Surprise-Post 10

OMG!I got the sweetest surprise today 🙂
Two of my closest friends,here,threw me an intimate baby shower..just us and our respective spouses and babies:) It was most unexpected and I just can’t stop grinning.
Come to think of it,there were a few hints here and there..:) Let me start at the very beginning 🙂
Two days back,friend M called up and said,lets meet on Friday,after the husbands come home..given the nasty weather. I said,sure..and left it at that.
Mostly,if we meet at that time,its either dinner or post-dinner tea..but she didn’t mention anything.In the meantime,yesterday,at dinner time SD got a call on his mobile and just had a brief conversation and hung up..when I asked,who it was..he just said,it was M’s husband calling from M’s phone..I didn’t think much of it.
I called up M,today to ask if we are meeting for tea or dinner..and she said,tea and we could go out for dinner..I said ‘OK’ and started thinking of my menu options!!LOL! yes,this preggy needs her food..
Then,there is friend S,who calls me like sooo many times during the day..Today she was just so distracted and hanging up quickly every time I called. Finally,the last time,I spoke to her,she said,she wanted to rest up,as it was last day at home before starting a new job 🙂
Then,SD came home..and started telling me,to get ready.I had just woken up and getting mad.. “Why do I need to dress up,we are just going to M’s place?I can just wear my trackies and go!” and he insisted..’No No,I want to go to a restaurant from there..and can you put on some look so tired’ ‘Are you sure,you want to wear these clothes?’..I asked him,’What is going on?’ and all he said was,”Its Friday night,I want to go out” I insisted if M and family had other plans then we should just get a take-out and come home!
Anyway,we reach M’s place and she leads me to the Play-room,where we normally sit and chit-chat and I hear,’Surprise!!’ Waiting for me there are S and her husband and M’s husband 🙂
It was really nice.. the best surprise ever!They gave me a nice spa voucher,’Pregnancy Pick me up package’ at a spa,I had been lusting after:)
A yummy dinner awaited me- two of my favorite dishes- Paneer Makhanwala and Daal Makhani.I love these two dishes,specially when made by S. M even made a beautiful center-piece with vegetables. For dessert,we had mini-cupcakes-with little teddy bears on them:) and M’s special Masala chai!

I came away,feeling all warm and fuzzy and blessed..:)

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wish it was still wednesday:) Post 9

I really dont know what to write today!
It was a long rainy cold day.. I woke up with a heavy head..and kept Babushka home..I really didn’t feel like going out in the rain..even in a cab.Luckily,I had spoken to her teacher yesterday and told her,that Babushka might miss a few sessions,if I wasn’t well.And she said,not to worry.Still I feel guilty..I know its just playschool.. and she is not missing anything except fun time with her friends.. but still..Aah motherhood and guilt go hand in hand..

Anyway,all day today,we I just rested on the couch.. and Baushka read books, chattered non-stop,watched more than enough TV.Then in the afternoon,I got up and we baked cookies..and then I was sitting down tired and she came and gave me a hug and said,”Come on,cheer up,now..:)” hehee…

Before I end this random post.. I would like to say,sorry to all you sweeties,Sorry that I am not regular on your blogs and also not prompt about approving comments..I promise,I will be over on your blogs..really soon.. I promise..till then,Thank you for not giving up on me!
Love and hugs to everyone!

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Tired-Post 7

[Image courtesy-Google images]
I am so tired today..Had a long day yesterday- 3 hours at the hospital-I was seeing my OB and Endocrinologist both..and ended up seeing the diabetes instructor too..hence the three hours. I didn’t sleep too well last night and then today was school day. A friend of mine is between jobs and goes driving with me,on,SD gets a ride with her husband and I do a bit of grocery,between school runs.
That way,I get enough driving done,park in busy places and also,drive in school zones.
Today,being my first day of monitored eating,sugar monitoring and Insulin taking,has left me completely drained.
Suprisingly,this time I was expecting GD(gestational diabetes) and so,not totally bummed by it..actually,its just like a side-effect of pregnancy,this time.
And Insulin shots are quite alright too 🙂 no worries.

