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What are the odds??

What are the odds that you go out wearing a two year old shirt and run into someone wearing the exact same shirt???
First off,let me tell you,I am not very brand conscious..but I love color in my clothes.And I shop from everywhere.. Around 2 years back,I went shopping with a friend and saw this top and absolutely loved it.Last year when I went to India,my sister liked it too and she kept it. This time,when I went to India,I brought it back!!LOL!
And anyway,yesterday being nice and sunny,I wore it,when I took Aadi to get some lunch.We walked around and were on our way back,when Aadi asked to be taken to Mc.Donalds and thats where we were heading,when I saw a lady asking a local for some directions.We crossed her and stopped to drink some water.Thats when she overtook us and started walking in front of us.And her cardigan flapped a little and I saw her shirt.It looked familiar..I thought..It was similar to the one that I was wearing.
She went to the left and we went to the right. Finally,we crossed the road and entered Mc.Dees…and guess who was in the line before me???
Yup!It was the same lady! She turned and I saw that it was the exact same shirt!!She ordered her food to-go.
Anyway,I also ordered food to-go..but Aadi insisted on sitting in and eating..and who should be sitting at the next table..yes the same person!!
LOL!!I dunno about you,but I was tickled pink..Now,if someone had turned up for a party,wearing the same dress as mine,I would probably not be so happy..but really,what are the odds,that you will see someone wearing the exact same shirt…yeah if its bought at a name brand store..but not something that was bought at one of the smaller shops.
My sister,aunt and cousin,ended up buying the same kurtas,from different Shoppers’ Stop outlets and imagine their surprise when they met up wearing the similar kurtas..albeit in different colors!
Oh well.. that was my bit of excitement…:D
What would be your reaction if you saw someone wear the same outfit as yours…in a place,you are just visiting???No,I dont mean a party..just a holiday somewhere…

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Its been more than a week since we came back from India..and it feels like we’ve never been away..well almost..if u don’t peep in the guest-room,you would never know that we were away!The guest-room is where all the bags have been stashed-still unopened.
This time I am in no rush to unpack ..and it feels good to get on a daily basis,without digging in the suitcases.:)
There has been a small shift in the equation,this time..I was elated to go visit family..But,I kept stealing glances,at the place,I call home here.I was happy to be with my family and friends..but,I kept feeling,something is missing..I kept wishing,they were visiting instead…:) And no,its not about Melbourne..its not about Australia..its just about being in your comfort zone in your space.:)I don’t even know,if 10 years down the line,if we will still be here…but for now,this is home..and I love it with all its pluses and minuses!

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June chatterbugs

For the lack of a better title..:)
Woww!! We are in the 6th month of 2010..technically half the year is over:)or is it?
I know last month,at the beginning of the month,I promised to announce a giveaway..I haven’t been able to do that.The month just zoomed by..Winter blues affect all of us..but,sadly,its affecting my little star too!
Every afternoon,at nap time,she fights..well,thats not new,but these days,the fights are different.Her voice has an edge to it…I asked her one day…whats wrong?don’t you want to sleep?She said,she wanted to …but she didn’t want her good day to go away! Awww..I knew it then:) It was the winter blues.She doesn’t like the darkness that falls,early evening.Every day,after she wakes up,from her nap..she frets..and whines and cries..”I dont want my good day to go away..I dont like night..I am scared.I want my good day back!”How do I bring her good-day back?
So,we have set a new winter routine..we are out in the mornings..almost every other morning we are out-from morning to noon…playgroup,story-time,play area at the mall and school!So,atleast 3-4 days in a week we spend the morning outside.Somedays I pack a lunch for her,some days,we come home and eat it.But all these going out,means my house work,my craft,everything takes a back seat!My oven is cold:( The day we dont go out,she is upset…but I need a break too!
Speaking of breaks,the one thing that NEVER takes a break is the Diva’s mouth..She is big chatterbox..her mouth opens before her eyes do,REALLY! And from that moment on,nonstop she talks-when I am walking,when we are eating,when she is in the toilet,when I am in the toilet..you get the idea.
Oh about the toilets,she doesn’t need our help any more.She goes on her own and when she comes back,she tells me,”Mumma I went on my own..now you say,Good job!” The only time she needs me,is when she is doing the big job,even then the talking doesn’t stop…”Mummmmaaaaa,I am doing potty..don’t come here and bother me..Mummaaaaaaa..come here,ek baat toh suno..When I finish I will call you..Mumma can you close the door,nahi toh,I will feel shy….blah blah blah..”I am telling you she doesn’t stop talking!
Today,I told her woww..Aadya,Its the first of June..and thats all she needed,she started”June..achcha,my Papa’s Bday comes in June and your birthday comes in February and my birthday is on March 30th and I am three!!” I said,hmm..And to that,I got told off,”Mumma dont talk like that..say it nicely,say very good Baby!”
God!this feels good..This meaning,blogging again!:) I feel so happy after writing..DH is sitting across from me and wants to know,whats making me smile..well its writing this post..anticipation of hearing from you:) There is so much I want to write and share..I hope I can write everything before I forget..
We have been “crafting” a lot.. at the playgroup sessions,during story time,in school and at home..I will share all the crafts,here this month.Now,about the giveaway,I am going to announce it tomorrow..and I think it is going to be something handmade!! so,don’t forget to check back tomorrow.And if you think,handmade is not your thing..you can say so too!
Hope you have all been good,sorry,I havent blog-hopped lately..will be over at your blogs,soon.
More later,my lovelies..

