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Father’s Day that was..

I know Father’s Day was last weekend but I have to write this down..because I want us to remember this. So,Aadya’s school had organised a special movie afternoon.And SD was away in Brisbane..There is no way he could have made it.When I saw the note from broke my heart.I mean, hurt..:( Aadya asked me… Continue reading Father’s Day that was..

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Of Fawers,Mukkeys,Giaafs And Aanas

This Valentine’s Day,we completed 8 years as a couple.After 8 years together,of which 5 years married and a baby ,for the first time,Sanj¬†gave me flowers-Red Roses :)I love flowers and he knows it,but he had never bought flowers for me.Sometimes,if I wanted flowers,I would buy them myself,but he never offered to buy them for me..So,this… Continue reading Of Fawers,Mukkeys,Giaafs And Aanas