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Life’s Simple Pleasures-2

Today at snack time,I was all out of fruit..well I had Kiwi and orange,but Aadi had already eaten orange in the morning and wasn’t in a mood for Kiwi.I asked her if she wanted a paratha..She said,if I wrap it,which is Aadya-speak for roll it.I said yes,and sprinkled some sugar on it and rolled it up.
I remembered a childhood treat of tup-saakhar -poli.Tup means Ghee in marathi,saakhar-Sugar and poli is chapati.
For a quick snack,mom would smear some home-made ghee on a chapati,sprinkle some sugar and make a roll and hand it to us on a plate.As we got older,the roll would be filled with some vegetable or omlette.I am sure,most of you,who grew up in India,must have had this snack with a similar filling.My dad still saves his last half chapati,to eat it this way..thats his simple dessert!
Coming back to the present..My American born,Australian raised daughter,loved it and even asked for seconds…I almost laughed thinking of all the people,who commented,about how she looks Indian..despite being born in Amrika!LOL!!DUH..she has Indian Genes na?If it wasn’t so irritating I would have laughed on their face.
Oh..and the roll was too tempting,I had one with my chai as well..without the sugar..Dunked it in my chai,the old-fahioned way..chewing in the salty paratha,with the sweetness of chai..aah bliss..
Oh and I just recieved my first guest post..will post it in the morning.
Ciao my lovelies..more later..


12 thoughts on “Life’s Simple Pleasures-2

  1. ya. such simple stuff makes kids so happy sometimes. Momo used to eat Dal/rasam rice etc, but after a few bouts of fallin ill, she stopped eating rice completely. then to coax her back, i started giving her Tup- meeth (ghee- salt) rice,like some maharashtrians do and voila she loves it. even now, there are days when she refuses dal and the trusted tup – meeth bhat is the saviour. also try saakhar roti- i mean put sugar in middle and roll it again n cook like a paratha. the caramelised sugar is yum. i just LOVE it.


    1. Ohh wowww… Aadi hogged the Saakhar roti/saakhar parotha..when we were in India..She calls it roti saakhar!LOL!
      I love the caramalised sugar too!


  2. i LOVE toop-sakhar -poli…!!! another identical thing mom used to make for me was take two slices of toast – buttered – add saay (cream) and milk and sugar… you could add choc to that if you so wish! i absolutely love it!!!
    dang! i miss my mommyy!!!!!!

    first guest post mhanje?


    1. Ohhh yeah..I remember saay wala variation..And another was fresh toasted bread with homemade white butter and Sugar!!I miss the granular sugar here!
      Hugs…mommy is back in India,I take it?
      And About the guest post,I emailed u last week..Lemme dig it up and resend.
      P.S. does this mean you are back to blogging?


  3. “people,who commented,about how she looks Indian..despite being born in Amrika!”
    Wow! There are some real morons out there isn’t it? I can’t imagine anyone being that stupid. 😛 You should have laughed on their face.

    Anything with ghee is yumm lady, how can it not be. My mouth is watering just at the thought of the tup-saakhar-poli. Oh! Its so good to be a kid with guilt free eating. 😉


    1. And even funnier was..Ohh yeh toh Hindi bhi bolti she is some kind of an exhibit..that one got my goat..and I said..Yes..she speaks,because we talk to her in Hindi! Idiots!
      Ohhh yeah anything with ghee is yummy..and woh bhi home-made ghee..yummoooooooooo..


  4. Sweet lil things make life worth living for sure 🙂
    I hv always hated sugar 😛 My husband hs it this way even today sometimes .. with ghee n sugar 🙂


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