Oh and I finally have a new date for my driving test- June 23rd.. Its ironic,last month,when I booked my test,SD had asked me to book a date in June and I didn’t want to do that,since,it was going to be too close to my due-date.. but now I ended up postponing the test !! LOL!I guess its OK-all the extra driving is doing loads for my confidence!
More later.. too tired 😦

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I am back:) -Post 1

Hello,my lovelies!
Hope you are doing well. My laptop is back and so am I. When I didn’t have a laptop at my disposal,I kept wanting to write so many things. But, when I got my laptop,I was very sad..for reasons,that I will talk about another time..and didn’t feel like writing.
Anyway,so much to share..
First off,I have postponed my drive test.. I was just getting too stressed..I still have a bit of learning to do- 3 point turns,reverse parking,safe merging on the highway(which is mandatory in our zone),driving just 5-10kms lower that the speed(I am still driving atleast 20kms lower) -Anyway,the bottomline is.. all the stress was making me more and more nervous and as a result I was making more mistakes.I am much more relaxed after the decision to postpone..I will now be taking the test,sometime next month. In the mean-time,I am driving around as much as possible.. even without Dee(my instructor) and SD…I have taken to shamelessly,begging friends to accompanying me.:D Or else,a tired SD gets dragged out at night.
And now for some pregnancy news..
We are officially in the third trimester- the last stretch..I am getting bigger.. my tummy is getting bigger.. I am happy this time,so far I am still not getting any huger than I already was.. If anything,I am still able to wear my normal tops and have got a couple maternity yoga pants. In fact, I am happy to be still wearing a size 16!!! yayyyy 🙂 I was recently talking to a friend and realized,how good it is for your ego to dress up smartly..All through my last pregnancy,I wore loose tent-like clothes,and felt like a hag.. this time,just little well-fitted but still comfortable clothes,have done heaps of good to my ego..and I feel beautiful..despite being huge!
Babykins is kicking more and more and I have started feeling BHCs from time to time. The toilet breaks are coming sooner:D
Babushka is getting clingier as time goes..I think the fact that I am not as physical with her as before,is making her nervous all of a sudden. She actually asked me,the other day,”Mumma,will you still love me,after the baby comes?” I hugged her tight and said,”Of course,I will!” And then,the little miss went on to ask me,” Will you love me more or the baby?” Gosh!!I was speechless..I told her,”I love you LOTS and LOTS n the baby will be little,so,I will love her a little”.. oh- we are under strict instructions to call the baby HER and not HIM!
I had my GTT(glucose tolerance test) two days back..I had gestational diabetes,last time and so,we had been monitoring my sugars,from the start of this pregnancy.. even,monitoring my diet.. So,far the sugars had behaved well and were well under the limits.. but on the day of the test,the fasting sugar levels were borderline…Now,I will know in two days what the levels at 1 hour and 2 hours were like..If its still border-line,then,I can still try and control it with diet.. lets see,fingers crossed.
I will be seeing the OB and an endocrinologist on Monday… Phew.. busy days..LOL.
I am in nesting over-drive last few days..I have been re-organizing cupboards,cleaning,re-organizing some more,sorting clothes-Even SD commented.. where are we going to keep the baby’s clothes and things?LOL!
We haven’t even started looking at baby Gear this time.Last time..we already had bought tonnes of clothes and short-listed most of the things,we wanted to buy,by this time.I have the same list on my fridge this time,but,I can’t tick anything off it!! We went to get some towels etc,2 weeks back..and guess what we came back with..3-4 baby outfits- 2 pinks,1 blue,1 neutral. Babushka picked the pinks,naturally and threw a huge fit,when she saw the blue at the check-out counter! But,I have been knitting/crochetting.. made two pairs of baby booties and working on a vest now.Have a look-

Will be back with our Easter weekend details and Babushka chats:D
Till then,be good!!

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You have got to be kidding me!!

