tell you,I got reconverted..I have been using frozen grated coconut for about 5 years now.But this year,I used fresh coconut..and the taste was wowwwwwwwwww.

So the Modaks were made and then we did the Aarti.And our own inhouse Ganpati,kept creepinginching towards the bowl containing modak.It was like her fingers were itching to pick up one and pop it in her mouth.The shine in her eyes,when I removed the lid of the modak bowl was priceless.

First time,we chided her gently,telling her,it was for Ganpati Bappa..and after we finished the Aarti,she could have one.

Ok she said with a sad face.Then,we started the Aarti and she slowly crawled towards the bowl again.We rang the bell in her face..She tried to climb her way up to Baba,asking him softly for one.Finally the Aartis ended..Thank Ganpati for small mercies.

The Modak was promptly handed over..a jig was done and the little Ganpati,took her precious treat to her favorite corner seat of the couch and dug in..asking for “some more” when that was done with.

Can I tell you how much it pleased my heart? 🙂

It was a nice celebration.I am glad Aadi is enjoying the festival and the Modaks as much as we do..

Ganpati Bappa Morya.
I leave you with a picture of the little Diva praying 🙂