What is a good date???

So,tomorrow I have an appointment with the OB and he told us,we have could pick a date and everyone has a say about it.. so much so,its driving me nuts!
I asked SD what he feels and he says, we should find out an auspicious date.. I vetoed.. simply because,if for some reason we can’t get a slot on the said date,then,I don’t want to feel bad.
My aunt arrives here on the 22nd and I feel,that practically that will be a good date to fix up..Again,there is a possibility that we may not get a slot on this day.. but again,this date is picked purely based on convenience,so I won’t feel bad.
I was talking to my sister and mentioned SD’s intents to her and she went a step ahead and consulted her face reader and called back with a couple of auspicious dates and according to her,the most auspicious date is right in the 40th week! There is no way,the OB is going to let me go that far.. and again,if I get to pick,why would I want to wait that long-specially given the last few weeks.
Now,SD is convinced we should pick one of the other dates she told us… which is fine.. only not practical..I mean if my aunt is coming all the way.. and if we can pick a date.. then I would rather have it closer to when she arrives,instead of a week before her arrival!
SD feels its not a big deal and he can manage,without any family around.. but I can’t wrap my head around it..
Ofcourse,there is the thing that despite all this permutation and combination,the baby can chose to arrive on a totally different date..just like his/her sister..who arrived a good 3 weeks early!
So now,tell me my lovely readers,what do you think??


16 thoughts on “What is a good date???

  1. Hmm….imho, u either ignore it completely or go all the way. Don’t do anything half-heartedly! BEst wishes for a smooth and safe delivery whenever it happens 🙂


  2. Oh My God! What confusion….here is an idea..put all the dates which the doctor has given in chits…as Babs to pick up one..and voila..thats babykins birthday 🙂

    Bah..just joking..take care of your health and just choose a date you n SD are comfortable with


  3. Hugs Trish! Comfort first, combined with some auspicious date if possible, since SD so wants it.

    A friend of mine delivered recently. They were all set to avoid one particular day and get to the hospital early next morning, but her son decided otherwise 🙂 But both of them are fit and fine, so there!

    Gud luck with the appointment tomorrow. Take care 🙂


    1. Ohhhhhhhhh I knowww what u mean,Swaru!! For some reason,my sis asked me avoid a particular date.. to an extent,i thought i shud..but again,if its a wedding or house warming,totally in our control,then its a different thing.. but here,we can’t decide better to just leave things to time:)


  4. Well SM go for it .. Every day is a good day when all are healthy and everything works out fine .. 🙂 Thats what i think..

    All the best and let us know…


  5. I would say look at how you are feeling. And pick a date that works for you. You are the one who is dealing with most of the issues with the pregnancy, so anything that works for you is the best. 🙂


  6. Don’t worry sweety and decide on a date that goes best for you…comfortable for you, with the help you want around and that’ll be taking your health issues in due consideration.
    Your and baby’s health and well being matters most. So stop worrying and getting confused with the date game.
    Good luck with everything 😀 😀


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