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Nanya talks,Aadi wonders..

I have had the worst day ever today and need some cheering up and what better to cheer me up than my little munchkins’ chatter.
Ms Nanya loves L.O.V.E.S. Baby Looney tunes.She knows the names of all the characters and rattles them off as the show is starting-BugBunny,daffiDuck,twitty,Lola,Taz!She LOVES TAZ…and tries to act like him,stomping her feet and fake crying.
She now speaks full sentences-has been for a while now,but everytime I hear a complete sentence,my heart turns to mush! “Mumma,Papa found me book.” Yesterday,she was at home with SD and I had gone out with for sometime.When I got back, SD was in the shower,she yelled out..”Papa,Look Mumma come back”and from the moment I came back,she didn’t leave me for even a minute. Love her love for me 🙂
Every morning,when she wakes up,she walks out of the bedroom,straight to the kitchen and hugs me..snuggles with me..ALWAYS turns me to mush..ALWAYS.
Nanya is always stuck to today Aadi complained,I never get to hug you.I said sure you can and stretched my hands out to her.She came in for a cuddle.And sighed…”I wonder if this is a dream or if this is for real”..My little drama queen. Speaking of cuddles,I love it how both my babies fit in just right in my arms….Its amazing 🙂
Aadi is so proud of the fact that she was the one who made Ananya laugh for the first time. She is..Nanya was 3.5 mo and I was cooking,I had propped her on the couch and Aadi was jumping in front of her,trying to play with her and she started really loudly.SD and I both stopped what we doing and just amazing was the sound of our baby’s special because she was laughing for her sister.Today,they were playing and Aadi started doing the same thing,pretending to fall down and saying ‘their’ special phrase..”Aaa traa ta ta”  and Nanya started giggling..She was laughing so hard that she was falling off..and Aadya kept going,even when we told her to stop.It was so nice to hear them laughing like that..And when I was tucking Aadya in for the night,she said to me,”Mumma,did you see?I made Ananya laugh again..she laughed her pants and eyes off.She thinks I am funny,but I don’t mind,because she sounds so happy.” OMG! I was so proud,I felt like my heart was going to burst.
And now,writing this post has made me problems haven’t gone away but atleast,I am smiling again..:)

I hope reading about my gorgeous girls makes you smile too 🙂
More later…



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