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Of Angry mommies and Bedtime Stories

Every night,bedtime is the worse time of my day..I alternate between yelling at Aadi and feeling bad for yelling..DH is extremely busy,these days..(whats new?) and on most days dozes off before she does.But,before he dozes off,she asks him to tell her a story.Yesterday,even after the story,she was awake,tossing and turning,talking and singing,kicking the covers,throwing the pillow..2 whole hours had passed,since we came to the bedroom.I was at the fray ends of my nerves.I picked her up and threatened to take her outside.She started crying loudly,and something snapped..I just put her down on the bed..FORCEFULLY..with too much force.She kept crying more..And that made me realise my mistake.I immediately picked her up,rubbed her back..kissed her bum,and asked her,what was hurting,she said her cheeks and hands..I kissed them again and again..she was crying,I was in tears..I couldn’t thank God enough for the fact that she was alright..I kept getting rotten thoughts about shaken baby syndrome and the likes..and I got MAD at DH.She is a baby..but he should know better to give me a break..They both slept..and I couldnt sleep till 4 in the morning.The guilt just kept eating me from inside.
Today,right after dinner,we went for a drive and after we got back,told him,if he didn’t want his Princess to cry,then,he has to make sure,she sleeps before HE does. So,as soon as lights were off..she demanded a story.He obliged.Told her a long story about the Pandavas and how they were mischievious boys,who wouldn’t sleep..of monsters who fought them..and so on.At the end of the story,the Princess,kissed daddy and told him,
“Thank You daddy,that was a great story!”
We were both zapped..Daddy and princess are cuddled up now..HE is sleeping..she is talking..God Give me patience!

Edited to add: today,after 1 and half hour,I put her in her room..she cried her eyes out,said she was very sleepy,was quiet for 10 mins..then crying again..DH caved in,she came back to our bed..spent another half an hour chatting..while he slept..and my temper kept rising..finally she slept!
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She is but a baby…

…I need to remind myself.

Aadi is getting so advanced in most of the day-to-day things,that its easy to forget,that she is just a little girl,about to turn 3. And no I don’t mean it in the bragging way..I say it in the most matter-of-fact way.She understands our coded talks,she associates people and places,even if she has just met them once..
She started feeding herself,when she turned 10 months old.She was being fussy,when I was feeding her lunch and on her pediatrician’s advice,I started leaving the plate on her high-chair tray and she enjoyed eating on her own.Sometimes,now when she wants us to feed her,we get irritated..but then,realise,she is doing what a normal toddler would..and are grateful for the opportunity to baby her.
The reason for this post is something that happened today.I am trying to toilet-train her.She has been diaper-free for more than 6 months..both during the day and at night.But she still needs the diaper to go potty.I try to put her on the toilet almost every time,she asks for a diaper to go potty.Sometimes,I just give in,without a fight.The fact that she is going to start school once a week,next month..when she is going to be away from me,makes me want to hurry up with the last step of  toilet training.

yesterday again I put her on the toilet and she just had to go..but for some reason,she is scared of going potty in the toilet.She started crying..not the whining,not the tantrum..but real crying like her heart was breaking and she couldn’t help it.I relented and put the diaper on and told her that she could have the diaper,but she had to stay in the bathroom.That brought about a fresh round of tears. But,she stayed in the bathroom and she cried some more,and called me after she finished.

I kept thinking about it..She needs her privacy to do her big  job..she goes to an empty room and stays there till she is done.Or she hides in a corner of the living room,from where she can watch TV.I think it was being confined to a space not of her choice,is what made her upset.May be she likes the fact that she can choose,where to be and whom to keep out..But she likes this bathroom..Its nice and roomy..and when I say is.May be I should post a picture sometime.Anyway,she stayed in the bathroom,yesterday and I think something hit home.

