A warm Welcome

Hello,Thanks for stopping by!

This is the Suburban Mumma,reporting from the Suburban house.Welcome to our home:) Let me introduce you to the members who will feature regularly on this blog:

The Suburban Daddy- That’s the husband and the father of the younglings 🙂

As for the younglings, there’s Babushka-the Princess of our hearts and home.She is nearly four and the biggest chatterbox,ever!

And coming soon to the Subarban house is Babykins 🙂 

So,yeah thats us..:) I will introduce other members as and when they come along. This blog is my attempt to capture the precious moments of our life,as it zooms by. So, settle in,get comfortable.. there’s more to come!


24 thoughts on “A warm Welcome

  1. Hi Suburban Mumma, let me just call you SUM 🙂 Thank u for letting me know about your blog, will add you to my reader right away. Btw, love your blog title 🙂


  2. I checked my email just today and was thrilled :).See I know you couldnt stop blogging.Nice space you have here and Babushka is such an apt name for your princess


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