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A cheerful Bunting


My love for Buntings continues.I love it how they add color to any space.I made this cute bunting in pastel colors for a little Princess,turning 6.
Her mum wanted her name on it,so I added the letters of her name in Felt and hand stitched it on top. I think it was a nice accent to my crochet triangles.

A cheerful Bunting

For the triangle pattern go here

I blocked all the triangles and to join- I started with 35 chains,sc along the edge of the first triangle,20 chains,then sc along the edge of the second triangle and so on till all the triangles were joined and finished with 35 chains.

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Orange n’ purple scarf

This scarf was made for a friend,who loves handmades-specially my handmades.
When I first started ,I was going to follow a pattern on Ravelry.But,somehow,after the first 2-3 shells,I changed my mind.I had a picture in my mind,the next step was to achieve it.
This is what I came up with.

I wrote down the pattern,so,if anyone wants to use it,feel free to do so.I keep forgetting to write the pattern,so this time,I did it pronto.
Material- 100% acrylic 8 ply yarn,assorted colors-leftover yarn.
Chain 140.
Row1-Sc all along.
Row 2- Chain3,*skip 1 sc,2 dc in the next sc,repeat from * all along.
Row 3- Change color- Chain3,1 dc in the same stitch, 2 dc in the space,all along.
Continue till you get the desired width.
Last row- sc all along.
Add fringes,if you like.
Hope you enjoy making and using it.Don’t forget to link back to me,if you use it.


Chup-Chup,the birdie

Today,after one and a half month,my hooks came out of their box.I recieved my copy of Crochet Today,yesterday evening and this issue has some very nice patterns.A twist to the granny sqaure..some nice cushions.But what got me all excited was a little birdie.Aadi saw me flicking pages and fell in love with it too.I promised to make it for her soon.The book said,it took only one hour to finish it.I started making it at 11 am..stopped first time for phone call,next time for toilet break-Aadi’s ..another phone..And finally got done in less than 2 hours.Aadi waited patiently for me to finish,asking every few minutes,if Iwas really making it for her.If I stopped,she would nag me to finish..’Talk on the phone later!!”
Aadi has named her Chup-chup,the birdie and now demands for a tree for her.She brings me my bag of yarn and the hook and says..”Mamma I think its time to make the tree,chup-chup is getting sad/sleepy/hungry”.The bird hasn’t left her side,since she was finished.
Its a very quick,fun project..Instant gratification..I don’t have polyfill and just recycled some old papers to fill the birdie.
There is something about making things for your kids..it just doubles up your satisfaction..If you want instant gratification and be rewarded with cuddles and kisses..this is the project for you..

Chup Chup is made of-
Material- 100% acrylic yarn,3.5mm hook
Filling- Recycled newspaper
Pattern from- Crochet today.


Craft Swap-2

I just checked on Ravelry and my swap partner has recieved her gift,so I can safely write about it here.
This is what I made for her-

Its a table topper.The pattern is my grandmother’s.She has made so many of these-for her own house,for my parents’ home,for my aunt’s home,for her friends and colleagues.She made the first one using leftover yarn scraps but,it was so pretty and quick,she made many more.
I used Anchor knitting Cotton thread and size 1.5mm hook.

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Fishy Kimono

I Heart Babies and I heart Kimonos..and I heart babies wearing Kimonos.
A very good friend is due in October and getting together a few things for her baby..They don’t know what they are having yet,so I decided to stick to neutral colors.
I first saw this Kimono at Yarnydays and I fell in love with it.
This is yet another quick project,just right for instant gratification!
For this project,I used-
1 100gm ball of Thorobred Red( 100% Acryclic yarn)8 ply
4.00 mm crochet hook
scraps of white yarn
3 fish buttons.