1st of Feb

..For lack of a better title! Gosh!Can you believe it,we are already in to the second month of 2013!

Today,I set some goals for myself-
to lose at least 3 kgs by the 19th of this month.
to get back to working out 4-5 days again
to eat clean 5-6 days during the week..Wish me luck that I can stick to the plan!

In other news,SD got a complimentary iPad Mini from his mobile phone company and he passed his iPad to Aadi.She was so excited about getting the iPad all to herself on the first day of Grade 1. The first day,by the way,was quite nice.I was a little worried,after dropping her off.She looked so lost..her friends were sitting at the front and there was no room for her there..but when I picked her up,she said,she had the best day ever and that her new teacher was the coolest!!The first thing she wanted to do with the iPad was to change the wallpaper from a picture of me to her favorite picture of Anan!! Aww sweetness!

Speaking of Nanhi..well,she has set some new rules.The first one being-No changing her t-shirt or her diaper. When she needs wants a change, she will ensure you do just that..otherwise,don’t mess around with those two things,or there will be an angry toddler to deal with!
The next rule is – No taking off her shoes.She wants to put on her shoes first thing in the morning and then,the shoes don’t come off.Last two days,she has been taking her naps with her shoes on! I tried to take her shoes off this afternoon,after she fell asleep and that woke her up..there were ANGRY tears.Sleep induced melt-downs are the worst! Luckily SD was home,because I had to leave for school pick up and he used his magic touch and rocked her back to sleep,while I quietly slipped out the back door.
Another week comes to an end and the weekend is here ..I hope you all have a great weekend!!
Much Love

Babushka · Babykins

Seeing a midwife

We were going to see a midwife,yesterday.Naturally Babushka the curious kitten wanted to know all about Midwives.

“Is the midwife a Doctor?” she asked. No the midwife is someone who helps the Doctor.

“Oh!so,is she a nurse?”came the next question.. No she is not a nurse. She will take care of mommy when there is a baby in her tummy.

“Achcha…so,she is a special person who takes care of little girls mommies,when they have babies in their tummies”..

Yes,baby she is.. 🙂 All this while SD,kept shaking his head and mouthing..”wow..did you see that?she is so clever..thats a very valid question”.hehee proud daddy that he is!

Anyway,after this long discussion,we went to see the midwife..and Babushka loved her instantly.. you know why?She asked her to hold the goodies bag,for the baby.Babushka was mighty impressed.. and held it patiently.SD told her,she can see whats inside once we are in the car.To her credit,she waited patiently,while we went around making various appointments!

And while in the midwife’s office,she asked SD and me,in loud whispers,”Is this the midwife??” atleast 10 times… LOL! The look on her face was surreal.. as if she expected the midwife to be an angel or someone with wings and halos.. and was surprised to see just a normal person!!:D

It was a good visit overall..my only disappointment being that we didn’t get to hear the baby’s heartbeat..she didnt even try..saying they try for a heartbeat,with a doppler,only around 20 weeks.Whatever!! Babykins moved just then,as if to tell me-‘Don’t worry Mumma,everythings fine here’ 😀 So,its OK I guess.