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16 month letter..Day 29

Hiii Ananya,
Sorry,Hii Naanna,you are 16 months old young now!Whenever we call you Ananya,you correct us and say,Naanna..:)
Something’s definitely changed.Almost overnight you have grown up..your face is changing,you are cutting your 3rd bottom tooth and you have a big girl look about yourself.There I said it! you are turning into a toddler! you have turned into a toddler.You want to walk everywhere.When I pick you up,you give me a hug and wiggle out of my arms. If you know a place,you don’t want to hold hands..So,its very very tiring taking you to Didi’s school and Coles! You are not even scared of the crowds!
You now know how to throw tantrums and let me tell you darling,you beat your sister hands down! If I thought her twos were terrible..I am dreading to think what yours will be like. You have already had 2 major public meltdowns in the last 3 days..OMG! Nanhi,you have a temper and you have even thrown a fit in the pool! the pool!!All I wanted to do was put the dolphin back in its basket,just like ALL other tots were doing,but NO! you decided that Mumma did a bad thing and had to punish her by throwing a body flinging tantrum in the pool!! Let me just tell you,kiddo-it may have been amusing for everyone else,but I wasn’t impressed!

You are fear-less..I can’t get over that bit..You climbed up on Mumma’s exercise bike,in less than 10 secs..both Mumma& Papa had our hearts in our mouths,but you couldn’t care less.You climb up on your cars,just to get a better view of the TV!You have learned to balance on the push-along walker,to get a glimpse of your ‘babies’-Magic and Sparkle!
You are saying more and more words..Your latest words are- ‘More’,Gandee(Dirty!),Guna(=Gunda=Naughty brat),gimme,dedo(give me!) aaja-aaja(come) aaowie aaga ( ouwie laga-got hurt!) Naaanuuu(you pick up the phone a thousand times during the day and say,NAanu!!),Daadu,Dadi,Khaega!
First thing you do,when you wake up is look for your plate-there are two plates that have to always stay in the bedrooms- a purple one in mumma bedroom and a steel one in yours and didi’s. And the moment you wake up-in the morning or from a nap,you pick up your plate and say Khaega! LOL!
Something’s changed in the last few days-you have started moving around on the bed..I wake up in the middle of the night,panicking,looking for you,only to find you sleeping near my tummy,bum in the air..or there are times,when I have been woken up you,snuggling up close to me..:) you are not that sticking-to-mumma sleeper anymore..and that just makes me want to hold you closer.
You are going longer and longer between feeds.You enjoy your food and drinks but still come to me every few hours saying ‘This gimme’.You follow your sister everywhere and have to copy EVERYTHING that she does.
You are a cutie,Ms.Anan..but you are very cheeky.When we pretend to ‘tell off’ you or your sister,you take it very seriously and personally.Up goes that little finger and your mouth is set in firm lines and YOU tell us off..and then walk off,turn around,scold some more and then stomp off!Its hilarious!
Can’t believe it that this time last year,you were just an itty-bitty cuddle bum!
Ummmmaaaaaaaaah,my laddu!
Love you loads,


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