Overheard in Aadyaland

Some more pearls from the Diva’s mouth-
Telling a story to dad-
Ek Tom and jerry tha.Usko ek elephant mila.Elephant said,I am hungry.Tom ne usko ek banana diya and chilka phaink diya.Fir they went to slide park,waha pe ek girl thee..Us girl ne bola..Hellooo..my name is Aadya (Surname)!

Talking to Masi-
Masi-“hi Princess”
Aadi-“Hi tuku masi,I am your princess.Look my high chair,look my bike..look my clothes..Ok now its time for Teacher.you say,Hello teacher.I am your teacher.”
Masi- “Hi teacher..Ok baby can I talk to mumma now”
Aadi-“No!Main tumhara friend hoon na?fir tumko mumma se kya baat karni hai?you talk to me..Mumma is sleeping!”..when Mumma was the one,who dialed the number for her!

Every evening,pointing at the moon- “Look mommmmmm,moon.Look daddyyyyyyy moon.Moon has come to say gnite.moon is going to go home and sleep na.its time to sleep na..everyone is sleeping na..swing is also sleeping,our elephants are also sleeping,light is sleeping..its time to sleep na..”..then why is she still awake,3 hours after this conversation!


22 thoughts on “Overheard in Aadyaland

    1. πŸ™‚
      I had this template to start with..then changed because this one doesnt let me use a custom header:) So,I guess when I have some exceptional pic..will revert to one with custom-header:) all other times,this one.I love it!


  1. Hahahaha….Ek Tom tha…Ek Jerry Tha…LOL πŸ™‚
    How cute is that!!! Just Love it..!
    You know wat… you shld publish a book..”Stories from Aadyaland”…it would be a big hit… in my household it would be the all time fav!


    1. when you said- you shld publish a book,I was so excited..until I read,all you are interested in is..tales of Aadya..Harrumph!!
      And here I thought,you thought I had ‘potential’!!!LOL!


      1. Ya .. showed up on mine too πŸ˜› N I ws looking for the first part when I found that both of them were written in 2007 πŸ˜›
        Ws wondering is u hd another babySS Trish lol πŸ˜‰


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