Today,when she wanted to go potty,she asked me to take her to the toilet..on her own.I was surprised but,played cool.She sat on the toilet and tried to do her business.I mean she really tried..and then,looked at me and said,sadly,”I don’t know how to do it..Mommy,I am scared..” It broke my heart…It made me  feel like a parent who had let down her child,by expecting too much,unreasonably.I picked her up,hugged her and told her,I was proud of her,for trying and we could try again,tomorrow. And she was happy.I put the diaper ON and left her in the bathroom.This time she didn’t cry,just asked me,”Why do I have to be in the bathroom?”,with a childish pout,that we have come to associate with her questions. I told her..”Because you go potty in the bathroom..” and she accepted it..”Ok,Mom..”

She stayed in the bathroom and called me when she was finished.Alls well in Aadyaland..atleast till the next time we try toilet-training again..but I had to write this post,to remind myself to be patient ,to not push her before she is ready.

I had to write this post to remind myself that she is just a baby..and thats the way she should be….

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Its the long weekend and its raining.We are just having a lazy weekend.I woke up at 12.00*gasp* and the father-daughter duo,didn’t wake me up,even once..*double gasp*
When I walked out of the room,I saw them both sitting on the couch,watching cartoons and giggling.It was such a sweet sight…I walked up to cuddle them..and was greeted with-“Mom I am hungry!” hmm yeah..thats life.
Later,when it started to rain,Aadi was excited and wanted to dance in the rain..DH has normally refuses to go out and get wet.He is a little shy,what will people say types..but today,he was totally under his daughter’s spell and the reluctant father,even went did a jig in the rain with her. He tried to get her to play in the backyard..but no she insisted the front..Poor guy,obliged.Sweet,I think.
Watching them together..I remembered another incident-Last week when we had the medical appointment,Aadi was very happy that dad was home and we were going out,subah-subah.I fed her brekky and got her ready and she wanted to sit in the car.We still had to get dressed and eat our breakfast. When I came out of the room,dressed..Aadi was already in her car-seat,and DH was sitting with her and they were talking.I called him for breakfast.He came inside,filled a plate and went right back,out! I was like WTH? He just turned and told me,”Oh she wants me to sit with her and eat..” All my irritation could it not?
I leave you with a picture of the partners-in-crime..watching the new TV,excitedly.The TV is nearly 1 year old now.

Ohh if you are in a mood for baking,check out my other blog .Posted the cookies and bread recipes.

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Is it my Good day?

That’s what Aadi asks us,every evening.I don’t know,why…she started asking this to us,a couple of months back.I think we noticed the consistency,after I came back from India.
When we come home,after a day outside,she asks me/DH,”Is it my good day?”we thought/think she wants to know if she has been good…
Then yesterday,after we came back from the park,she asked again,”Is it my good day?”We said,”yes” and she replied,”Oh but I don’t like night-y.It is not my good night-y”I think she doesnt like night,because it means she has to sleep.
But,we have come to realise that,the Good day,means a lot to her.So,the day she sleeps without kicking a fuss,we tell her in the morning,”Its your good day.. you slept early”..She wakes up fresh and feels happy.I can tell from the first cuddle,that it going to be a good day.
We are trying to follow a routine,working out timings and sticking to it,on most days.I know that to establish a routine,consistency and patience are required but,at the end of a long day,they are the last things on your mind.
Here’s what I am trying to follow-
9.00-9.30 am- wake her up and cuddle time.
9.30 am- brush her teeth,followed by milk.
11.00 am-breakfast
1.30- lunch
3.00- nap time or rest time.She has to stay in the talking,I let her look at her books..but I dont read to her that time.If she is tired,she dozes off.
4.30 – snack
after snack-we have a craft session or gardening or she plays outside in the backyard,all this while I finish cooking.
6.30- Park or walk,depending on how busy the park is.
7.30-8.00- bath,followed by dinner.
between 8.30 and 9.00-We start bed time.
Somedays,are good days and some days are bad days..On good days,she is fast asleep in less than an hour..on bad days, she doesn’t sleep for hours..But,she is beginning to understand the routine and asks in advance,if after the walk,she is going to do Nai-Nai..or if after nai-nai and dinner,can she not sleep?LOL!
The cutest is..when I serve her dinner,after her bath,she asks,”can I please watch TV for sometime..and then,I will sleep.”
And today,she actually,told me,”Look Mom,its night-y..the moon is here,he is saying goodnight na”.
So,far I am happy..I still get frustrated..but I know we’ll get there.We cut down on our weekend outings..we let her stay up longer on saturday night,but made sure,we followed the same routine on Sunday evening.Yesterday she was up till 12.00.She was in bed,but just kept fussing.Today,after the first 45 minute,I told her,I dont want to talk..she chooses to either sleep or stay in the dark room.She kept whining..I sat with her,she still kept asking for light.I turned on the closet light and told her the next time,she whines,i’ll have to send her outside.Then,both DH and I kissed her g’nite and we went to the living room.We told her,we’d check on her if she kept quite.DH checked first time,she was still awake..I checked again,after 10 minutes,she was facing the wall. 20 minutes later,she was fast asleep. I feel bad for being strict ..and rude,with her..she is but a little girl..but I know,in the long run,it will do her and all of us,good.
Oh God,give me strength to stay firm,in front of her tearful face.
Oh God,Please let her go to sleep,without fuss,each night.And please fill her dreams with happy things and the moon and the stars.