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Random winter rants..

Our days are just crawling.I hate short winter days,the over cast sky,the cold wild breeze,darkness falling at 5.00..and I think my dislike has rubbed off on Aadi.As soon as it starts getting dark,her mood starts getting darker too.She gets upset more easily,she whines more,she wants me to carry her,and reminds me,every few minutes,”Mommy,I am scared.”While,I let her sit in my lap and try to keep her entertained but,my mood is no better.Last winter,I used to spend most of my mornings in the Town Center,then,we’d come home and nap and the day would pass sooner.But,this year,we are out two days of the week and weekend and so,I like to stay in on the remaining days.
So,I have decided to do one new activity with Aadi each day..reading,painting,threading,craft,writing on her scribble pads-She now knows what standing and sleeping lines are and how to draw them.
She enjoys cooking,so today I let her measure the vegetables for her dinner and she was so excited.And we are counting her fruit/veg servings..In the last 3-4 months,she had almost given up eating veggies.So,I am trying to consciously introduce more veggies/fruits in her meals.If she doesnt eat it in her meals,I give it to her as a snack..sometimes,its frustrating.No,strike that Its frustrating..ALL the time!Aadi used to a very good eater and now suddenly,she is so picky about everything.I am not exaggerating when I say,that EVERY single time I ask her,what she wants to eat,her answer is the same- Dahi-Bhaatu-be it morning,noon or night!Its soo frustrating.Then last week I noticed a white patch on her face.I remember my mom telling someone,that those white patches mean vitamin deficiency.I havent taken her to the doctor for it,yet,coz I know her diet is deficient in so many nutrients.
Nothing frustrates me more,than hearing two demands-“Dahi-bhaatu” and “Candy”….Candy irritates me so much,I want to ban it.If not in the world,I want to ban it in my house.I just dont know how to tell it to our friends and visitors gently.If Aadi sees Candy,she has to eat it,till it gets over,and keeping it hidden somewhere else,doesnt make any difference.She is like a rat,sniffs her way to it.The only sweet,I dont mind giving her is the fruit jelly sweets or the fresh homemade cookie,halwa,kheer,whatever.I am seriously contemplating telling our next visitors,to please,not bring any chocolate for her.Will that be too rude?
This post is just very vague..because,I am in a weird kind of a mood..gloomy..weird,crazy-ish.I am having the worst acne break-out in my life.It makes me soooo mad.I didnt get Acne and pimples,even in my teenage.Almost whole of my right cheek is covered with painful acne..and I hate looking at myself in the mirror.When,I go out,my hair covers it,but..I know its there and that make me feel weird and ugly.Our regular GP is out of town and so,I booked an appointment with another doctor and the earliest,that was available is on Sunday..so,till then,I will just keep feeling weird…and hope to turn invisible.
Does anyone have any home remedies for this?
What else do you do to keep winter blues at bay?I made a scarf for someone,wound a skein into ball to start a cardie for Aadi,am finishing one book per day..what else..?The day,just disappears,its the looooooooooong evening,that just doesnt go away.
Hope your days are better than mine..:)

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Insomnia or what?

