Pearls dropping from Babushka’s mouth-Post 2

OMG!Lately Babushka’s talks leave me open mouthed..and even before I can pick my jaw off the floor and say something,she would have gone and said something even more hilarious/outrageous/interesting.
*The moment she wakes up,these days,she refuses to get out of bed,till I dont give her her jacket. And while I am putting on the jacket,she keeps talking,”Oh my goodness,Mommy,my hands are freezing..my bones are breaking”. We put on the jacket then,she stretches her hands and legs and asks me to fix her bones.:D
*One day after she got home from school,she asked me to make a particular dish called daal-chakli- the maharastrian version of daal dhokli I had already cooked lunch and said,it would take me a long time to make the said dish.”Look Mommy,when someone wants to eat,something,they have to eat it..when you want a kiss,I can’t give you a cuddle right??” I was like..umm..ughh..blah..umm.. I gave up,trying to answer her and got busy with cooking!
*Babushka is a very very finicky about how things need to be done- when brushing,the tooth brush needs to be wet first,then paste applied,then wet again..sometimes,I rush through these motions and she gets mad,because she didn’t see me do it.Anyway,SD helped her brush the other day..and I heard huge praises being showered on him..”Now thats a good daddy..Well done..You did it absolutely RIGHT!” I asked her what all the fuss was about..and she told me,he remembered to wash the brush first,before applying paste!!!*rolling eyes*
*And this one is my most favorite..
SD’s friend was rough-housing with his son..so SD said,”see if its a boy,you can rough-house with him..you need to be gentle with a girl..”I told him,”its all in your mind..you can rough house with a girl too!!” Before he could reply,Babushka said..”Nahiii Papa,it will be a girl..dont think BOY!” I asked Babushka to give him a punch to show him! She gave him a tiny punch and then said,”Now what do I do next??” LOL!
*Everytime,Babushka wants to do something-like watching TV,going out somewhere,eating a treat,she asks us literally 10 times,AFTER we have agreed to let her do it.And it is irritating..and more often than not,end up saying,”dus baar kyu poochna hai?”(why do you need to ask 10 times?)..so, when we were planning to go for her 4 year checkup,I asked her,”Babushka,are you sure,you will walk up to the town center?” She said,”yes”..I asked again the night before,she said “yes”..then,I asked her that morning,again..this time,she didn’t answer..just glared at me..I asked,yet again..She just sighed..and said..”Haaaaaaaaaan..dus baar kyu pooch rahi ho?” (yessssssssss,why are u asking me 10 times?) And before I could answer back,she goes on to say..”Ohh yeah,because I ask u ten times,right?” LOL!
* At bed-time,she just doesn’t stop talking..One night I was super-tired and even after I told her to stop talking repeatedly,she didn’t stop.I snapped, ” You need to stop talking now!Zip up!!” She looked at me and without blinking,said,” No zipping up..only breaking up..I am going to take a break..Actually no,my mouth is taking a break.” I just couldn’t reply-because I was too busy,pressing my lips together,so I don’t burst out laughing.
And this,my friends,is just the tip of the ice-berg..there is plenty more,where that came from..if only my pregnant brain,could remember everything..but never mind..there is a whole month for me,to bore you to death,with these..yup.. I signed up NaBloPoMo..yet again.. so..yeah.. stay tuned:) The madness begins!


13 thoughts on “Pearls dropping from Babushka’s mouth-Post 2

  1. Kids these days are way smarter than what we were!! it amazes me. she is damn cute and very smart too! u watch out mumma..


    1. LOL!!Nuttie,trust her to come up with something like that!!And teenage..Gosh!I am scared to even think that far!! Here I’ll be like,”I dont approve of ur bf”..and she will say..”ohh thanks..see u in sometime!!” and head out with the said BF!!!


  2. First time on your blog! Your daughter is so cute! I, too, have a 4-year-old boy. πŸ™‚ Participating in the NaBloPoMo; so hoping to read more about your daughter and you! πŸ™‚


    1. πŸ™‚ Thankss.. She loves the name too.. I have been calling her Babushka since she was little..and now,if I call her baby,she says,No baby is in ur tummy..I am ur Babushka!


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