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Party Pics finally..

Sorry,it took me so long,but Babushka’s Easter Break is on..and you know,what that means,right? Crazy times!!Without further Ado:)
First,the goody bags 🙂 from Mommy’s craftroom.

Brown paper bags, assorted buttons( teacups,stars,butterflies,ladybirds,clouds,flowers,hearts),fancy knitting yarn,some paint,Red Marker to write names,some glue and paper punch..Ta..da.. Green goody bags.

The venue was an indoor-playcenter,so naturally,there was a lot of playing,jumping,bouncing..

And the mad scramble to go up the slide!!!

Ms.Babushka got upset,because Friend R and BFF A were playing together..(I never knew petty jealousies start so early!!) And so Friend R,being the sweetheart she is,was running after Babushka,dancing around her,trying to cheer her up:) Sweet,no?

Much Awaited Cake:)

It was three layers of chocolated mudcake with butterscotch filling and covered with green fondant,decorated with hand-made flowers,butterflies,mushrooms,edible glitter..Even before the cake was cut,everyone,started laying claims on which decoration bits,they wanted to eat!!! Oh and you can see bits of my new dress 🙂 and the little tum-tum:D

Tired after all the running around,but,still not ready to go home..

And finally the loot!


14 thoughts on “Party Pics finally..

  1. Wow! I’ve been waiting for these updates since long 😀
    Loved those green goody bags and that super tempting cake 😀
    I am sure everyone must have had an awesome time 😀 😀


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