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Don’t Say Bad Words to me

Yup!!You guessed it..Its the latest jewel from Aadyaland.
If I say some big english words like “intelligence” and distaction,superstition,frustrated”….she tells me,’Don’t say bad words to me!’
She understands basic Marathi for words like come,go,later,hurry up,etc..but if I talk to her,in marathi,very fast and she doesn’t follow it,she tells me,”Don’t say bad words to me!’
But if I am on the phone,talking in Marathi,then she picks up the key words and asks me questions about it.
Another thing,thats very cute,but annoying at times is her,constant questions..Mamma is it like this?Mamma do u like this?Is Papa in office?and other annoying questions that she asks 10times in a day,all of which have the same answer-YES..I mean you are not allowed to say No..because then,she gets upset and says..I am sad..aap mujhe No bolte ho!!*rolling eyes*..[You say No to me]
So,if instead of saying Yes,I answer,hmmm..she gets upset..”Aise mat bolo na..Achche se has ke,Mooh se bolo!”[Don’t talk to me like that,Say it properly,with a smile]
And if we are talking about something or someone and she doesn’t understand the conversation,she wants to know,”Kaun?”Who?”.as if we don’t understand the first word…Kaun?Kiska??Kyaaaa?? Her questions never stop.We cannot have a conversation without her interrupting us,with her questions.
When we are looking at albums,she point out to every single person and tells their names..and those that she doesn’t know..she just says,”yeh koi bhi nahi hai” (this is nobody) and moves on.And when she is showing the album to someone,she just skips through all the pages,where she is not there ..to the one where she is.One time,she was showing the pics to Friend S and she kept turning pages,till she reached a pic of my sister and DH..and on the table ,in that picture was also Aadi’s bottle.She stopped there..and excited pointed out..”Lookkkk my bottle!!” Any attempts to point at the people in picture were brushed away,saying..first you look my bottle!
Over the weekend,DH and I were dreaming about a whole seafood dinner..I spoke about creamy seafood Pasta and Fish fry.DH spoke about Fish curry and Kappa..He even offered to get some Kappa..Aadi was listening to this conversation..Now,she knows Pasta but,say Fettuchini and she doesnt know what you are talking about..She know Fish..but say Meen and she doesn’t know what you are talking about.She was trying hard to make sense of the conversation..and then DH said,”Ohh I want Kappa..I think she will also like it”..so the little diva,cocks an eyebrow and says..Kyu??Why? But I already wear Kapda!!
And then,we couldn’t stop laughing..And that made her angry…”Don’t laugh at me…its not nice”…she said,with a frown..how ,oh how could we not hug her then!And no we didn’t stop laughing…
Ohh and today I baked this cake and naturally we had to wait for it to cool down.While it was in the oven,Aadi passed time,licking the batter off the bowl and then,checking on it through the glass in the oven door.But waiting for it after it was done,was too much for the poor kid.
She begged and pleaded..not paying heed to my words,that it needs to cool down..Finally she gave up..but not before trying one last time..”Mamma,could I please have a very small piece of the cake?” You tell me,what is a mother to do then..Ofcourse,she got her piece and not a very small one either..She polished it off in no time..saying..yummmmmmmm with every bite!!
ohh..and whenever we ask her something..”what do u want to do/eat?” the answer always starts with “ummm…” like she thinking so much!!
Ummm…I leave you with this….


24 thoughts on “Don’t Say Bad Words to me

  1. wow.. God bless her.. kids talks are so much fun.. I just love their talk. They have got that unique tone which i just fall in love with them..

    The cake looks yummy..


    1. Loved reading the cute lil things .. the kapda, koi bhi nahin hai stuff r the cutest 🙂
      Lovely cake there . let alone Aadi, even I cud nt hv waited to plunge onto it 😉


  2. wow!! quite a chatterbox is she?? Lol at the kappa = kapda thing. n taht pic thing is soooooooooooo common. Lil p used to do it a lot too! 🙂 its a lovely age!!


  3. Hey Trish,
    Thks for stopping by my blog….
    Loved ur baby talks……u hv a really adorable doll.
    will be back to catch up on the chatter butter…


  4. I want cake too!! Okie tell me which baking powder do you use? The McKenzie that I have is too strong.
    And I love hearing her talk and sing, but I know how it gets a bit too much sometimes. 😦 But kids are fun overall I would say. 😀


    1. I was using the one from Coles..I think Coles brand..that was alright and now I got some from the indian store I think that one is Pattu..I was apprehensive..but it turned out alright.The Cake was very light and fluffy,melt in your mouth kinds.


  5. oh i remember the cake…but i dont recognize this aadi…she was so ” Nek Parveen” earlier, she is now growing into her Diva nick…perhaps Gita Aadi will fight your battles for you Mother Sita?!!!!!


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