Babushka · Birthday

Last Sleep Before 4!

Babushka is super super super excited about her birthday!She had a hard time falling asleep too..:)All she wanted to do was talk about her BURDAY and then some! She has a list of people,who cannot wish her,who will not get any treats..who can wish her and who can get extra lollies-:) reminded me of the Vodaphone delights ad!
It was decided earlier,that we will go pick up her cake,after we pick her up from school,but now the Princess has decided,that its not cool.. She wants the cake ready at home,when she gets back..Better still,she wants us to bake it together..:) Lets see how that goes.
And she wants Mumma to help in her school,tomorrow..When I asked her,how about your special lunch? She got really upset and said,”No,Mummy,you need to help first,then come home and cook..”I asked her,should we just go out to eat?? And that was followed by a big tear-fest..
Ohh Well!Mummy,better get her act together and help out in school one of these days..
She got her presents from India- Her dadu-dadi’s parcel arrived last week and her Nanu-masi’s arrived today,and she still hasn’t stopped gushing over ther goodies.She wore one of the new dresses to school today and we already have another pretty dress lined up for tomorrow:) You know,we do not buy her party clothes on her birthday anymore..:) She gets a big loot by courier..we just end up buying essential-play wear,school wear,shoes,etc.
SD and I had planned not to buy her anymore toys,until after her party,because,we are seriously running out of space to keep her toys.So,when she asked me,at bed-time,what we are giving her as a gift-I asked her what she wanted?She said,she wanted a Dora cake and a Dora hat.And she wants that to be her gift 🙂 So, tomorrow,after we drop her off at school,we go on a Dora-hat hunt!
OMG!OMG!I cannot believe that my ickle baby is turning four..She is looking bigger,talking like a big person..OMG!!Somebody pinch me,so that I know its not a dream!


12 thoughts on “Last Sleep Before 4!

    1. It was nice.. 🙂 only she didnt want to give any treats to the boys!!*rolling eyes*
      Then she refused to talk to anyone who called!LOL!But,at bedtime,she told me..I had a nice play at my home..and it was the best birthday EVER!:) What more can a Mommy ask!


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