The rainbow granny

I made this blanket for a friend,as a Christmas present.It turned out to be a little smaller than I had originally planned and so barely covers her lap,but she is sweet enough to still keep it 🙂 My offer for extension still stand,Jen 🙂


I kept changing colors till I had used up all the colors I had at hand.Then,I did a row of white and then went in the reverse order…Its not so prominent but its makes me happy 🙂


I finished off with white ruffles .
Handmade with love,
Wrapped in clear cellophane and tied with golden ribbon 🙂



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A cheerful Bunting


My love for Buntings continues.I love it how they add color to any space.I made this cute bunting in pastel colors for a little Princess,turning 6.
Her mum wanted her name on it,so I added the letters of her name in Felt and hand stitched it on top. I think it was a nice accent to my crochet triangles.

A cheerful Bunting

For the triangle pattern go here

I blocked all the triangles and to join- I started with 35 chains,sc along the edge of the first triangle,20 chains,then sc along the edge of the second triangle and so on till all the triangles were joined and finished with 35 chains.

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Lotus Tea-Light Holders.

I brought my yarn and hook along for this trip..SD was cribbing about the extra yarn was taking up..REALLY!! It was just a small bag ..ok not a small bag..but Come ON! It was my holiday and I could choose to spend it the way I wanted!!LOL! Anyway,he was going to be working.So, Anyway.. I finished this one pair of Tea-light holders for one of my Swap buddies.

I am planning on making more of other colors:)

The pattern can be found here !

If you have some kid-free time,these can be whipped up in a hour or two..Mine took longer since I took so many breaks!!LOL!

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Carrot Halwa and Squares:)

Last week,DH got a great deal on Blu-ray DVDs and he picked up the Harry Potter Series. We introduced our little Diva to Harry Potter and since then,we have been watching HP,every night..and if she has it her way,even in the mornings.
So,anyway,on last Sunday,we went out for a late lunch-early dinner and after we came back,sat down for a marathon run of HP. While we were watching the movies,I got two things done-
1) Made Carrot Halwa
2) Completed the crochet squares for my bag.
Here’s my stack of Crochet Squares:

And as for the Halwa,here’s the recipe:

8-10 Large carrots
1 1/4 cup whole milk
200 gms fresh Ricotta
3 tsp ghee
1/2 cup sugar(you can change this as per your taste)
Raisins and cashewnuts

Wash,peel and grate carrots.
In a thick bottomed pan,heat the ghee and add the grated carrots.Toast for a minute or two.
Add the milk and let it simmer on a medium flame,stirring occasionally.
When the milk is almost reduced,add the ricotta and mix well.
Also add the raisins and cashew nuts at this time. Let it cook on a low flame,till all the liquid dries up.
Finally,add sugar and mix well and again let it cook,till the water from the sugar evaporates.

Then,serve yourself a generous portion and dig in! 🙂
Note: This could take 2-3 hours,because you are cooking it on a low flame,but its worth waiting for.
This yields quite a bit- I got a my biggest pyrex bowl full..I am guessing nearly 1L.Just cool it to room temperature and keep it refrigerated.Reheat portions as you require.It should be good for a week to 10 days,if it lasts that long.Just remember to use a dry spoon everytime,you take the halwa out.

My oldest winter memories are of a big pot of carrot halwa,sitting in the fridge and portions of it re-heated for dessert after lunch/dinner or even occasional breakfast of halwa-paratha.
I hope you enjoy this recipe as much as we do:) If you do try it,please leave me a comment and let me know how you liked it:)

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Nutty Beanie with a flower applique


DSC03924 DSC03928

Ms.Aadya requested this hat yesterday,for her to wear to the Teddy Bear picnic at School today.She lovedddddddd it..and didn’t take it off all day.

She picked out a fancy yarn,from my yarn chest and asked me if I could please make a hat for her,that would cover her ears.This is what I love about being able to knit/crochet-I can make things as I like and don’t have to settle for something,I don’t like.

This beanie is slightly longer than most,just because,I needed it to cover her ears..we are so done,with ear-infections.

