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27 months of Nanya

Nanya turns 27 mo today.My little toddler is turning into a big kid,so quickly..much too quickly for my liking. She is talking full sentences now..”Mumma what are you eating?”
“Mumma,Nanya scared of monster” “I didn’t do it,Aadu did” “Mumma,Aadu/papa hurt me Nanya leg/hand”-This one when Papa/Aadu even so much as touch her.
“Mumma…Papa kissie me!” she complains about her papa giving her a kiss!
She calls herself-Me Nanya,now! So cute. And tells me even the littlest thing. Now her smiles and morning cuddles are reserved only for mumma..and mumma is not complaining-Didi and Papa are. 
When the mood strikes her,she calls Aadya,’Didi'(big sister),otherwise,Aadu! She wants to do,everything that Aadu does.When they are eating dinner(the only meal they eat together)- If Aadi asks for seconds,she wants seconds too..doesn’t matter if her plate is full!

She is my little helper.When I measure out rice to cook for dinner,she wants to help measure it,no matter how busy she is..
Her new found love is blocks.She can spend a long time stacking blocks.Either that or scribbing and coloring or dawing as she calls it.She loves dawing(drawing) so much that she has scribbled on all the walls in the house and I got in trouble with our real estate agent.Another favorite activity is playing tea-parties.Anytime I take her to work..of all the toys there,she reaches for one of the many tea-sets on the shelf. Bath-times are fun too,because she gets to make her tea even in the bath.
Nanya was my non-fussy eater..but now she is starting to tell me..”Mumma Nanya me no like it!” She is Ms.Indepedent,insisting on doing everything herself.Sometimes,Aadi tells me to feed her,but not Nanya..:(
While I miss out on babying her at meal times,she makes up for it,almost every other waking moment.She looks for me and follows me wherever I go. Today it was raining,so at school drop off,we all went to the school and then SD stayed in the car with her,while I went to drop Aadi to her class.When I came back,this little monkey was screaming her lungs out,refusing to listen to reason,just crying her little eyes out-for mumma,Aadu and the umbrella!! I came back..gave her a hug..she sulked and asked for the umbrella and insisting on holding the wet umbrella,all the way home.We drove off and as we got away from the school and closer to home her,crying got louder.For Aadu! She wanted Aadu go home,Aadu back.
What more can I say about my Nanya,except that she is my energizer bunny,that doesn’t stop running.She just doesn’t stop.period.
She is the light and noise of our loving,totally adorable and fiercely possessive about her people… I’ll stop talking and leave you with some pics of my monkey that doesn’t stop moving 😛
There she is eating her Strawberries- Bend,pick one,take a bite and twist!
1243653_539451986103368_440358389_o (1)
Playing with her sister- Aadi is not a morning person and this cheeky monkey was trying to tease her,so she reacts!!
And this is a classic..Nanya trying to do a headstand!


4 thoughts on “27 months of Nanya

  1. achoooo so cute 🙂 🙂 🙂 look at the all big girl 🙂 🙂 🙂 you are living admits a small but big enough nest trish 🙂 🙂 :)hope lot more to come and rock with lil nanya 🙂 🙂 I love the strawberry eating activity 🙂 🙂 lol 🙂


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