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Joy of Gifting -Day 4!

Its that time of the year..In the last two years our list of gift-giving has grown and the most important people on that list are Aadya’s teachers and why not,after all they spend so much time with her,nurturing her.Last year’s teachers were even more special,because they watched out for her,even more,specially since I had a new baby and they were my support system for her.So,I wanted to give them something special,something with a personal touch.After a lot of thinking,I came up with these goodies baskets for her Kinder teachers-

They contained-Christmas tree cookies(that Aadi helped make),Rocky Road Fudge,Chocolate Candy CookiesOhhh! so yumm!,Chocolate brownies,some Hershey Kisses and hand-painted candles and a card that Aadya made. They were so happy to recieve these. I also made smaller goodie boxes using noodle boxes,filled with Rocky Road and Cookies. Those were for her activities instructors.
Here’s a pic of my little Princess and the finished gifts..She was so proud of her mumma,she made it a point to tell all her teachers that her mummy made all the things all by HERSELF!


I thought I should spread some Christmas joy and what better way,than with some chocolate.

Here’s my recipe for Rocky Road fudge:


500 gms of semisweet cooking chocolate( chopped )
200 gms of mini marshmallows
1/2 cup unsalted roasted almonds-chopped
2 tsp butter.


Grease and line a 9″ square cake tin.
Melt the chocolate and butter in a double boiler,taking care not to burn it.Add the marshmallows and roasted nuts,mix well and immediately transfer it to the baking dish.
Allow it to cool either at room temperature,till its firm or cool it in the refrigerator.
Once firm,cut it into squares and store in an air-tight container.

Tip : For Roasting Almonds: Line a cookie sheet with some baking paper and spread the almonds in a single layer on the baking sheet and bake for 10-12 minutes at 160 degs.Keep checking the nuts,as soon as you get the beautiful nutty smell,remove it from the oven to prevent it from burning.I love roasting my own almonds only for this reason..the aroma lingers on for a long time.


Hope you enjoy this Fudge as much as we did 🙂

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Goodbyes hurt :(

Babushka’s transfer from her old kinder was very sudden.She finished last week there and started this week at the new Kinder.So she never got a chance to say g’bye to her teachers and friends.I called up her two friends parents,over the weekend and told them that she would be going to the new kinder.We all promised to keep in touch..lets see how that goes..but anyway,g’byes to the teachers were pending.
Yesterday,SD was home because I was,we sneaked out for half an hour,and visited with her teachers.
Babs was fine, on the drive over..just a little quiet.Then as soon as we pulled into the parking lot,she said,”Mumma,I don’t want to say good bye, you could do it..” I felt so bad..I said, we wouldn’t say good bye,just visit n go back..She agreed to go inside.
Her teachers were happy to see her and said,they were going to call me,about what was going on..Then,they started asking Babs about her new Kinder..and Babs,just kept changing the topic,focusing on her doll instead. Then,she finally told her teachers,that the new school was good.. but could she still come here.The she saw the lockers and asked,if the aeroplane locker was still hers. Her teacher,Anna was in tears and asked her for a cuddle.. and she said,”Dora is sad too,could you give her a cuddle too?”
Gosh!!I felt sooo soo horrible.
Then we took some pictures..The fool that I am,forgot to check the camera batteries..and yup,you guessed it! The battery was dead.I ended up borrowing the school camera and took pictures with that. Anna promised to email them to me.
After some more cuddles and promises to visit when the baby arrived,we left.
Babs,was quiet on the way home..When I asked her,what happened,she got upset and said,”Don’t talk to me..I am cross because I had to say good bye..I dont like saying good makes me sad..I want to go to both the schools.”
All I wanted to do then was just hug her tight n take her hurt away. I wish I didn’t have to change things for her..really…
I know she will outgrow it..I just hope that over time,Goodbyes become easier for her and her poor heart doesn’t break like her silly mother’s..:(

