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Nanya talks,Aadi wonders..

I have had the worst day ever today and need some cheering up and what better to cheer me up than my little munchkins’ chatter.
Ms Nanya loves L.O.V.E.S. Baby Looney tunes.She knows the names of all the characters and rattles them off as the show is starting-BugBunny,daffiDuck,twitty,Lola,Taz!She LOVES TAZ…and tries to act like him,stomping her feet and fake crying.
She now speaks full sentences-has been for a while now,but everytime I hear a complete sentence,my heart turns to mush! “Mumma,Papa found me book.” Yesterday,she was at home with SD and I had gone out with for sometime.When I got back, SD was in the shower,she yelled out..”Papa,Look Mumma come back”and from the moment I came back,she didn’t leave me for even a minute. Love her love for me πŸ™‚
Every morning,when she wakes up,she walks out of the bedroom,straight to the kitchen and hugs me..snuggles with me..ALWAYS turns me to mush..ALWAYS.
Nanya is always stuck to today Aadi complained,I never get to hug you.I said sure you can and stretched my hands out to her.She came in for a cuddle.And sighed…”I wonder if this is a dream or if this is for real”..My little drama queen. Speaking of cuddles,I love it how both my babies fit in just right in my arms….Its amazing πŸ™‚
Aadi is so proud of the fact that she was the one who made Ananya laugh for the first time. She is..Nanya was 3.5 mo and I was cooking,I had propped her on the couch and Aadi was jumping in front of her,trying to play with her and she started really loudly.SD and I both stopped what we doing and just amazing was the sound of our baby’s special because she was laughing for her sister.Today,they were playing and Aadi started doing the same thing,pretending to fall down and saying ‘their’ special phrase..”Aaa traa ta ta” Β and Nanya started giggling..She was laughing so hard that she was falling off..and Aadya kept going,even when we told her to stop.It was so nice to hear them laughing like that..And when I was tucking Aadya in for the night,she said to me,”Mumma,did you see?I made Ananya laugh again..she laughed her pants and eyes off.She thinks I am funny,but I don’t mind,because she sounds so happy.” OMG! I was so proud,I felt like my heart was going to burst.
And now,writing this post has made me problems haven’t gone away but atleast,I am smiling again..:)

I hope reading about my gorgeous girls makes you smile too πŸ™‚
More later…


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27 months of Nanya

Nanya turns 27 mo today.My little toddler is turning into a big kid,so quickly..much too quickly for my liking. She is talking full sentences now..”Mumma what are you eating?”
“Mumma,Nanya scared of monster” “I didn’t do it,Aadu did” “Mumma,Aadu/papa hurt me Nanya leg/hand”-This one when Papa/Aadu even so much as touch her.
“Mumma…Papa kissie me!” she complains about her papa giving her a kiss!
She calls herself-Me Nanya,now! So cute. And tells me even the littlest thing. Now her smiles and morning cuddles are reserved only for mumma..and mumma is not complaining-Didi and Papa are.Β 
When the mood strikes her,she calls Aadya,’Didi'(big sister),otherwise,Aadu! She wants to do,everything that Aadu does.When they are eating dinner(the only meal they eat together)- If Aadi asks for seconds,she wants seconds too..doesn’t matter if her plate is full!

She is my little helper.When I measure out rice to cook for dinner,she wants to help measure it,no matter how busy she is..
Her new found love is blocks.She can spend a long time stacking blocks.Either that or scribbing and coloring or dawing as she calls it.She loves dawing(drawing) so much that she has scribbled on all the walls in the house and I got in trouble with our real estate agent.Another favorite activity is playing tea-parties.Anytime I take her to work..of all the toys there,she reaches for one of the many tea-sets on the shelf. Bath-times are fun too,because she gets to make her tea even in the bath.
Nanya was my non-fussy eater..but now she is starting to tell me..”Mumma Nanya me no like it!” She is Ms.Indepedent,insisting on doing everything herself.Sometimes,Aadi tells me to feed her,but not Nanya..:(
While I miss out on babying her at meal times,she makes up for it,almost every other waking moment.She looks for me and follows me wherever I go. Today it was raining,so at school drop off,we all went to the school and then SD stayed in the car with her,while I went to drop Aadi to her class.When I came back,this little monkey was screaming her lungs out,refusing to listen to reason,just crying her little eyes out-for mumma,Aadu and the umbrella!! I came back..gave her a hug..she sulked and asked for the umbrella and insisting on holding the wet umbrella,all the way home.We drove off and as we got away from the school and closer to home her,crying got louder.For Aadu! She wanted Aadu go home,Aadu back.
What more can I say about my Nanya,except that she is my energizer bunny,that doesn’t stop running.She just doesn’t stop.period.
She is the light and noise of our loving,totally adorable and fiercely possessive about her people… I’ll stop talking and leave you with some pics of my monkey that doesn’t stop moving πŸ˜›
There she is eating her Strawberries- Bend,pick one,take a bite and twist!
1243653_539451986103368_440358389_o (1)
Playing with her sister- Aadi is not a morning person and this cheeky monkey was trying to tease her,so she reacts!!
And this is a classic..Nanya trying to do a headstand!

