Bringing in the new year…

Hello..anybody there?I am hoping, at least those of you,who have subscribed on email will come and read this..:)
So,SD was home until last Monday..and we spent the rest of the week,missing him and getting back to the routine. Now,that he is back at work full-time and we are kind of settled,I am hoping,I will be able to blog regularly..:)I know we are already in the third week of the new year..but I am hoping,its not too late to write about this.
2012 started well..We brought in the New Year,hugging our babies close,hugging each other and just sending up silent prayers for a happy year. We took the girls to watch the twilight fireworks at the Geelong Pier at 9:00 PM .It was a beautiful evening- SD was happy and relaxed(the break really did him well!)
Babushka was excited and wanted to dance before the fireworks show began(in her words-she wanted to have a ‘Performance’)
Babychino couldn’t have cared less..and
SM-well I was being camera-happy!
We were not well prepared..nothing new about that..Everyone else had brought picnic dinners along..Well..next time so will we.But,this time,we just ended up getting take-out on our way home.
This year I have decided to-
Focus on ME- This is the year-I take care of ME-getting fitter,getting stronger-both physically and emotionally.
Put my family-Before all else..They were always top priority..But,you know how sometimes,we end up dragging our loved ones..just to do something for others..Well..I am all done doing that.This sounds curt even to me..but,believe me..its very hard for me to do it.. One of the major reasons for doing this is all the back-stabbing I have faced in the recent months..and it makes me feel horrible for inconvenienced my own family for others. It will be hard..but needs to be done.
Removing all the negativity and surrounding myself with all things positive- How should I put this..I managed to remove all the negative people from my recent call list..Now,my phone doesn’t ring as often..nor do I make as many calls as I used to..heck!I didn’t even send out the customary Happy New Year Sms this year.But,I am so much at peace with myself..I feel ‘liberated’…
And..I have forgotten the rest of my decisions..but if I can stick to these three..I know..the rest will fall in place.
Ohh..and I am also going to blog,more regularly..3-4 times in a week..I hope!!
I will be over at all your blogs soon..Please bear with me..while I find my feet!
Much love..
Suburban Mumma


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