Yes!!That’s the only thought on my mind last 3 days!I will tell you about that shortly.. first let me explain my absence. The last few days,we have been quite sick..I caught the flu-bug from Babushka and have been living in feberile hell last 3 days. To add to that,an unexpected Asthma attack.. What I thought was indigestion..actually turned out to be full blown asthma attack.I had to go into our local GP’s emergency room and had to get the nebuliser and go on antibiotics!I haven’t had to use the athma inhaler on a daily basis for many years now and that doesn’t make me happy:( But anyway,atleast I am breathing,instead of struggling to breathe-so its a good thing.
Anyway,now to the title of my post,today.
First off,we have crossed the half-way mark!!Yayyy Me and yayyy Babykins!! I cannot believe it we haven’t taken any belly shots this time..I think the last shot was at 8 weeks,before my sister left!!! Hopefully,today,we’ll take some pics this week.
We went for the 20-week ultrasound on Tuesday.. and the baby was in a difficult position..So,I ended up spending nearly 1 and half hour on the examination table.. The baby didn’t move..I ended up with a back ache,the sonographer ended up with a stiff back..When she told me after 45 minutes of probing,”Try to empty your bladder”..I told her..”Ohh even a thousand horse couldn’t hold me back!!!” Seriously I thought I was going to burst!!!! Anyway,after 1 and a half hour,she told me,sorry,I can’t see much,you will have to come back again..hopefully the baby will be in a better position and we can finish off the rest of the measurements then.
We then went and picked up Babushka and guess what she looked tired and drained..and sure enough when we got back home,she was burning up.I gave her some Panadol and let her rest.. and then,my asthma episode happenned.
I couldn’t sleep at all that night.. may be the nerves,may be the breathlessness.. whatever,I was literally checking the time,every half an hour and was out of bed,before the alarm rang. Anyway,we got ready,downed brekkies and gulped water.. was ready to burst again,this time,even before we reached the radiology center.This time,Babushka went with us,after much drama-she is not a morning person at all..just like her mumma!! She was happy to see the ‘Video-doctor’ and we got down to the business of studying the babykins morphology.. again,the same thing.. not in a good position..:( This time we tried for one hour..and the u/s tech told me,”we got 1/3rd yesterday, 1/3rd today..but you still need to come in again tomorrow..for the rest”..WHATT?? Are you kidding me??
We trooped back again today and finally it was done..they got all the measurements..and we got two beautiful pictures.. and everyone is happy.. well except..we are still waiting to know..Pink or Blue? LOL!!
Ohh and the first day,we saw the cutest thing ever. Everytime,the u/s tech pressed the probe on my belly,Babykins would punch it -it was like watching a little boxer,lashing at a punching bag. Everytime the probe was near his/her head,s/he would put a hand on the head. Finally the little fighter got tired of punching the crap out of the probe and rubbed his/her eyes and nose..It was sooo cute!!:D
Oh!And I figured out,why I have been feeling less movements..This time,I have anterior placenta!! That sure explains it.. but,I can’t help but think..’There goes my chance for VBAC’.. Oh! Well.. as long as the bub is busy,inside..and comes out safely,all’s well!BTW,anybody out there,reading this,who had or knows someone who had anterior Placenta?
More later,my lovelies..

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Oops we did it again..

And Happily too!!
I have been bursting at the seams to say this..both literally and figuratively!
Sometime in late July or early August,our little girl,will be a big sister.And I can already see,how good she is going to be.
She runs to open the door for me,brings me a glass of water or my glasses,plays by herself quietly,rubs my tummy and head and tells me..everything will be OK!
DH has been on the top of the world,since we found out..though he frets that I don’t rest enough..I mean really how much rest can you get,when you have a busy pre-schooler at home!
Me-Well I have been happy,tired,sleepy,nauseous,happy,tired nauseous,sleepy..on the loop. At one time,I found myself hoping that I’d throw up..and when I just made the nausea worse..So,yeah..:) Alls good,except that the nausea doesn’t seem to going away..
The list of foods that make me sick this time around,is so long..that I am beginning to worry,if I will ever get any food/nutrition down the baby’s throat!
So,thats what has been keeping me away..well that and the fact that we decided to wait 12 weeks before announcing on the blog!It was like..I had a gag-order and all I wanted to do was spill the beans!I am still keeping this off FB/ if you know me there,humor me please:)
That being said..Bring on the love and hugs..we need them..:)And send up a little prayer,that the rest of the way is smooth sailing!