Oh and speaking of stars,we tried to reward her with stars..on the calendar-for each tear-free day and for each tantrum-filled day,we’d mark a cross.Now,the little missy,marks a cross for her father,when he scolds her..or a star for him,when he comes home and takes her to the park.
Me?I get a star when she likes what I cook for her..somehow,my scoldings dont fetch me crosses..may be they dont bother her as much as her dad’s.Oh well..its alright I guess..

I am still trying to post,each day,even if NaBloPoMo is over..lets long it lasts.

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We finally gave in..

Aadi has been asking for this for more than a week now…we kept putting it off,telling her,we will get it when we go to Indian store.Today we went to the Indian store and she reminded us again..”Mummy,mera complank..” “Are you sure you are going to drink it?” “Yes,yes,Promise!!”,she said.
So,how could we say no..But there was no I picked up a bottle of Kid’s Horlicks.The bottle is so cute,she didn’t care what the name was.And good thing she can’t read yet.
Anyway,she kept holding it,all through check out and even in the car.As soon as we got home,she insisted on drinking it.Till now,I just give her plain sugar,no additives..just good plain milk.
So,milk was warmed,horlics added and I could see little eyes dancing in excitement.
In less than 2 minutes,the milk was gulped fuss,no dilly-dallying..nothing..That was so cool.
She came to me,with her empty cup,wiped her lips and said,”Mamma,I  class=”mceItemHidden”> class=”hiddenSpellError” pre=”I “>finched it,abhi meri height badh gayi na!!”[I finished it,no I am taller] It took us a while to figure out that it was all the gyan transmitted by the Bournvita/Complan ads.
I remember long back,when I had transitioned Aadi from bottle to sippy cup,Swati had asked me,if I had any tips/ideas for weaning from sippy cup.Then,I didn’t have any plans..But recently,I realised it was time to get rid of the toddler cups(I dunno what they are called).So,one day I just told her,that Mamma made a mistake and forgot her bottle in the library.So,would she do me a favor and drink from a cup.And to sweeten the deal,I told her she could have a straw and choose her own straw.She agreed..And that was the last time,she had the bottle.Its been over a month..and now she decides,when she wants the out of five times.And the rest of the times,she drinks straight from the cup..:)She did ask for the sippy,in the first week ..once even in the second week..I just told her,it’s not at home.One day,she saw it in the cupboard and asked me,when I got it back and if I will give it back to her..But,I just reminded her that she was a big girl and only babies,used sippy cups/bottles!!That worked!Anti-jinx!

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Its all about staying dry

Naren’s mommy,Shobana and SS asked me how I trained Pipette to stay dry at night..
Before I begin,let me just say,that this is what we did instinctively….no books were,it may not be the best approach..but,what the heck?It worked!

