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Papa’s Pipette

Aadya is turning into a daddy’s girl,slowly and steadily.Everyday,the first thing she says,when she wakes up is,”Papa Offish”.Then,start the pretend phone calls,spread through out the day.When Papa calls,Mamma can’t hang up,without the Pipette talking to him.Come evening and the Pipette,peeks out the window,every few minutes,to see if Papa is home.And when he does arrive home,he is greeted with a big squeal and she jumps into his arms,starting her non-stop narrative of the day.

He is not allowed to put her down,even for a minute,till she doesn’t finish.It doesn’t matter if Papa might need to use the toilet or wash his face.All that has to wait.

Then,Papa is in-charge of the dinner,teeth brushing,Shower(depending on the Pipette’s mood,mamma or papa are summoned).Sometimes a car-ride is demanded too..and Papa being the good one,always obliges,well almost always.

Then,bed-time masti is always Papa-Pipette time,when mamma is pushed to the sidelines.They talk,they laugh,they jump,they pretend-laugh too.Sometimes,they cuddle with Mamma too..and the Pipette,makes sure that she is between Mamma and Papa,clinging to Papa.

On Weekends,the first thing she asks,as always is Papa Offish?When S says,no baby no office today..the mood is set.The Pipette has a big smile on her face.Most days,we give her a bottle in bed,and laze around.But,Pipette is too restless to stay in bed.She starts pulling Papa,saying Utho Utho(wake up) till he doesnt get up from the bed.She even brings our glasses to us,specially opening Papa’s,so all he has to do is put it on.

Here’s some exchanges between Papa and Pipette-

When Papa is just back from work-

Pipette- Papa Papa,Maana.(Maana= slapping/hitting)

Papa-Kaun mara mere baby ko?(who hit my baby)

Pipette- Mamma..Maana Maana,Pipette cry park fwing mamma push bala shcared….and so on.


Pipette-no no Fwing!

Papa-Fwing na


The Pipette says all S words with an F or SH sound.So swing is fwing,spider is fider,scared is shared,santa is shanta,you get the gist.

Mamma was hiding somewhere,laughing,but of course,she didn’t want to upset the Pipette:)

Pipette throwing toys,Papa pretending to scold her,while winking at mamma

Pipette-No-No-No No Daati (No scolding)

Papa-Ok meri Ma(ok mom!)

Pipette- (runs to Mamma)- Ma,Ma

In the kitchen,Pipette opening the cupboard

Papa-Kya ho raha hai?(What are you doing?)


Papa-What? Shaafing kya hai?(what is Shaafing)

Pipette- Shaaf Papa,Wash,shaaf.(Shaaf=Saaf,in hindi=clean)

Papa and Mamma both were stumped at this one.How does a child so small know to put -ing after the word..

At the grocery store,Pipette wants to pick up a packet of speciality cheese,

Papa-No,we are not buying that cheese

Pipette-No,Wandit wandit

Papa-no no you dont want it..we are not buying that.

Pipette-Big scowl on the wee face-Pipette Angee..

Papa-olle angry..

Pipette- no Pipette Angee

Papa(to Mamma)-Should we buy the cheese?

This little princess has her Papa wrapped around her little finger.


2 thoughts on “Papa’s Pipette

  1. Kiddie talk is so cute…I had such a good laugh reading about ‘shafing’ :DThese kids are way too intelligent than we can ever imagine


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