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Of Chinese tortures and stripping in parks

I survived Chinese torture , stripped in the park,in the same evening and lived to tell the tale. Those of you,who think,this is going to be an A-rated “strip-tease”kinda post,sorry to disappoint you.Nor is it some kind of action thriller.This is just a mom’s not-so-dull evening,out.

It being Summer,I decided to go get myself waxed.So,I set about with Aadya,in her stroller.The girls at the salon love her and she normally behaves herself,chattering with them,giving them coy smiles and even before she realises,we are done.That particular day,we decided to meet a friend and her 18 month old in the city park.So,not to digress,at the salon…the girls,Lily and Lena,took me inside..Aadya’s stroller was parked at its normal position.Lily or Lena(I forget who is who)asked me to hop on the bed.I did.Little did I know what awaited me. They attacked me tackling my legs,the other my hands.And before starting,one of them,gave Aadya a sesame snap candy,”For the Chinese New Year”,she said.

So,the waxing began..and the Diva decided she was bored.Just when the first strip was pulled off,she demanded,Oppenit oppenit!!She wanted me to open her candy packet.She kept at it..Lily and Lena,oblivious to the oppenits,kept yanking..Aadya tried to stand in her stroller,still buckled up,put her grubby fingers on my free hand and pulled with almost the same strength as the girls.”OPPENITT!!!”she demanded..this time I knew,I had to do it.I opened it awkwardly,with my one hand,and teeth. “Thanksh” she said as I handed her precious candy to her.I breathed easily..if the brat was quiet,I could tolerate the waxing.It was her whining that turned it into a Chinese torture!
One sec,later,I heard,”Droppit,droppit””oh No!!She had dropped her candy! Then,she continued her Droppit song.I tried talking to her,sweetly threatening her in Hindi,reasoning quietly in English..nope,she continued,droppit droppit.I mumbled,”Lena,can you please pick up her candy”..I guess Lena was the one farthest from the bed..coz neither girl,answered.Aadya continued,asking for Dudu,chockie,Kaju,bickie,book,phoune..I think,she must have figured,if i ask for ten things,at least I will get one.Hands done,one of them,was stepping outside.The other started on my eyebrows.This time,Lena heard me..and gave her the bottle from the bag.
She gulped her Dudu quietly and put the bottle down.Lena had left the bag,too close to the stroller.I was happy,to get my eyebrows done in peace..only to find Aadya,opening my purse and throwing all the cards and money on the floor..saving only the coins.Ordeal over,I quickly put on my shirt,paid and left.We got on the train,reached the park.It was then,that I realised that I had forgotten to remove the singlet I was wearing,when getting waxed.It was sticking to the skin.That was so uncomfortable.We were playing ball,while waiting for our friends.The park was mostly empty.I decided to get rid of the singlet.It was the time to use,Rachael’s bra trick(from Friends,duh!)
I slipped one strap off,with great difficulty..I was wearing a full sleeves shirt..Then,slipped the second strap off..and then,realised belatedly,it was a singlet,and wasn’t going to open up.So,I just looked left and right and pulled..then finally,pulled it all the way down to my feet and off!I am hoping,no one saw me..or they would think of me as a crazy fool.I told Sanj about it,and he just looked at me poker-faced and said..”So,now you have stripped in a park..bas yahi dekhna reh gaya tha”(this is the last thing I needed to see)..
Yeah sure..whatever..
The rest of the evening was just dull,we just ran and played in the park..met Sanj,came back home 🙂


6 thoughts on “Of Chinese tortures and stripping in parks

  1. ROFL! Good one! So if you ever come across a tag where you have to tick the things you have done and it has “Stripped in the park” you can tick it 😉


  2. HAHAHAAA!!! i’ve done something identical in our conf room in office! 😀 i can only imagine bubba’s reaction! poor man! :Dstay safe!! from the wildfires… not park stripping! 😀


  3. hahaha at the Bubba’s comments!! Yes, Im sure my man can commiserate as well…Im having trouble knowing my “boundaries” re: ‘flashing’ post in who can see me full frontal and who cannot..was too exhausted in the hospital to care.


  4. hahahahaaaaa!! you poor thing !! hahahahahaaaa…….I hope you don’t live close to those raging fires. I read in the newspaper today that fireman from NZ will not be going there to assist as the dry conditions due to heat here are getting almost as bad as Victoria’s…..stay safe.


  5. :Doh well! if you had a list to do before you turned 30 or 40 or whatever that said strip in public, you are done!!! :DCubby looks at me wit such animated eyes when i do the bra trick! its llike magic for him! hehe!cheers!abha


  6. whoa :)) thats quite an experience! And parlour visits with the kids…thats an award-winning experience everytime, or so my sis swears 🙂


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