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My perfectly planned postpartum visit

Aadya turned 6 week old on may 11th and i had my 6 week postpartum visit scheduled that day.Being a big planner,I had planned it to the tee..

I would wake up fresh that day..I was sure Aadya would sleep well the previous night.. you see I had planned it that way.I would give her a late bath, followed by a massage and then feed her.And my precious baby would sleep for a good .stretch of 5-6 hours. I would spend the morning playing with Aadya and then treat myself to a leisurely shower,while she napped.I chose the perfect outfit for the big day..:) one of my favourite pre-pregnancy outfit, so that I could dramatically announce to Dr.H- see this fits ALREADY!! I chose the cutest outfit for Aadya..Charged my camera battery.DH would take pictures,while we girls posed with Dr.H.Cooked some extra food the previous night,so I wouldn’t have to cook on my big day!Yeah Yeah..for all those who are thinking..what a nut I am..Yeah I am like that..:) I like to make a big deal of everything. 🙂 And this visit officially marked the end of my pregnancy 🙂 Another milestone 🙂 I had also planned to pick up a muffin basket for the staff at the Dr’s office..

Here’s what Actually happened-

Thursday evening, Dr.H’s nurse called and said that Dr.H wanted to test my blood glucose levels to see if they were back to normal,so I needed to be at the office by 8 am for the blood test and then I could come back later in the afternoon for my visit.. Sure,I can make it!

Friday night..Aadya baby just decided that night times are for playing.. so, while it was 3 am in real world.. it was playtime in Aadyaland.And just before sunrise,my little sunshine called it a day.. but only to wake up again at 7.30, screaming in hunger..So, mommy fed her, changed her and was ready leave and she pooped..long story short.. we reached the Dr’s office at 9.00. I decided to skip shower.. since i was gonna come back.. and have my planned bath before the actual visit. When I get there I am told I have to wait there for 3 hours!!! without eating!! or drinking !!! So, there I am ..No sleep, No shower,No food.. how bad can it get..Its OK..I’ll flip through some magazines, read some interesting articles n then go home and enjoy my well planned day!!!
Just as I settled down and go comfortable with some interesting articles…Aadya woke up hungry..OK, now this is really funny.. In a place full of pregnant women and new moms.. there is no place to nurse the baby..And I have still not reached the point where i can do it discreetly and if you are big-busted like me and uncomfortable about opening shop in public,you’ll know what I mean…I asked the receptionist.. and she said.. you could try the restroom!!!!And I did.. I tried nursing sitting on the toilet and it was so uncomfortable!!!! And imagine my plight when some lady kept knocking and asking rudely who was in there!!I buttoned up.. held my crying babe in my arms and came out.. I was ready to cry myself.finally the lab technician came to my rescue..she found me a spare room and ushered me in..with instructions to the nurses to watch out for me.
By the time Aadya was well-fed,it was time to get my blood drawn. this time I ran into Dr.H..she asked me what I was doing there.. n when was I seeing her.When I said that afternoon..she said no way.. She would try to fit me in while I was waiting for the blood test.She is such a sweetie.
Meanwhile, Aadya decided that she was bored of sitting in the stroller and wanted to see the world from a higher post..and how dare mommy sit down!! Walk Mommy,Walk! So, there I am pacing the waiting room with my babe in arms..Dr.H’s nurse came ,lead me inside and asked me to undress.. And that’s when I remembered my unshowered state!!! And if I could have..I would have really died of embarrassment or dug a hole and buried myself.I undressed anyway.. and hopped on the examination table.. and Aadya started to fuss.. She didn’t want to be in the stroller!! I jumped off the table,doubled up in pain,covered myself awkwardly and entertained her, gave her a pacifier..looked at my was time for my blood draw!!!UGHHHHH!! got dressed again.. hauled the stroller, got pricked and came back..All you mommies will know how I tired I must have been.. nursing the baby twice without eating or drinking.. carrying my precious cargo around..All that and no sleep!!
BTW, did I mention- in my perfectly planned visit,DH was going to be around to take care of Aadya..But he had an important meeting that was MIA.
Finally Dr.H came and examined me..I was hoping all the time that she doesn’t notice my unkempt appearance and doesn’t realise my unshowered state..She didn’t say anything about it.. and i will just pretend that she didn’t notice!She gave Aadya a T-shirt and me all-OK! and see you in an year’s time.. unless you decide to get pregnant before that 🙂 We hugged.. I felt strange.I felt like I had graduated from being Pregnant to being a Mommy..Sure that had happened a month back.. but this was like the final certificate 🙂 Strangely,I felt bad.. it was like leaving the comforts of an old friend and going out in the big bad world.. all alone.
And in the end,I didn’t get to show off in my pre-pregnancy clothes, didn’t get to dress up Aadya in her cute outfit..(though all her outfits are cute) and didn’t get any pictures with Dr.H! And nope.. didn’t get to pick up the muffin basket as well..
Ohh well!! so much for planning!

