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Spring Allergies

Spring is here and so are spring allergies.My best friend accused me of turning completely Firang..but really,its not my fault.
Sadly,I was too sick and tired to retaliate.My throat is swollen and constricted,it hurts to even swallow water..Everything hurts.But what breaks my heart is poor Aadya.
The girl is fighting her own allergies.Two days back she broke into hives .Now this was the second time,she got this rash.First time it subsided on its own.This time it didn’t. The rash itself has a textured appearance like the bee-hive..which is what made me think that it might be hives and the doctor confirmed it.To add to it,she has a terrible cough and runny nose.
Everytime she coughs,she tells me,”Mamma khachi khachi ho gaya.Mez sad,idhar hurting”.
There are so many fun things to write about her..but,I guess I should catch up on some sleep before she wakes up again.


3 thoughts on “Spring Allergies

  1. don't u just HATE it when ppl say that all this is because u're becoming too firang!? i could slap the living daylights off my friends who say such things. really. and i still do love them! grrr… anyway… you take care, gurl!!! hope both of you get well REAL soon! HUGS!!!


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