Babushka · Birthday

Happy Birthday,baby!

My darling Babushka,
Happy birthday! Woww you are 4 today!!And for some reason,every few minutes my eyes well up…as I remember the ickle baby,who was placed in my arms,shortly before midnight on the 30th of march 2007.
You were born at 8:33 pm but it was more than 3 hours later,that I got to hold you.And just then,I knew,I was a changed person..My heart was forever lost to the little baby I held..:)
You have grown up so much in the last year,more so in the last few months..Your vocabulary is growing,your accent is changing and you are voicing your opinions even more than ever.Most of the times, you are the best company to hang out with.. except when you are tired or sleepy or just woken up.. and then you just don’t stop whining..that does have me near to tears most of the time.. but I have heard from my friends that your other 4 yo friends are no different.
You are the best mischief companion for both your daddy and me.. sometimes you team up with him and tease me.. both of you huddle on the couch,whispering naughties and then looking at me and pretend laughing.. on other times,you team up with me-especially when you want to wake up daddy…You nudge me,whisper,’Come lets tickle him;lets wake him up’ ..its the cutest thing ever.
You know,Baby, last year a little before you turned 3,you asked for a baby sister..yes you did… and all through most of the last year,you kept saying,that you know that your baby sister is in Mumma’s tummy. Every time you prayed,you asked for a baby sister and even when we went to Shirdi,you asked for a baby sister… And now,there is a baby in Mumma’s tummy… I am hoping its a sister for you..:) Coz you want a sister soo badly.. You fight with your daddy everytime,he says,may be it should be a boy…:)
Sweetheart, you are the best helper love hearing that..and you really are the best helper.You love working in the kitchen- you have graduated from empty bowls to scrapers..and peeling veggies,and even before I get a chance to cut the carrots or cucumbers,you have sampled them.
Baby,I know this year your life is going to change drastically- your much awaited baby will be here..Yes, you insist on calling it your baby..:) And you get mad if we call you a baby…but as I was saying,your much awaited baby will be here and things might get a little crazy.Mommy and Daddy might have unrealistic expectations from you or sometimes,you might have unreasonable demands.. but remember come what may,we love you..and will always love you a tad more,if not as much as the new baby… After all you are our first baby and will always remain so.
By the time,you read this,I am sure you will be 16 or so,chances are that mommy may not be your best friend..and you may not think,I am the best Mom as you do now, and so,I hope reading this,will tell you,just how much loved and cherished you are.Ohh but,sweetie,please don’t tell your bro/sis what I said about loving you more!!:)
I hope all your dreams come true..I hope you continue to be the smart,confident person you are..And I hope you continue to believe that mommy and daddy can do magic..

Love you with all my heart and more…

And I asked Daddy to write something for you.This is what he wanted to say:
Daughters are angels
Sent from above
To fill our heart
With unending love.
Happy 4th Birthday my baby,
Love Papa


26 thoughts on “Happy Birthday,baby!

  1. Happy Birthday to Babushka, I am so emotional after reading this, I am almost 16 may be she thinks mommy is not her best friend, but at 26 she would definitely think that mommy is her best friend..Its tough for we mom to accept that they are growing..Take care..Hugs to you..


    1. Aww Seena, First off-hugs to you!!
      And second- I know?hope she will think Mommy is her best friend at 26!I knoww..I missed my mom the most around that time.:)
      I wish I could just freeze her like this..when she wakes up every morning,snuggles close and tells me..”you are the best mom”.. hehe


  2. What a lovely gift to give your child that she can cherish all her life. I agree with Seena, reading this got me all emotional.

    Hugs and kisses to the two (or may be 3) of you.


  3. Awww! Happy bday babes…hope you have all the fun in the world and you are truely blessed to have a mum and dad like your parents *PS: This is for you to read when you are 16 and understand it when you are 30*


  4. Oh gosh!! You know how much Babushka’s gonna love reading this when she grows old enough to understand?


    Give a beeeeg hug & a smacky muah from Crafty to Babushka! Happy Bday, princess!


  5. That’s such a lovely letter T. Ya, first ones are always special 🙂 I luv saying that bcoz I am a first born too 😉

    Hugs to li’l err big Babushka and wishing her a very happy birthday 🙂


    1. LOL!!I knoww I am a firstborn too:D And love the extra love I got for the years when I was the only baby..and only kid in the family!
      And yes,big Babushka is better..:) say little and a wee voice corrects you..But,I am not little..I am a big KID!


  6. A very beautiful letter that made my eyes go moist with it’s warmth 😀
    A very Happy Birthday to Babushka 😀 😀
    Double congratulations to you dear, one for Babushka’s birthday and second for the little bundle of joy that’s about to step in your world 😛 😛
    Take care dear 😀


  7. Belated Birthday Wishes to the li’l madam. How was her day?? Double the pampering?? Give us the details. Party this coming weekend ya ho gaye?


  8. Belated wishes Babushka !!
    its a beautiful post !! had tears welling up reading your part and tears rolling down reading Daddy’s 4 lines !!
    Really hope for her sake, you have a girl this time too !


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