Fitness,weight-loss etc.

Yes,Yes..I still remember what weight-loss is.. Its a different thing that I haven’t seen any weight-loss on the scales..for a long time.If anything,I came back from the holiday 4 kgs heavier! Eeks.. so not what I need..but after eating 3- sometimes 4 meals,at cafes/restaurants/fast food joints(whattt?I never said I was an angel!!) for two whole weeks..I was expecting it. I have been eating clean tried eating clean since I got back..but SD is here,we end up going out and eating out.. not so much this week as last..

But,the inch-loss is happening..I don’t know how..why..but I am not complaining…

Anyway,before we went away,I met up with Andrea,a personal trainer and committed to training with her twice a week,after the holidays. I had my assessment with her last week,we set goals and this week,I started training..We had the first session yesterday and it was awesomely painful..at the end of it,I thought I won’t be able to walk… but I finished the cool-off walk and I felt better..

Today-My thighs are like rocks!!I can keep standing or keep sitting.. but not sit down and get up!! OUCHH that hurts!!

But I have come to realize that I HEART Exercise and I actually look forward to the pain next day!!

A little brag here.. When Andrea did my assessment,she told me that I was actually in the right muscle range!! yayyyy..now if only we can kick some butt and move the fat and show those muscles..I will be so happy!!

This/something like this will be one of my rewards…you like?


8 thoughts on “Fitness,weight-loss etc.

  1. Nice reward to keep you motivated! πŸ™‚ I slacked off with the exercise last week thanks to Daylight savings messing up my system. But exercise really does feel good after you’ve gone through the pain. And hopefully. you’ll be there in time for summer! πŸ™‚


    1. Yes true that.. I had slacked big time when SD started travelling..I was so rushed all the time.. but hopefully with PT sessions,I will stay focused.
      I hate daylight savings..btw,are you doing the next round?


  2. Superb reward to stay motivated πŸ™‚ Now you’ve given me a great idea to find something similar and aim at getting into it without a fuss in a target time πŸ™‚
    I know that feeling of thighs feeling hard and very painful.
    Good luck dear for the hard work that lies ahead πŸ™‚


  3. Trish, I would say keep a healthy eating habits and do exercise, rest all will fall in place automatically. Not that I follow any of the above, but my stress and activity keeps me on same range, but I am not at all healthy, I go to start some good routine for myself…Good luck!!


  4. I am seeing inch loss too. I have lost two kgs and kept it too, but it is not showing. At times like these, I get so demotivated. But I am trudging along hoping to see the end of the tunnel.


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