When Aadya turned 14 months,we started toilet training.We went and got her one of those fancy potty-seats from Safety first.The ones that came with a sticker sheet.She wasn’t
particularly impressed.But she did pee in it whenever I took her.But,it was too tedious,keeping track of time.And she didn’t have enough bladder control and sometimes was going as
often as every ten minutes and sometimes,once in thirty minutes.
Then,the big move happened and Aadya was too baffled and refused to go anywhere else,but in her diaper.We tried again at 18 months. This time,we just got one of those rings,that you can
fix on the toilet seat.I was bright red with Dora all over.The first time she sat on it,she looked down and started crying.She was very scared,every single time.My aunt told me that may be she was scared because her feet didn’t touch the floor..and to give her some time .We tried again after 2-3 weeks.This time,I got a $10 dollar potty from ToysRUs.The only thing it did was-play music when it got wet.
I took off Aadya’s diaper one morning and told her to tell me,when she wanted to pee.There were many many accidents.The first few times,I got mad.But that scared Aadya off.So,I tried to be patient and not yell.
Then,I tried something different.I kept the potty in the passage outside the bathroom.And told Aadi to sit on it,when she wanted to do su-su.It worked,sometimes. She sat on it,peed,listened to the music,and we all cheered.When she didn’t get to the potty in time,we just tried again.
The night-time training also started simultaneously.For the first few days,I just observed her.I gave her milk,at least half an hour before bed-time.
Our bed-time ritual was- Milk,story,sit on the potty,put on fresh diaper.
It worked for us that Aadya’s bed-time was later than most kids.I mostly wake up once at night,around 3 am,to drink water or go to the loo myself.I started checking her diaper at that time.It was mostly dry.Aadya woke up every morning at 6.30 to drink milk.Her diaper would be dry,even then.And around that time she would pee.So,I started propping her on the potty,before giving her the bottle.And then,she would stay dry for another 3-4 hours.
Once we figured out this,we got a mattress protector,and let her sleep without the diaper.She was still sleeping with us then.So,we would just move her to the corner,after she fell asleep.I was started propping her on the potty as soon as she woke up.Sometimes she overslept,or I overslept and she wet the bed.But S & I nonchalantly changed the sheets,changed her clothes and asked her,if she wanted to sit on the potty.
Slowly,I started keeping her diaper-free,all day long.She pooped in the potty once,but,was scared.And she asked for a diaper immediately.She still needs a diaper to poop.But she doesn’t like to be in the messy diaper one minute longer than necessary.
I took pointers from other mommy bloggers and keeping her diaper free,helped her realise the nature call.She started telling me,when she wanted to pee or poop.At first she would barely make it to the potty.But,now she is a pro.One time we went for a long drive.
And neither of us,checked if she had a diaper on.Sometime later,she said,”Mamma ,Su-su” thats when we realised that she wasn’t wearing a diaper.S started looking for a toilet..and the little champ,waited patiently.Finally 10 minutes later we found a toilet,I took her there and she relieved herself.I was so proud.
As for the night-training,since Aadya was sleeping with us,whenever one of us woke up,if she woke up,we put her on the potty.We kept the potty,just outside the bedroom door.If she didn’t,we took her first thing in the morning.And I think,a few accidents is all it takes for the child to know the I-wanna-pee feeling. But patience and consistency is important.The first few times,when Aadya wet the bed.First thing I did was check the time.The next night,I set the alarm,for five minutes before that time and put her on the potty.Slowly,she got used to staying dry.After about 2 weeks,she would wake up,if she
started peeing,in her sleep and wake me.Then,I kept the potty,next to the bed.I would prop her on the potty,praise her for being the good girl and then,we’d go back to sleep happily.
After a few days,she started waking up,just when she wanted to pee.Again,having the potty,right there,helped.Once she started waking up,regularly,to pee,I moved the potty,back to the bathroom.
I think,it must have taken a little over a month,or may be more..but,now,she understands,nature calls perfectly.She asks us to take her to the toilet,all the time now-during day-time,at night,even when we are outside.At night,she calls us,even in her sleep,waits till we put her on the commode.
She asks for a diaper,when she wants to poop-she goes into the other room and poops.When she is done,she comes and tells me to change it.I try putting her on the commode,when she asks for a diaper,once a week.If she resists,I don’t force her.Oh whatever,she’ll get it one went to college,in diaper..hai na?
Shobana,SS,hope that helps.Feel free to email me,if you want to know more.

