1st of Feb

..For lack of a better title! Gosh!Can you believe it,we are already in to the second month of 2013!

Today,I set some goals for myself-
to lose at least 3 kgs by the 19th of this month.
to get back to working out 4-5 days again
to eat clean 5-6 days during the week..Wish me luck that I can stick to the plan!

In other news,SD got a complimentary iPad Mini from his mobile phone company and he passed his iPad to Aadi.She was so excited about getting the iPad all to herself on the first day of Grade 1. The first day,by the way,was quite nice.I was a little worried,after dropping her off.She looked so lost..her friends were sitting at the front and there was no room for her there..but when I picked her up,she said,she had the best day ever and that her new teacher was the coolest!!The first thing she wanted to do with the iPad was to change the wallpaper from a picture of me to her favorite picture of Anan!! Aww sweetness!

Speaking of Nanhi..well,she has set some new rules.The first one being-No changing her t-shirt or her diaper. When she needs wants a change, she will ensure you do just that..otherwise,don’t mess around with those two things,or there will be an angry toddler to deal with!
The next rule is – No taking off her shoes.She wants to put on her shoes first thing in the morning and then,the shoes don’t come off.Last two days,she has been taking her naps with her shoes on! I tried to take her shoes off this afternoon,after she fell asleep and that woke her up..there were ANGRY tears.Sleep induced melt-downs are the worst! Luckily SD was home,because I had to leave for school pick up and he used his magic touch and rocked her back to sleep,while I quietly slipped out the back door.
Another week comes to an end and the weekend is here ..I hope you all have a great weekend!!
Much Love


Fitness,weight-loss etc.

Yes,Yes..I still remember what weight-loss is.. Its a different thing that I haven’t seen any weight-loss on the scales..for a long time.If anything,I came back from the holiday 4 kgs heavier! Eeks.. so not what I need..but after eating 3- sometimes 4 meals,at cafes/restaurants/fast food joints(whattt?I never said I was an angel!!) for two whole weeks..I was expecting it. I have been eating clean tried eating clean since I got back..but SD is here,we end up going out and eating out.. not so much this week as last..

But,the inch-loss is happening..I don’t know how..why..but I am not complaining…

Anyway,before we went away,I met up with Andrea,a personal trainer and committed to training with her twice a week,after the holidays. I had my assessment with her last week,we set goals and this week,I started training..We had the first session yesterday and it was awesomely painful..at the end of it,I thought I won’t be able to walk… but I finished the cool-off walk and I felt better..

Today-My thighs are like rocks!!I can keep standing or keep sitting.. but not sit down and get up!! OUCHH that hurts!!

But I have come to realize that I HEART Exercise and I actually look forward to the pain next day!!

A little brag here.. When Andrea did my assessment,she told me that I was actually in the right muscle range!! yayyyy..now if only we can kick some butt and move the fat and show those muscles..I will be so happy!!

This/something like this will be one of my rewards…you like?


Non-Scale Victories.

Image courtesy: Google images

I first heard of this term,Non-scale Victories  or NSV, from Sraikh,I think two years ago and it didn’t make sense at that time.The first time,I heard this term..I was desperate to lose weight..and was failing miserably.I would lose some weight and then put it back on and then some and naturally…I didn’t care about NSVs..

But, now I am older and lighter and can look at things differently. After losing huge amounts of weight,over the last 1 year,I have hit a plateau and seeing the same or similar number on the scale,week after week,is not fun.I have to be honest with you-IT HURTS! It makes me want to bang my head on the wall or throw the scales in the sea ..or worse still drown my misery in chocolate..

This wednesday,my weekly weigh-in day was yet another such day..one where the number hadn’t changed..A pang of disappointment hit me,but before,I could fall head first in a dark place,I read these words by an amazing girl, on one of my support groups :
Maintaining,maintaining, maintaning, YAY! And don’t forget girls, this is winter and traditionally when our bodies crave comfort food and the colder weather convinces us to stay inside on the couch rather than exercise. Let’s celebrate our resilience to see this through and look forward to Spring and the renewal of all things bright and cheerful.Amazing job girls, just remember how far we have all come…..
And then it dawned on me.. that instead of fretting,I should be thankful..No-weight-lost is better than weight-gained(in my case!) and so I am happy to be Maintaining… Need to kick up the excercise and tighten the clean eating….but I am not fussed..all in good time.

