Bathroom singers start early

Everyday,at bath-time,Aadi loves to play with her soap,a translucent bar of Pears Soap.And she insists on singing songs..sometimes,we scream tunelessly,sometimes,she insists on singing the song correctly.
One of her favorite songs is,the Meri Duniya song from Hey Baby..And we sing the chorus bit..”Oooo..oooo ” over and over till one of us doesn’t start laughing.
And another favorite song is-Pear Soap Jingle..”Dum da rum dum-dum..”it starts..today,at bath-time,this was her song of choice.I started singing and she said,”No I will sing” I said OK..this usually means,she prompts me to say my lines..she started “dumdadummdumm..Mumma you say now..”I said,Dumdarumdumdum..Babar ka beta?”
“Howru”,pat came the answer in highly accented english!
“No no baby..its Humayun”I told her..”haan Mom..Howru”
And Humayun ka? Atbar..ok atleast thats close!
I tried to get her to say it correctly,but she changed tracks.
The first time,I noticed Aadi singing,I was shocked and surprised..I mean,I didn’t expect the bathroom singing to start soo soon..But,it is cute,beyond doubt!


10 thoughts on “Bathroom singers start early

  1. very very sweet. here, we have rhymes during bathroom times,(especially potty times :)) with a happy birthday song thrown in and some bollywood numbers too. πŸ™‚


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