Has it ever happenned to you,that the whole day slip off and at nigt,at bed-time,you find your mind full of so many thoughts?Thoughts of unfinished works,thoughts of goals set? And then you realise that you are running out of time. And this running out of time leaves you so restless that you can’t sleep. And when you can’t sleep you cannot wake up early,to gain extra time.

Please tell me,it has happenned with atleast one of you.Every night,for the past 10 days or so,I find sleep eluding me.I try to think,work out a strategy..for its at that time,that my mind presents me the list of things that need to be done.Its at that time that I remember all that I want to blog about..but the thoughts are swimming in my mind..going round and round around my head..I know..coz its almost like I am watching from outside!OK! now,I sound positively Cuckoo,even to myself.There are so many blog posts in my mind..I thought of writing them on a piece of paper,at 3 times in the last two days..but didn’t!Like I said,the thoughts are going around in circles,around my head!I keep thinking,I want to write a post..but all I do is lurk at blogs(sorry,I will start leaving comments again soon) and refresh my FB page like they are going to announce some earth-shattering piece of news there!

Two days back,as I was lying in bed,waiting to sleep,I remember the last set of clothes that needed ironing and hanging in the cupboard..I got up and went to the spare room and picked up the clothes..but the quiet in the house was soo eerie,I crept back in bed,waiting for sleep to come to me.And as I type this,I can’t stop thinking about the 4-5 hangers that are still hanging in Aadya’s cupboard.They need to be shifted to the study.Now,its not something that can’t be done tomorrow..then,why can’t I stop thinking about it?
Am I losing my mind?or have I turned into one of those OCD types?

Please tell me,its normal..May be its all those late nights and sleep-ins over the holidays..,eh?

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This child?My mother?My child?

This post is probably going to be as confusing as its title.
Today,as I was putting Aadi to bed,I was thinking of my mother. The reason being,my glasses.Many many years ago,a routine eye exam revealed that I was near-sighted and needed glasses.I was very upset and didn’t find the glasses very appealing.Like a normal,almost teenage girl,I thought the glasses spoiled my looks,and would shy away from wearing them,most of the time.Its another story that because of my vanity,I am almost blind now.Anyway,my mom would keep reminding me to wear my glasses.If I was lying in bed and reading,holding the book too close to my face,she would ask me to sit up and wear my glasses.It was like she was my glasses-police.
Over the years,I outgrew the vanity and realised that the glasses are not so unbecoming after all. And though now,I use contact lens when I go out,most of the day,I wear my glasses.Sometimes even go out wearing my glasses.Now at home,Aadi is my specs-police.She just doesn’t let me take off my glasses.Even compliments me,when I put them on.Its her almost crazy obsession,that makes me think of my mother..It was like my mum’s goal was to make sure I wore glasses all day long,so as to “decrease my power”.
As I lay in bed,cuddling with Aadi,helping her fall asleep,she snuggled up to me and called me by my childhood name and its not the first time,she’s called me by that name.The only people who ever call me by this particular name is my parents,and occasionally my aunt.My dad,and aunt haven’t addressed me by this name in front of Aadya..then,how I wonder does she know this name?And if its just a name of endearment,that she created,why doesn’t she use it for the DH?
I was still thinking these thoughts when she fell asleep.I sneaked out to the kitchen,to grab a glass of water.And what do I see on the kitchen window?A pale brown butterfly.At this time of the night! What is so special about the butterfly,you must be wondering.They say and we believe,that when a departed soul,of a loved one,is hovering near you,they appear in front of you,in the form of a butterfly.We,i.e.,my family started sighting this butterfly after my mom’s death..any time,there was a family gathering, or on important days,like birthdays,festivals,exams etc..Every time,we,the DH and I, moved into a new place,the butterfly was there to welcome us.When we had to do the unexpected road-trip,when I was 3 months pregnant..the butterfly was sitting on our windscreen,when not even a bird or insect was seen.And it was freezing outside.Call me crazy,call me superstitious,but when I saw the butterfly tonight,unknowingly,the first thought in my mind was,”Hi Mom!” ….And I had to write this post.
Somehow,it just explains,the unexplained peace,the unexpected closure to my mother’s death,that Aadi’s birth brought me..It also explains,why I never felt alone,when I was all alone,in the inital days,after she was born and the DH was stuck in work..It all makes sense..It does really.