12 WBT

Weigh-in Wednesday-2

😦 😦 This weeks weigh-in is not good…:(
I have a gain to report this week..and I am not surprised after my pig-fest on Sunday! If anything I am grateful,its only a 300 gm gain!
I was very depressed and mad at myself..I went out for coffee with a friend and ended up going window-shopping.There were some dresses on clearance at my favorite shop and decided to try some on..I tried on a size 16 first and it was LOOSE!!! I tried on a size 14 next and that fit well.. WOW!I had gone up to a size 20 and I wasnt even pregnant then!!Size 20 down to a size 14 ..that called for a celebration and so,I bought the dress.. I mean how could I not!LOL!
Next Week’s weigh-in will be better!!


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