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Navratri tidbits :)

Every year, we do a family Aarti on all the 9 days of Navratri.We play the Aarti on youtube and sing along.Last year Anan was just content being held.This year is a whole new story.
Aadi loves the Aarti because it has her name in it. And Nanya screams Aadyaaaaaaaaa,as soon as she hears it.
Aadi knows all the words and sings along,but Nanya,well Nanya is Nanya-she stands in front of the mirror in that room and makes funny faces,screams,tries to blow-out the lamp, climbs up on Aadi and hugs her tight(I knoww..awwwwwww),asks us to pick her up.Yup,she is our energizer bunny..that doesn’t stop running.
I leave you a picture of my gorgeous girls from Navratri last year( I have no hopes of getting them dressed this year..gosh so much drama,at the mere mention of dress up 😦 )

Happy Navratri,everyone πŸ™‚

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Nanya-speak and more…

Six and a half years ago,when I first started this blog,it was my only voice.I could come here and write about my deepest,darkest feelings.Over the years,I have gone through several writers’ blocks..but not one of them has been as bad as this one. I finally figured it out why..I have started using facebook as a blog..Every little thing that happens,ends up on facebook..the instant comments are addictive!LOL!
Honestly,I started writing this post 3 days back and still haven’t finished it.But then,when I have some time on hand,I like to read my old posts and after one such reading,I realized that I have missed writing about so many of Anan’s milestones and cute activities. I have missed out on writing about conversations with Aadi..And as if this continues,I’ll have literally no written memories of these two years.So,I have penciled in ‘blogging time’ in my day,every single day…a time when I will just do,what I love the most-writing my thoughts out.I’ll turn off facebook and the cellphone(I can access FB from the mobile too).
Anyway,speaking of Ananya,she turned 2 years and 2 months and 2 weeks today. LOL!I didn’t plan to blog today,but its just a happy co-incidence.So my favorite toddler,Anan,ofcourse,calls herself “Nanya” and speaks in Third person about herself- “Nanya no like it”,”Nanya crying”,”Nanya wants chai-coco”.Chai-coco is Nanya-speak for chocolate milk.
I finally weaned her off,two months before her second birthday,but we still struggled to get her to drink cow’s milk.And she starting getting sick- extreme colds,coughs and diarrhea. The cold and cough turned into ear-infection and a repeat ear-infection but the diarrhea didn’t stop,even after the mandatory wait of two weeks after the antibiotics were finished.She lost so much weight and completely went off food. Then,we found out that she was lactose intolerant. So now for about 2 months ( since August first week) we’ve been giving her Lactose free milk.And she loves it.There were no dramas at all about drinking the new milk.And she knows that she cannot drink the other milk. It makes me happy and breaks my heart at the same time,that she is so little,yet she knows.If I am distracted and pick up the wrong milk jar,she yells,”No Mumma,Nanya Want Nanya chai”..And thankfully the diarrhea has disappeared too.
Nanya loves her Aadu..she does.This morning,she was sleeping,when SD dropped Aadi at school.After she woke up,we were getting ready to go out,I dressed her up and she started looking for Aadya and wouldn’t believe me when I told her Aadi was at school.Its heartwarming seeing them hug each other,after school.And it is frustrating,when they fight over the smallest of things.
We had Spring break last 2 weeks and every single day,they would both wake up at 6:30am..EVERY single day of the vacation.And today,the first day of school,I woke up Aadi at 7:45am and she she complained about not getting enough sleep and as for Nanya,I had to wake her up at 9:00 am,because we were getting late for our appointment!LOL
Anyway,its time to go pick up,I better stop..will be back with another post,tomorrow πŸ™‚

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Dressing up the toddler

Everywhere I go,I see these cute toddlers,well dressed,hair nicely combed,hair clips in place,shoes and socks on.Oh! don’t they look oh-so-adorable..?

