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Hair-cut on my mind..

After going back and forth,as I do,every year,around this time…I have finally booked myself and Ms.Anan for a hair cut.As much as I love her curls,they are hard to tame.So,they have to get a trim. As for me..

My hair looks nice on the days that I have time to run the Instyler or straightner through it.


But on most days,I don’t have the time to style it.And so,it looks like an ad for Frizzy hair. And I just feel so frumpy.So,I am thinking of getting a hair-cut..Not that the blow-waved perfection will last forever..but,still…so these are a few of my choices..

Image courtesy-google imagesThe middle one,but I am guessing,after its washed,it will look like the image on the left.LOL!

And this one -Love Madhuri 😀

Or this

And last but not the least,My favorite- Jennifer Aniston 😀

All the Images are Courtesy : Google Image Search

,except the first pic..that’s me 😀

Now,Can you please help me make up my mind and pick a style??
I look forward to hearing from you 🙂



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