Edited to Add- I just heard from Dr.H’s nurse.My blood glucose levels came back great.. bye bye Gestational diabetes… until the next time there’s a baby in mommy tummy!


Some sweet memories

So, I never got around to writing everything about my pregnancy.. Baby SS came early.. A good lesson for mommy- Babies wait for no-one!
But my pregnancy journal wouldn’t be complete without these sweet memories-
Baby SS gets hiccups-
It was sometime after lunchtime. I was lying down on the couch,reading a book. And suddenly i thought I felt heartbeats in my tummy. HUH?? whats going on? Immediately I googled it.. and found out that Baby SS was having hiccups!! hehee Hiccups.. My baby ,standing on her head and having hiccups..It was so funny and special! I called up DH at work and told him immediately. He asked me how I knew.. I told him what was happening and he googled it too.I had my 24 weeks visit that day and we reconfirmed it with the doctor too.She would have hiccups for 20-30 mins at a time.. and that continues even now!
Dad feels his baby kick-
Ever since I felt the first fluttering I wanted DH to experience it too. And he was looking forward to it too.So, every time the baby started kicking, I would grab his hand and put it on my belly.. but either he couldn’t feel anything or the baby would stop kicking! So, one night after dinner.. We were still sitting at the table, chatting and she started to kick.. I grabbed his hand and put it on my belly, yet again. only this time in my rush, i pressed a little hard.And she kicked him hard!!! He had a stiff neck that day! but that kick made him forget that.. He hugged me so tight..We both had tears in our eyes!
After that first introductory was really excited.Whenever we were sitting ,relaxed and baby was moving, he would ask me to keep his hand where i felt the kicks. And when I guided him to the right spot, he would pat there.. and if SS was in an indulgent mood she would oblige by kicking back and playing with her dad.


Baby SS- Your Crib is waiting for you

2 weeks back, as it dawned on me that I would be completing 36 weeks soon , I knew it was time to set up a crib for baby SS. Everyone was telling me that its going to be anytime after that and apparently, I took it literally. That could be one of the reasons for my disappointment and impatience.Anyway, back to the crib- so, we had start from the very beginning and that was choosing the crib. Now we had been looking at cribs for months and had also picked out a favorite. But the trouble was getting the crib home. The crib that we liked was beautiful. But,it was also Big and heavy. And DH didn’t have lifting buddies to carry it home from the parking lot. And the stores were charging exorbitant delivery charges. So, our search for the perfect crib was still on.
That’s when my friend Pooja came to the rescue. I came to know Pooja through a pregnancy website.She is also due in April .What is so great about our friendship is we met as strangers, exchanged emails and as our pregnancies progressed we have come to be good friends. I wish our friendship continues to grow. So, Pooja suggested that I look at the crib that she picked up for her baby from Babies’R’us and we went and checked it out and we loved it. So, there it was.. Our perfect crib. We had probably seen that crib during our previous trips to BRU , but just never saw it in the color and finish that we liked. And that day, there it was. Just waiting for us. We even picked up the perfect bedding set to go with it and set it up when we came home.

So, the crib is ready, waiting for Baby SS to arrive and grace it.
But looking at the empty crib makes me yearn for Baby SS even more. Every time I enter our bedroom,yes , I plan to room her in for the first few months( or forever), and see the crib , I wonder if I left SS somewhere unattended and then I look at my belly and remember that she is fine, safely snuggled inside.