Now on to the NSV…In the last two days, at least 3 people have asked me what I am doing to lose weight..and these are people I meet almost everyday..at school.It makes me very happy that meeting so frequently,they noticed it..not only that,today,I found a top buried in the bottomless shelf of my cupboard..(what?it is really deep and everything gets dumped there!) So,I tried on the top and it fit like a dream…I had bought it a few months back,because it was a bargain..and it was too tight snug!!!

And ..and ..And.. today,I wore my heels,while hanging the washing out…If you love your heels as much as I do.. and haven’t worn them comfortably for a extended period for many years,you will understand my excitement..All I can tell you is..after living in sneakers for the last 2 years.. heels are a welcome change 🙂

So,I am excited.. I am so excited…!!!


Weighty Wednesday

Its Wednesday and I was looking forward to post today.I am happy to report that I have knocked off another 1.2 kg!and lost a total of 2.5 inches-1 inch off the waist,1 off the hips and 1/2 from bust.I am kicked! .I had measured myself last time on the 22nd of January.
I have been very determined and have been working hard.And by working hard,I don’t mean only excercise..in general,I am trying to stay on my feet for as long as possible.
Along with this I started some Yoga,and modified my diet(thanks K).I try to not sit down for 15-20 minutes after eating.So,right after finishing my meals,I get up and do the dishes and tidy up the kitchen.Previously,I used to leave this chore for later.Consciously or unconsciously,I have tried to bring in small changes in my lifestyle.
My goals- I am not aiming for anything huge..Ofcourse,being able to lose weight is huge! But,this time,I have set myself small goals.I want to lose another 2 kgs till my birthday.Then,I would have achieved my 1st goal of losing 5 kgs till my birthday.
My next goal is to get more flexible.I started practising Yoga,since 8th grade,since it was a part of my school curriculum.And was very comfortable with most asanas. I don’t know when or why,I stopped practising.Since I started yoga again,I find myself remembering the various poses and remembering how flexible I was.KapalBhaati Pranayam-When I first started it,I was doing it all wrong,I was stressing my throat to exhale forcefully.When I started exhaling correctly,I couldn’t do it for more than 1 minute.Now,after nearly 2 weeks,I can do it for around 3-4 minutes comfortably.
Weight lost since 14th October 2009- 4.2 kgs.
Feeling good!
This is just the third day of NaBloPoMo and I am wondering what to write.Is there anything you want me to write about?Leave me a comment and I shall oblige:)


And its a good day…

THE SCALE FINALLY MOVED! and so did the tape!
I lost a total of 3 kgs since christmas.My weighing scale batteries had died down and I kept forgetting to replace it(may be I didn’t want to be disappointed again!) So,I replaced the batteries yesterday and checked my weight!And I am 3 kgs lighter.Woo Hoo!!
On 6th of January,I started XBX and on 15th of January,I started some yoga too. I was alternating XBX and walks..and checked my measurements again,on 25th Jan and I have lost 1 inch from the hips.All other measurements are still the same!But the loss of 1 inch,is heartening.
I am still not at a stage when,I can share the numbers with you and not lose sleep over it.But,may be some day,I will get there.
At the beginning of this year,I set some goals for myself.Some short term and some long term goals.One of my short term goals is to write a blog post about the Goals,before the end of January.
Anyway,as far as weightloss is concerned,I have targetted a 5 kg weight-loss till my birthday,starting 6th Jan.And I am going to keep pushing myself ..till I don’t get there.
We are still avoiding eating out.I am keeping count- 4 meals,since December 23rd.I had a sinus headache one day and we were out on the 3 other days.I plan every meal well in advance,even if it means going to bed,half an hour later,or waking up one hour early..yes,its all about sleeping!
If you are reading this,do take a minute to cheer for me,pat my back :),it will make me happier.