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Mommy Guilt

Mommy guilt strikes when you least expect it..
You see your baby gurgling and cooing happily at strangers and it rears its ugly head..And you start thinking”Oh may be she is bored of seeing me all day long-may be she will be happier if she was spending some time with others.”
You leave your baby with a sitter at the gym,tears streaming down her face,and there it is again,Mommy guilt-“I must be most selfish mom,leaving her crying child,with a stranger,so she can get some Me-time.”
The mother’s heart never stops breaking…be it over her child’s smiles or over her baby’s tears.
The latest heart-breaker in my list is little Aadya’s latest demand.Every morning when she wakes up,she demands for a BROTHER or a SISTER…depending on her mood that day.The reason being,two of her friends have a baby brother and sister each.And now,the Princess demands a Brother or sister of her own!!!!
My 2 year old? Really???If we ask her why she wants a brother or sister,she says to- huggie the said brother/sister.
Today she started her demand for a Sister,at nap-time.When I ignored,she went on to pretend cry.I ignored that too.So,little missy tells me,”Mummy,Aadya is crying”
I asked her,”Why baby?”
“Me want a Sister,Mummy not giving,Aadi crying,”Came the prompt reply.
What do you say to that??Mommy guilt kicked in and I felt all sad and mushy and cursed the damn PCOS .
And then,laughed at the whole thing…how a little 2 year old can hold your heart in her little fist and squeeze it ,while all you want to do is,squeeze her in your hug.

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Every child has a quirky sleeping habit.I shouldn’t call it quirky..let me rephrase that-Every child has a special way to relax at nap-times and bed-times.Some need their blankets,some need their dolls,while some others need their bottles or blinkies.My friend Pooh’s son,Li’l A used to bite her T-shirt ,when he was sleepy.My Aadya’s comfort object is my arm,the right one from elbow down.Yes,you read it correctly.
Aadya needs to feel my hand is her preferred one.Sometimes face..though,its rare now.She loves the hand more.I realised it on the flight to Melbourne.Aadya was having a hard time,falling asleep.She was very sleepy,but at the same time,very restless..we kept wondering what was wrong..Everytime she would whine,she would look at my hand with a pained expression..and the “why are you doing this to me” look was sent my way.I thought may be she was uncomfortable because of my shirt..I rolled up the sleeve..and she promptly fell asleep with a smile..:)
Well,whatever makes you happy baby.
So,that sort of became our regular sleep pattern,she would feel up my hand..I would smooth her back..and she would be fast asleep in no time.
Now,for the last couple days,she has become Ms.Touch-me-not.So,she still wants to feel my hand and elbow,at bedtime,but,Sanj or I cannot touch her.If so much as a finger touches her,she screams..”Nooooooo”.So I have taken to sleeping,like a log..with my hands folded on my chest. All is well in her world..she sleeps peacefully.(anti-jinx)
Speaking of peace,she was the noisiest kid,in the post-office yesterday.I had to buy some envelopes and write addresses,on them.And she was bored stiff.So,she decided to entertain herself,by calling me,LOUDLY! “Mumma..Mummaaaaa,Mimi mimii..mimmiiiiiiii..mimiiiiiiiiiiiiii” every 2 seconds!!!! It was a nice day,after 3 lousy days,so all the old people were out..and most of them,chose to go to the post-office.Needless,to say,I had to face so many pointed glares..and I am sure,they would have all heaved a collective sigh of relief,when we left.
Me,finally,I have started waking up early,to enjoy,some peace and quiet,before the madness begins.(Dad,I hope you are happy now!!!)

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Bed-time drama continues.

