Weighty Wednesday

Its Wednesday and I was looking forward to post today.I am happy to report that I have knocked off another 1.2 kg!and lost a total of 2.5 inches-1 inch off the waist,1 off the hips and 1/2 from bust.I am kicked! .I had measured myself last time on the 22nd of January.
I have been very determined and have been working hard.And by working hard,I don’t mean only excercise..in general,I am trying to stay on my feet for as long as possible.
Along with this I started some Yoga,and modified my diet(thanks K).I try to not sit down for 15-20 minutes after eating.So,right after finishing my meals,I get up and do the dishes and tidy up the kitchen.Previously,I used to leave this chore for later.Consciously or unconsciously,I have tried to bring in small changes in my lifestyle.
My goals- I am not aiming for anything huge..Ofcourse,being able to lose weight is huge! But,this time,I have set myself small goals.I want to lose another 2 kgs till my birthday.Then,I would have achieved my 1st goal of losing 5 kgs till my birthday.
My next goal is to get more flexible.I started practising Yoga,since 8th grade,since it was a part of my school curriculum.And was very comfortable with most asanas. I don’t know when or why,I stopped practising.Since I started yoga again,I find myself remembering the various poses and remembering how flexible I was.KapalBhaati Pranayam-When I first started it,I was doing it all wrong,I was stressing my throat to exhale forcefully.When I started exhaling correctly,I couldn’t do it for more than 1 minute.Now,after nearly 2 weeks,I can do it for around 3-4 minutes comfortably.
Weight lost since 14th October 2009- 4.2 kgs.
Feeling good!
This is just the third day of NaBloPoMo and I am wondering what to write.Is there anything you want me to write about?Leave me a comment and I shall oblige:)


12 thoughts on “Weighty Wednesday

  1. Hey Trish .. gr8 gng .. congrats 🙂
    N lemme b bk with what all I want u to write abt 😛
    Hw bt a picture post? Something u luv abt Australia may be 😉


  2. Hi came here from Comfy’s…Liked it 🙂 As comfy says..you are an inspiration really in loosing weight !

    Why not take up tags when you don’t find anything to write ? Tags always help 🙂


  3. Congrats.. great going..

    Why not write about the exact diet you follow from breakfast to dinner for weight loss and also may be the specifc asanas with picture, which you follow for weight loss..


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