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Today Post 20

It was Babushka’s first day at her new Kinder today. And she loved it!!(touch wood,NOW!)
She was feeling a little shy to begin with..sticking close to me,asking me to stay near her.Then her teacher came and said Hello to her..and thats it..:) She started loosening up.
She told her name,loud and clear and then picked out a locker to keep her bag. Here,in this school,there are no designated lockers,the kids can pick whichever one they like and then, the parents can attach a velcro name tag to the locker.
I had to hand in her re-enrolment form and submit some the time,I was done,Babs was happily building towers with wooden blocks,sitting next to two other girls.
When I went to say goodbye to her,she hugged me and said,”I love you,Mumma”..I was so happy to see her settle in like that. And also,felt a tiny bit guilty for having yelled at her,in the morning.Then,I had 3 and a half hours to kill. I could have just come back home,but we had a tiring weekend and I knew,if I came home,I would just go about finishing my chores,before heading out to pick her up.So,I just gave myself a break and hung out in the the newspaper,leisurely,read magazines..then grabbed some lunch at the food court..window-shopped a little,read some more..and generally chilled around.
Oh at the food court,I went to my favorite Kebab place..OMG!this pregnancy I am ODing on Chicken Shawarma. So,after I finished ordering,the girl at the counter asked me,where I had left my little girl..:) Gosh! It warmed up my heart,even before I had the first bite.. you know,I love the familiarity of the suburbs..where after the first few times,even the cashier at the grocery store recognises you:) LOL! yeah I am crazy like that.

Anyway,it was such a relief to not be running to get to school in time…:) As soon as I stepped in the door,the Teacher’s Assistant told me,”Oh!she had a nice day.She did great!” And you know what,today,she was sitting up front and not in the back,like in the old school. LOL! No No,I am not saying this to gloat that she is a first bencher..I am just saying that she was sitting upfront and talking to the teacher..instead of just sitting in the back,listlessly. She used to be so tired and cranky,by the time,I went to pick her up,in the other school..She had eaten a full lunch before going and even finished her school snack!!YAY!!!
And as we were leaving,she asked me,if she can go back to this school,again tomorrow..YES YES!

I hope this happy trend continues:)

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Thankful-Post 16

I am feeling so thankful today:) First this and then-
Something that was weighing on my mind for a long time,has resolved itself,with just a little effort on my part.
I have mentioned over and over how tedious it is for me to take Babushka to Kinder and back.Her current Kinder is really really nice.The teachers are awesome and she has made a few friends there. But,as the time of my delivery is getting closer,the stone on my heart is growing heavier and heavier!Her continuing kinder was dependent completely on my getting the driving licence.I am getting more and more confident about driving..but still till I don’t have the licence in my hand,its all iffy. And my drive test is only at the end of,anything can happen between now and then!
Anyway,when I took admission in this current Kinder,I also put Babushka’s name on the wait-list for a kinder closer to home.This new kinder is in the town center-our main shopping center-which has the library,doctor’s office,post office,cafes,grocery stores everything. So,even if someone has to kill 3-4 hours there,its not difficult.This is about 15-20 minutes walk from home..not hop-skip and jump,but beats taking the bus and leaving an hour early.
When I put her name on the wait-list,the enrolment officer told me,not to have too many hopes. Even friends around told me the same thing.I thought,well lets see.. and left it at that.
After the cramps on this day,I called up the Enrolment officer again for a follow up and she said,there was quite a long list and she asked me call again in a couple weeks.
And I called again,on this Monday.And she said that she was going to rework a new list,but she didn’t think,Bab’s name would come up so quickly..She asked me to try and manage for some more time..
That day,I really gave up. I did consider hiring someone as mother’s help to pick and drop and later,when the baby comes..but somehow couldn’t wrap my mind around it. And more than me,SD was freaking out,letting her go with a total stranger. One of her friend’s parents are helping me with pick up,but seriously,I was feeling very very obligated..they are really nice people but,I am not used taking/asking for help or favors.And once in a while is OK,but not when its a long term situation.So anyway,I made up my mind that if for some reason,I don’t get my licence,then,I will pull her out of Kinder for the rest of the year or at least whole of next term.
And then,yesterday afternoon,the enrolment officer called up and said,they had a spot to offer,but it was one hour less per week compared to her current Kinder..would I be interested? Of course,I was! So,starting Next week,Babushka goes to the Kinder near our home..I will still be walking nearly the same distance,but I can just leave 20-30 minutes early,and get there in plenty of depending on the crazy suburban transport system.
And you know,what? Now,when I go for my drive test,I will go solely to get my licence..and not to get a solution for my life’s biggest challenge!LOL!Phew!one less thing to stress about!
I don’t know how the new teachers are going to be and how the new class-mates are going to be..and to be honest,I did panic momentarily,thinking what if Babushka hates me for this..but,I guess kids are more resilient than we give them credit for. I just hope this is the right decision..but,whatever it is,I am really thankful,that this came about,specially at a time like this.
Someone up there is really watching over me!