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Round two-chicken Pox

We just managed to kick the “Croup”monster out,last week,from Aadyaland.We still stayed indoors,for the next 3-4 days.We stepped out gingerly for a regular weight check up at the Maternal and child health centre,on Tuesday.The weight was good..and I relaxed.

I let her rest again on wednesday,except for a short walk to the park.Thursday,again,we stayed in most day and went to visit a friend,who was introducing me to a mommy friend of hers. All was well  and the world looked  beautiful.

And Friday morning,just before lunch,she kept taking her shirt off,again and again..It was a hot day,and so,I let her play like that.After a while,I noticed,some red spots on her back..I tried to be calm,but my mind screamed”Chicken Pox”.

So,I just took an appointment,and then called Sanj.That’s a subtle lifestyle change that has taken place in our Household,since moving to Melbourne.When we were in the US,the first call was to the Bubba..after checking his schedule,I would call and take an appointment at the doctor’s..I like this new independence!So,anyway,the doctor confirmed that it is Chicken Pox,indeed.

So,this weekend,we are nursing a chicken-pox ridden child and walking on egg-shells,hoping to not catch it ourselves.I have a high likelyhood of catching it-when I got pregnant,the doctor ran a series of blood-tests and the results,said that I didnt have anti-bodies for chicken pox. So,the probability of my catching it is realy high.Well,anyway,we’ll cross that bridge when we get there.

For now,I am worried about my little girl..She seems to be going through some jinxed phase..I think we all are going through a jinxed phase….One thing after the other,keeps following us.Hope this phase ends soon.If you happen to talk to the Big Man,up there,ask him to ease up on us,Please!


8 thoughts on “Round two-chicken Pox

  1. Aww… I hope she feel better. Does she have too many of those? I remember getting chichen pox in my earl 20s – it was n.o.t fun. Sending lots of antijinx vibes your way.


  2. What did I tell you about the Big Man? send him a silent scream as in ‘nahee hai capacity’…stay safe and spot-free Mimi. and remember better now than later with school exams.


  3. Ohhhh!!!! I feel bad for the little princess & you guys too. Please make sure that she doesn't scratch herself. All will be good ..don't worry. Please do take care. Will talk to you soon!


  4. Uh Oh ! Hope she gets better soon. Though this is something that does take its course :(.You take care Pippette’s Momma.HugsG


  5. ooyee what happend to “i want to write a post everyday!” promise… come back… and come back all healthy 🙂 i hope you didn’t catch it.


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