Non-Scale Victories.

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I first heard of this term,Non-scale Victories  or NSV, from Sraikh,I think two years ago and it didn’t make sense at that time.The first time,I heard this term..I was desperate to lose weight..and was failing miserably.I would lose some weight and then put it back on and then some and naturally…I didn’t care about NSVs..

But, now I am older and lighter and can look at things differently. After losing huge amounts of weight,over the last 1 year,I have hit a plateau and seeing the same or similar number on the scale,week after week,is not fun.I have to be honest with you-IT HURTS! It makes me want to bang my head on the wall or throw the scales in the sea ..or worse still drown my misery in chocolate..

This wednesday,my weekly weigh-in day was yet another such day..one where the number hadn’t changed..A pang of disappointment hit me,but before,I could fall head first in a dark place,I read these words by an amazing girl, on one of my support groups :
Maintaining,maintaining, maintaning, YAY! And don’t forget girls, this is winter and traditionally when our bodies crave comfort food and the colder weather convinces us to stay inside on the couch rather than exercise. Let’s celebrate our resilience to see this through and look forward to Spring and the renewal of all things bright and cheerful.Amazing job girls, just remember how far we have all come…..
And then it dawned on me.. that instead of fretting,I should be thankful..No-weight-lost is better than weight-gained(in my case!) and so I am happy to be Maintaining… Need to kick up the excercise and tighten the clean eating….but I am not fussed..all in good time.

Now on to the NSV…In the last two days, at least 3 people have asked me what I am doing to lose weight..and these are people I meet almost everyday..at school.It makes me very happy that meeting so frequently,they noticed it..not only that,today,I found a top buried in the bottomless shelf of my cupboard..(what?it is really deep and everything gets dumped there!) So,I tried on the top and it fit like a dream…I had bought it a few months back,because it was a bargain..and it was too tight snug!!!

And ..and ..And.. today,I wore my heels,while hanging the washing out…If you love your heels as much as I do.. and haven’t worn them comfortably for a extended period for many years,you will understand my excitement..All I can tell you is..after living in sneakers for the last 2 years.. heels are a welcome change 🙂

So,I am excited.. I am so excited…!!!



This is what URLAI has to say about my blog:
A blog about the days of our life,with Our little Diva
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littlediva.wordpress.com is probably written by a female somewhere between 13-17 years old. The writing style is personal and happy most of the time.

I hope the 13-17 years old is seriously because of the URL!!!Please tell me…do I sound so kiddish??or should I flatter myself and think 16 forever?!!LOL!