And then there is my toddler.Getting her dressed is such a BIG drama,every single time!If she had it her way,she would still be wearing the same t-shirt from 3 days back.Trying to change her clothes is nothing less than a feat. There is screaming-hers and mine , heavy panting-mine and angry crying-hers.

T-shirt tackled,time for pants/skirt- Rinse and repeat the drama mentioned above.Have ever tried to put some pants on a crocodile rolling in the mud?No?Really?I do it every single day! As soon as its time to put the pants on,the crocodile rolling starts..kicking and rolling..and God forbid if I pick out a pair of tights to go with the socks..the whole exercise is enough to make me start pulling my own hair !!

And there is no chance of putting on a dress.. doesn’t matter how pretty it is..doesn’t matter how cute she looks in it..Nope!She doesn’t do dresses..The rare occasions when she is distracted and I put one on her,she screams and cries and asks to take it off.

Oh and the hair!! Let me not even get started about that.. She hates getting her hair brushed…even before the hairbrush touches her hair,she starts saying”Owie” …LOL!I am not kidding..I try so hard,holding her between my legs or putting her on the bathroom bench top.. and finally she is dressed..fairly well dressed.

But by the time we get to our destination(even if its 5 minutes away!!)..the shoes & socks are kicked off,the hair clip is off and her curls have sprung.Seriously!What am I to do with her? I hope she’ll out grow this phase because I am seriously dreading her teenage years.

But she is such an adorable little thing..when we are not in the midst of all this drama,just looking at her is enough to turn me into a mush pot..As I was busy typing away this post,she was eating her snack..she came and sat next to me with her bowl of rice crackers and kept feeding me,one by one.:)
On that happy note,let me share with you something else that makes me happy..A Bunting.I finished this bunting yesterday.


The pattern for the hearts is from here.Its one of my favorite blogs these days.I love Jacquie’s tutorials and all the colors spread out on her blogs..definitely worth checking out πŸ™‚

The Bunting is up for sale on my facebook pageΒ and will be going with me to the market stall,in October:) Not-so-subtle business plug..LOL!

I’ll back with another post soon…Trying to keep my head over the water…as life comes at me,yet again like a big wave,trying to drown me.

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16 month letter..Day 29

Hiii Ananya,
Sorry,Hii Naanna,you are 16 months old young now!Whenever we call you Ananya,you correct us and say,Naanna..:)
Something’s definitely changed.Almost overnight you have grown up..your face is changing,you are cutting your 3rd bottom tooth and you have a big girl look about yourself.There I said it! you are turning into a toddler! you have turned into a toddler.You want to walk everywhere.When I pick you up,you give me a hug and wiggle out of my arms. If you know a place,you don’t want to hold hands..So,its very very tiring taking you to Didi’s school and Coles! You are not even scared of the crowds!
You now know how to throw tantrums and let me tell you darling,you beat your sister hands down! If I thought her twos were terrible..I am dreading to think what yours will be like. You have already had 2 major public meltdowns in the last 3 days..OMG! Nanhi,you have a temper and you have even thrown a fit in the pool! the pool!!All I wanted to do was put the dolphin back in its basket,just like ALL other tots were doing,but NO! you decided that Mumma did a bad thing and had to punish her by throwing a body flinging tantrum in the pool!! Let me just tell you,kiddo-it may have been amusing for everyone else,but I wasn’t impressed!

