Hello everyone and welcome back to MY SUNSHINE .
Those of you,who followed us here,Thank you and welcome back.
Those of you,who haven’t arrived yet,hope to see you soon.
One year back,when I first started blogging,I had no clue about urls and the likes.To me,they were only website addresses- I still don’t know much about all that..But,when I finally made up my mind about changing the url,I was very apprehensive..a little worried actually,as I didn’t want to lose 1 year’s worth of posts, the memories I had painstakingly recorded over the last year..After checking and rechecking,my google reader and only after I was more than 100% sure that,I had all the posts,saved up,I clicked on button for changing url.And Thank God,everything worked out!:)
Yes,yes I am a drama queen.. but then,its the first time I am changing my url!
And the new url demanded a new look too..So,the green background is for keeping up with the Spring spirit..My favorite season of the year! Sunday morning I woke up and saw the dry dead tree outside my bedroom window was loaded with tiny white flowers.I rushed out to the balcony and saw the tree infront of the balcony,adorned with beautiful green and red hanging bunches..I still don’t know what tree it is,but I am searching Google for it.I will post a picture and if anyone knows what it is,please do share.
Edited to Add –Ohh I got side tracked-the new header..that’s Aadya(naturally),1 month old..I wanted to add a more personal touch to the header-so,I made this one,a while back.But I was waiting for the new url to put it up with.You know-the complete makeover!:P
Anyway,glorious Sunday morning was followed by a dull and gloomy monday morning..and it started snowing by around 6 pm monday evening and as I write this,I can still see the snow flakes falling and the moonlight being reflected from snow covered roofs!Just beautiful.
On that note,I’ll sign off..and you.. while you are here,get comfortable..look around and lemme know..what you think of the new MY SUNSHINE!


12 thoughts on “Welcome

  1. RV-Thank you,Thank you 🙂 BTW, you are the first one to comment on the new blog :)Jayshri-Thank you 🙂 and good to see you here


  2. hey hey!!The new sunshine is bright as ever. And you go, girl! More power to you and let the blogging flourish at the new url..==


  3. It looks great. Especially the green theme for spring.How did you redirect the RSS feeds? Or is it simple enough?I picked my url one sleepy evening early last year and just went with what was not already taken by others. For some time, I have found it quite boring and wanted to change over to something that suited us more, as in something that reflected Apya and Bubbu and our family better.But I thought it would be tricky to ‘move’ so kept putting it off.


  4. Jayashri-Thanx,I shall take up the tag ASAPUpsi-Thank you thank you! It was so nice talking to u again! Looking forward to meeting u now.Mummyjaan-Ohh I know what you mean about putting it off..I did too! for such a long time! This new url is so me.. and so much more Aadya!:) And its really simple.Just go to settings and then,publishing.and then choose the new Url! that’s all I did!and then I left one last post on menmysunshine about moving.coz I still dont know if u can just get there,if u click on my name on your blogroll!Hope that helps!


  5. Kodi’s mom- thank are u doing?Rayshma-thanx..finally i found someone who spells kewl like i do!2 b’s mom-thank you..hope u had a great vacation.Mad Momma-Thankee 😛


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