The craft hour

Its the Valentine month. So,we made some cards. Aadi chose the paper and I cut out hearts from them.Aadya loves stickers and this was the first time she handled glue and she was so excited.She did confuse it with paint at first,painting being her first love and all.Then,I showed her that she can stick with it and then she was on the roll..She was pasting hearts so fast,getting impatient with me,for cutting it slow.
The thing about being a pre-schooler is tha they find even trash,interesting.She loved even the windows that were left after the hearts were cut..looking at them in awe,saying Woww with each window that I kept aside..
And after we finished making cards for mummy and daddy,she insisted on making one each for Friend S and her hubby too.
Here’s what we came up with-

We used readymade cards and hand made paper from the scrapbooking aisle of the reject shop.I just cut hearts and she pasted them,as she liked.
She is enjoying these craft sessions more and more.This will be our entry for this contest.
Edited to add- Can someone tell me how I can upload an audio file here?I tried but,it didn’t happen.


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