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Felt Travel Pouch-Instant gratification


Another crafty finish.This time a travel pouch. I have been wanting to make something with felt for a long time now.I had 4 puffies to make for October and I decided to make this as one of the handmades.
Picture Credit: Nidhi

For this project,I used-

Blue Felt sheet
Red Felt scraps
assorted buttons
embroidery floss.

The whole thing took about an hour or so to finish. MIL taught me how to make a button-hole and I was pleasantly surprised how simple it was to make.
It was just the instant gratification I needed that day! And my joy doubled up when Nidhi,the birthday girl,loved it 🙂


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Lotus Tea-Light Holders.

I brought my yarn and hook along for this trip..SD was cribbing about the extra space..my yarn was taking up..REALLY!! It was just a small bag ..ok not a small bag..but Come ON! It was my holiday and I could choose to spend it the way I wanted!!LOL! Anyway,he was going to be working.So, Anyway.. I finished this one pair of Tea-light holders for one of my Swap buddies.

I am planning on making more of these..in other colors:)

The pattern can be found here !

If you have some kid-free time,these can be whipped up in a hour or two..Mine took longer since I took so many breaks!!LOL!

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Bitten by a new bug..

Oh well.. you won’t be a true crafter if you weren’t bitten by a new craft bug,every now and again.. now,would you?

So,the latest bug to bite me is called jewellery making..I was lusting after some beads 2 weeks back,when I was stuck at home with sick kids..And I asked around on my local mum’s groups if anyone made jewellery,etc..and one of them,said,she was selling her jewellery making supplies..if I was interested..I looked at the pics and I salivated..I hesitated just a bit,because really I had never spent $$ on anything craft-related..I usually look in the bargain bins or the sale shelves..but I knew it I would never be able to get a collection that big..quickly..because I NEEDED it ASAP..

I got the collection,and checked out a few tutorials and then opened the treasure-chest and made these..


Sorry about the bad pic..I was so excited..:)

Well well * jumping impatiently* what do you think?what do you think??


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SAARC April 2012


The April Birthday girls were- hooksnneedles and Mrs.Fife -Both these ladies are avid crafters..and I spent a long time thinking what to make for them.Finally settled on Decoupage coasters.


I made 4 spotted coasters and 4 retro-floral ones and then couldn’t decide which one to send whom.So,I mixed them up and formed this set.



To give the coasters a neat professional finish,I covered the backing with felt pieces. Can you imagine my joy when hooksnneedles wrote back saying that she mistook them for store-bought ones!

For making these coasters,I used-

Unfinished Wooden coasters.

Scrapbooking paper.

Glue that dries clear.


and Felt for backing.

Using Modge-Podge gives the paper a nice glossy shine and also makes them durable.

I hope the girls are getting some use out of these…

More later..

Trish Xx