Bathroom singers start early

Everyday,at bath-time,Aadi loves to play with her soap,a translucent bar of Pears Soap.And she insists on singing songs..sometimes,we scream tunelessly,sometimes,she insists on singing the song correctly. One of her favorite songs is,the Meri Duniya song from Hey Baby..And we sing the chorus bit..”Oooo..oooo ” over and over till one of us doesn’t start laughing. And… Continue reading Bathroom singers start early

Tales from Aadyaland

Don’t Say Bad Words to me

Yup!!You guessed it..Its the latest jewel from Aadyaland. If I say some big english words like “intelligence” and distaction,superstition,frustrated”….she tells me,’Don’t say bad words to me!’ She understands basic Marathi for words like come,go,later,hurry up,etc..but if I talk to her,in marathi,very fast and she doesn’t follow it,she tells me,”Don’t say bad words to me!’ But… Continue reading Don’t Say Bad Words to me