You are fear-less..I can’t get over that bit..You climbed up on Mumma’s exercise bike,in less than 10 secs..both Mumma& Papa had our hearts in our mouths,but you couldn’t care less.You climb up on your cars,just to get a better view of the TV!You have learned to balance on the push-along walker,to get a glimpse of your ‘babies’-Magic and Sparkle!
You are saying more and more words..Your latest words are- ‘More’,Gandee(Dirty!),Guna(=Gunda=Naughty brat),gimme,dedo(give me!) aaja-aaja(come) aaowie aaga ( ouwie laga-got hurt!) Naaanuuu(you pick up the phone a thousand times during the day and say,NAanu!!),Daadu,Dadi,Khaega!
First thing you do,when you wake up is look for your plate-there are two plates that have to always stay in the bedrooms- a purple one in mumma bedroom and a steel one in yours and didi’s. And the moment you wake up-in the morning or from a nap,you pick up your plate and say Khaega! LOL!
Something’s changed in the last few days-you have started moving around on the bed..I wake up in the middle of the night,panicking,looking for you,only to find you sleeping near my tummy,bum in the air..or there are times,when I have been woken up you,snuggling up close to me..:) you are not that sticking-to-mumma sleeper anymore..and that just makes me want to hold you closer.
You are going longer and longer between feeds.You enjoy your food and drinks but still come to me every few hours saying ‘This gimme’.You follow your sister everywhere and have to copy EVERYTHING that she does.
You are a cutie,Ms.Anan..but you are very cheeky.When we pretend to ‘tell off’ you or your sister,you take it very seriously and personally.Up goes that little finger and your mouth is set in firm lines and YOU tell us off..and then walk off,turn around,scold some more and then stomp off!Its hilarious!
Can’t believe it that this time last year,you were just an itty-bitty cuddle bum!
Ummmmaaaaaaaaah,my laddu!
Love you loads,

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Ms.Ananya is getting bigger and busier..She amazes me with her understanding of the things around her. She picks up on moods..she tries to be cute when she knows that she is in trouble. She is not one to get scared easily.If we raise our voices around her ..she plain ignores us and goes on with her business. When she sees that she has no escape and needs to face us,she smiles at us, that cute toothy,scrunched up nose smile..If we don’t relent she bats her eye lids or just keeps at the cuteness till we dont give up.
We were at a friend’s place and she thought it was fun to keep hitting her 18 mo ..hitting ,grabbing her hair…I gave her several warnings and then put her in the high chair..she was distraught..I took her out..and asked her to say sorry..She gently patted her friend’s face-her way of saying sorry and reached for her hair again! I picked her up,put her on the couch and was telling her off-‘blah blah..If you do this again,Mumma will put you back in the high chair..blah blah…’ She looked at me and said,”High Chair?” OMG!I was so excited at the new word..I said yayy and clapped..and she gave me this weird look!!
And the next day,she wasn’t paying attention..So I started counting,”One,two…” Now normally when I do the count-down with Aadya,she does what is required of her..But,this cheeky,when I said,”One,two..” she said..Theeeeeeee and clapped!!LOL!
She has a new bedtime routine now. When we tuck in Aadya,Ananya wants to climb up on the bed..sleep next to her,pull the covers up to her neck,like didi..Then,I have to kiss them both g’nite and turn off the lights and leave the room. They huddle up together..Ananya tries to whisper things to her sister..LOL! And then 5 minutes later.. gives her a big kiss..ummmah and leaves…
She love music,absolutely loves it.I think,she was born to dance-anything remotely musical is enough to make her tap her feet..Oh and she loves singing-tries to copy the tune as much as she can:)
She can now climb up on the couch herself and get off from the couch and the bed..but its so funny,when we are out,even if the couch is the same height or lower than ours,she needs help!LOL!But I like it how she can just climb up and relax on the couch!
Her favorite activity is doing “Jai-Jai” with Papa.When SD sits down to pray,she wants to play there.She climbs in and out of his lap,saying Jai-Jai..and he favorite thing in the prayer room is the Red Hanuman Chalisa book.There are tears if she is denied that.
Taking her to school for pickup is a big pain.She wants to walk alone,no holding hands,no sitting in the pram..just walking straight ahead,not a care in the world..bumping into kids and adults,walking through crowds,while mumma and didi follow,mumma saying sorry to people and didi giggling at her silly sister. And when Mumma tries to hold her hand,she calls out to all the people walking by and says,”Ow!OW!OW!”
She is soo naughty..she is so adorable..she is so funny..She adds so many smiles and giggles in our life.. Love my little silly billy!