After I wrote,yesterday,about how Aadya went to bed herself,over the nightmare began.
She refuses to sleep again.Last week,we had an episode with the neighbour!Bed-times with Aadya are loud,angry,tearful,you name it.. all the terrible things,put together.Add a sick Aadya to that equation and all this increases 10 folds!!!
She was being a complete brat at bedtime..kicking,screaming,pinching.Sometimes I wonder,if a Devil takes over,my sweet child at night.She pulls her Papa’s hair..bursts in loud screaming cries,starting with “Ohhh Maaaaaaaaaaaa”…and gets on our nerves. We would snap at each other,for making her cry,snap at her for screaming..and it went on.Then,the neighbour tapped on the wall.And we knew,she had had enough.I carried Aadya all night..for some reason,she couldn’t be calmed that night.somewhere,down the night,I realised that she was sick and sure enough next morning,the doctor confirmed that she had the croup.
I left a note for the neighbour,apologising,explaining how Aadya was sick.She came by and explained on her part too.But,all this has left me feeling pretty awkward and over the edge. I try to keep Aadya as quiet as possible at nights..but,I don’t know,if she gets super-loud/cranky at nights or if it feels that way!
Anyway,the last week when she was sick,I would give her dinner,then her medicine,massage,read a book,she would drink her milk and she would be fast asleep.Now,since yesterday,she started feeling better or so,I thought.We stayed in most weekend,so as to not tire her.we took her to the library and play area,and then for a walk.By 7.00pm,she was sleepy.I gave her dinner,read her book.Skipped the massage,because,she was too sleepy and took her to the bedroom.It was 7.45 then.
She started singing first,I pretended to be asleep.Then,slowly the twisting and turning.She is co-sleeping now.And wants to sleep on my arm.its fine to begin with,but gets painful,when the twisting and turning starts.I don’t mind,if its just for finding a comfortable position..but,it just doesn’t stop.I still pretended to sleep.But,after a while,the pain takes over and irritation starts creeping in and then,the pretending has to stop.That’s what happened last night too.
At around 8.30,I gave up and came out to the living room.She followed me.Then,she told me that she wants to do Noni..and Shoyi(Aadya-speak for sleep).OK,I tried again.Again,the same drama.I got mad and came outside again.Now,it was 9.30.after a while,again the same thing.I refused to go inside with her.She sat down on the living room floor and HOWLED!She refused to be pacified by Sanj..and wanted only me to hold her.As upset,tired as I was…repeated cries of Mimi mimi are enough to wreak havoc,in one’s heart and head!I picked her up yet again..This time,I just sat on the couch,reading my book.She just kept hugging me and slept.I really don’t know..why or what caused her to fall asleep then. May be she was tired from all the drama..God knows,I was.At one point,I told Sanj,that I was too tired and felt like I was getting depressed.He took her from me,but she kept whining to come back to me.
Anywho,my peace did not last for long.She woke up again at 3.1-3.30am,crying.First said No for dudu,then yes,then asked for Wotto(water),then wanted to remove her shirt,then,we changed her diaper,then,she wanted the light ON,then the light OFF,then,the FAN was interesting,then,my eyes had to be pinched open,then,she wanted to put on her shirt again..Phew,Tired OF READING??? Imagine,I had to go through it.AT 3 FREAKING AM!!! and the caps lock is intentional!
I just stopped answering her at some point..and rolled away from her. I don’t know what time she/I slept.Sanj WOKE me up at 6.00,asking me where Aadya was! Well,where would she be…somewhere on the bed,buried in the covers.
I am fairly patient with her,and him..if I may say so myself.But,its at times like this ,when I just want to leave everything and everyone and go away somewhere.Its not the anger and irritation that bothers me,its the Unmotherly thoughts,that I get of..leaving her somewhere,or leaving them both here,while I go away,or covering her mouth with my hand,when the howling starts..or just going and jumping off the cliff,that scares me and bothers me.

This morning,the crying and tantrums started the moment we got out of bed.First,she wanted me to lie in bed for some more time.Then,she wanted my brush,then,something else..and so on.Now,the brat is finally in bed…Today,I had to step outside twice,to get away from her screaming and taking a deep breath.I refused to lie down with her at nap time…after an hour or so,of her fighting,and me not responding,she finally fell asleep.All I did was sit next to the bed.A small victory,I just wish,it didn’t come after so many tears.
All you wise ones,Please help me out here…before I go and kill myself!

OH!!!AND she is not even two yet…Please tell me,things get better!

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Bed-Time Battle Begins

That’s right..its a battle..and not one to be taken lightly.

