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And we are back!

Helloo you lovely people!
Yes,we are back. No,No,I didn’t stop NaBloPoMo..My laptop crashed..:(
I woke up on saturday morning and it wouldn’t turn on! We DH tried rebooting Windows,but nothing happenned.And as you know,I spent the next 4 days,disconnected from the world. That’s the trouble when your virtual life is more interesting than your real one!
Anyway,I got a early birthday gift- A Brand New Laptop..:) And I couldn’t be happier.
Incidentally,10 years ago,on this day,DH and I got together and sort of starting going steady..So,yayyy 10 years of being with each other..and we haven’t killed each other..so,thats good.
Seriously,there are days,when I feel I could kill him(I am sure he has more of those days)-but the days,when I think myself,the luckiest woman on this earth..are wayyyyyyyy more than those days.Really-its the smallest of gestures-that make him so special.Take yesterday, for instance.I was sitting on the couch reading.I got up,once or twice to adjust my position and get more comfortable.Without me asking him,he got up and got me a pillow to put behind my back.Seriously,I would have never thought of it,if it were him,fidgetting.
And like this saturday,when he came back from his game-starving-I said,I was craving homemade chicken burgers,the Al-Kabeer kind,he drove around town for nearly one hour- we went to 3 shops..but didn’t find any.Finally,we ordered take-out from a place of my liking and a menu of my choice. I swear,if he made me go around town on a hungry stomach,he would never hear the end of it!!
So,yeah..Happy Anniversary to us..And DH,I am so glad-you popped the question..that day!Love you,always.


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