For this hat,I used:

Yarn- Moda fashion yarn

Hook- 4.00mm

Pattern-I just improvised as I went.I started with –

Ch4,sl st to form ring.

Ch2,10 Dc in the ring.

Ch2,2 Dc in each each DC,all around.

Ch2,DC in first DC,2DC in next DC,all around-This row is repeated till the hat fits the head.-I think two or three more rounds. I was checking it on her head.Once you get the desired circumference,

Ch2,DC on each DC all around- 3 more times,till you get the desired height.

Ch1,Sc all around.finish and weave in ends.

Decorate with a motiff of your choice.I used this tutorial from Applehead’s blog.

I wasn’t very sure about using this color for a kids beanie..but I like the way,its come out!

BTW,just 5 more days left for you to leave a comment on the giveaway post..Have you left a comment yet?

Go on,leave a comment on the giveaway post,NOW!

Have a good weekend,my lovelies..

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Hottie,the Hat Pincushion

Here’s presenting a hottie,for Ms.Aadya(she insisted on modelling it herself)

The pattern is courtesy a pattern giveaway that Nima hosted.

When I first read about Nima’s pattern giveaway,I was tempted..I love her blog and her FOs and being able to make something that she has done,would be like WOW!! But,when she announced it,it was a crazy busy time for me and I didn’t ask her for the pattern,simply because,I wasn’t sure if I would be able to finish any project,big or small,in the time frame.So,I just lurked on her blog,to see the beautiful hat pincushions that the others had crafted.Until,the day,that Ms.Aadya caught me lurking..and asked for the same hottie..Hottie is Aadyaspeak for hat.I think it came from hat+hoodie:)
So I emailed Nima for the pattern and this is what I came up with:)
I used a multicolored 8ply Anchor cotton yarn for the top and for the brim,I used a plain blue 8ply Anchor cotton yarn.Since the yarn itself is so beautiful,I didn’t use any embellishments.Then,Ms.Aadya,wanted me to put the orange flower on,I did:) But I like it without the flower too.See:

What do you think? Do check out Nima’s blog for her beautiful Finished Objects:)

Edited to add: After I wrote this post,I sent the link to Nima and asked her,why my hat,was looking short..and she asked me to check something in the pattern..and guess what,I had skipped 5 whole rows!So naturally it was short.I ripped it off and worked in those 5 rows and I loveeeeeeeee the new finish.
See the difference:

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Orange n’ purple scarf

This scarf was made for a friend,who loves handmades-specially my handmades.
When I first started ,I was going to follow a pattern on Ravelry.But,somehow,after the first 2-3 shells,I changed my mind.I had a picture in my mind,the next step was to achieve it.
This is what I came up with.

I wrote down the pattern,so,if anyone wants to use it,feel free to do so.I keep forgetting to write the pattern,so this time,I did it pronto.
Material- 100% acrylic 8 ply yarn,assorted colors-leftover yarn.
Chain 140.
Row1-Sc all along.
Row 2- Chain3,*skip 1 sc,2 dc in the next sc,repeat from * all along.
Row 3- Change color- Chain3,1 dc in the same stitch, 2 dc in the space,all along.
Continue till you get the desired width.
Last row- sc all along.
Add fringes,if you like.
Hope you enjoy making and using it.Don’t forget to link back to me,if you use it.

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A Durango for me..

Winter is here..and I hate the greys it brings with it…grey skies,grey coats,grey moods.
I have decided to bring in color in my life this winter…This hat is the first step.
When I made the Durango hat for my friend,Devi..I loved it.I wanted to make one for myself..but I was so tired of making the orders,that I didn’t get around to it.One of my goals this year is to knit more for my family and myself.I will still do a few orders..but somehow,it just doesn’t work out alright for me.The yarn too expensive,me too shy to ask for the right price or any money at all.This year I have decided to take orders only if when yarn is provided.Lets see how long,I can keep it up.
Anyway,here’s the hat,that this post is about-

A close up-

Sadly,this pattern is no longer available..
I am very happy with the finish of this one.Now all I need is a matching scarf..:)