Last few months have been so busy and crazy.We were travelling, catching up with friends, packing to move to Australia and so,our schedules have been erratic.Add to that a very social little girl and it means chaos everywhere.

She refused to go to sleep till the last person in the house was out flat. And in these past crazy months,slowly, sometimes,out of sheer lack of energy and sometimes,out of pure laziness, we let Aadya sleep in our bed..and before we could even blink,she became a permanent fixture in our bed. And that’s OK, its nice cuddling up with her, but what’s not OK is that she refuses to sleep,till we are awake. Now, no little body has so much energy to keep up with two adults,after being Super active all day long!

Our routine of last few days has been- quick meet and greet when Papa comes home from work,followed by a rushed dinner,long bath for Ms.Aadya,followed by her tucking in.Now, tucking her in means, all the lights have to be turned off, we have to lie down next to her, pretend like we are fast asleep and even then, madame,takes her own sweet time to fall asleep.First we are poked in the eyes and noses and then when we don’t wake up,there is some singing,followed by story telling,all done by Aadya herself-remember,we are pretending to be asleep. After a long long time,she falls asleep.By then, we are really truly sleeping.Another day gone by and we wouldn’t have spoken.

I am not kidding-Sanj joined a new job and we haven’t had a chance to talk about it. We haven’t had any couple time in forever!!! So,today,I declared war! I had decided..I am going to re-train her to sleep,on her own. I repeated her routine as it was, before,we er…things got crazy. I gave her dinner at 8:00, followed by a quick wash,then nice relaxing massage with her lotion,and donned her jammies. Then we said,nite-nite to her Papa, and her toys and went to bed,with a warm bottle of dudu and goldilocks book.

Dudu was downed,book was read,and then she rubbed her eyes,till then,we were on track. I thought to myself,wow she is going to sleep now.I started patting her.Till then we were on track.Then,I don’t know what happened,she was suddenly so fresh …like she had never been sleepy at all.But that wasn’t possible.She was sleepy, her eyes were watering,she had missed her nap.. Then,Papaa was asked to take over.But no,she wanted both of us there…like her captives.Like she doesn’t want us to have fun while she sleeps. So,I was pestered and tempted with baby cuddles and sweet smiles and “shoieees” till I finally gave in and went and lay down next to her.

And the moment I got in bed, the mischief started again..jumping,bumping her head into us…singing,talking.I threatened to go out.. and I was dared..”Mumma is going to go out,Aadi”..”yeah”..and out I went, and “Noooo Noooooo,aaja aaja”said the brat! Sanj almost smothered himself with his pillow,trying to hide his grin.Anyway, since the threat didn’t work,there was yelling followed by smacking. But it just made her more stubborn. Like she wanted to defy me. Like she knew,it was getting my goat and she was enjoying that. There was a lot of crying and loud crying at that too,because at some point of time,I was really mad and suggested that she get out of the bedroom! Yeah I know she is just a little girl!!

By now,Sanj had given up on his two girls- one not trying to sleep and the other trying to not sleep. Yes,I had made up my mind..I was not going to fall asleep today.anyway, after 4 long hours, finally she fell asleep.And before she did,I did doze off. But at the end of those four hours I was tired and hungry. I sneaked out of bed and guilt kept nagging at the back of my mind. I don’t like hitting Aadya, nor do I like it when she cries. And today was the limit of everything.. her mischief,her screaming and crying, my yelling, my smacking and most of all my patience.As I sit here, writing this, I know, that I didn’t give into her..but, is it really worth all the crying?At the same time,I do want to develop good sleeping habits for her. I really dint like the current sleeping arrangement.

I remember when I was growing up, 9.00 pm was bedtime and even if there were visitors, we were given our marching orders. 5 minutes to 9.00, we had to say our good-nights, brush our teeth and at sharp nine pm,lights out. Now, if only I could remember when we started doing that.I know the poor child has been through a lot of changes and I need to be patient,but come on 4 hours is too much ..even for a saint.I am totally at my wits ends..I will keep updating,the battle of bedtimes…in the meantime,if you have a magic wand to make my troubles, go away,please wave it this way!